Welcome to I’m an Adult where the jokes are made-up and gender doesn’t matter!

My name is Indigo Wolfe. I thoroughly enjoy art, theatre, booze, and sex toys! I wanted to create a funny review website for all of the things I love and more. I’m a mostly submissive, super-kinky, pansexual, gender-fluid pup. I enjoy thuddy impact a bit more than stingy impact, g-spot stimulation, and teeth. I’m also a Size Qweengue.

This is really just for fun, so if updates dwindle, I apologize, but I really do not plan on making money off of this. If you don’t like my website, please don’t visit it. I’m an adult now, and I don’t need you.

However, if you DO like me (and I actually hope you do), please feel free to visit me on Twitter!

You could also email me directly at indigowolfeadult@gmail.com

Disclaimer: I do have affiliates with a few online stores. I would like to link my readers to somewhere trust-worthy for their toys. If you follow the links I place in reviews, I get a commission. It’s not enough to live off of or even host my own domain. However, regardless of this affiliation, I want to stay unbiased about toys I review. To help facilitate this, I have learned about laws on libel, and I write what I fucking want to. I am an adult after all.

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