Indigo Tries the Luxe Mio!

8 out of 10.
Pairs well with Sailor Jerry’s rum. It can be really nice if all the pieces are in the right place. But one false move, and it falls kind of flat.
A purple dildo lays flat on green lace. It's prominent head is visible, and the base is at an angle.
This toy was sent to me by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest review! It retails for about $26, which is super affordable! If you want to purchase the Mio, please do so here!
The Mio is a toy that I was skeptical about when I opened it. It had all the girth I could want at 2″ diameter, especially at it’s price. When I was offered this toy, I was really excited because I’m a budding Size Kweeng, and I want to challenge myself as much as possible. And I said to myself “6 inches is enough length to work with.”
So I received the Mio and opened it up. The packaging is fairly basic, but not bad. I thoroughly enjoy it when I can see toys through the packaging because it’s a sort of fearless, see-and-buy-this-thing, which I appreciate. I suspect this comes from my days in sex toy retail. I did require some lube to insert it the first time, but with a squirm and some warm-up, I was able to fit the head underneath my pelvic bone. The gods cheered for me that day. It may be only two inches, but it is an unforgiving two inches. That silicone is very firm, and there was no way that I was going to just slip it in.
A purple dildo sits on green lace with the head towards the viewer. There is an indent in the head from the molding process.
In the end, I was right and wrong about that length. If the Mio was 6″ straight out from the base, this toy probably would have been easier for me to handle. Thrusting wouldn’t have been easy, but it would have been possible. But the problem I had was the angle of the Mio. The base is diagonal on the toy, so that the head of the toy curves up (somewhat in an attempt to get the g-spot I would assume). However, the length that is lost with that angle makes it impossible to thrust with this toy. It’s possible that someone who has smaller labia would have an easier time, but for me, I often found my fingers in my vulva and covered in lube. Then there was no hope for it.
So I asked myself, how do I get that curve to work for me? It is a good curve. I expect in a strap on with a careful user, this would feel amazing in my ass. It would be able to get that base flat with my body and push the head where it needed to be. But without a partner and a strap on, how could I accomplish this? I tried putting a firm pillow down and thrusting my hips, but that didn’t work. I couldn’t suction another toy to it as a handle either. So what could I do?
The answer is simple: Insert the dildo until the base hits my labia (near my clit). This left the bottom of the base (and about and inch of the shaft out of my vagina. Then I pushed at the bottom of the base, which in turn pushed the head into my g-spot as designed. I was laying in my bed trying to figure this out, with my Doxy Smol on my clit, when I suddenly had a crazy good squirting orgasm. I had spent 20 minutes with this thing inside of me already, and this orgasm was a breakthrough moment between me and the Mio. It brought the rating up from a 5 to an 8 instantly.
A short and wide purple dildo sits in a clear plastic case. The case is sitting on dark green lace.
So if the orgasm was that good, and there is a way to make this toy really work for me, what is wrong with it?
Well, the length is still a problem. I can’t grasp at the base and thrust, which is my preference for dildos. Additionally, in order to get this toy to work at all, I have to jump through so many hoops, and that’s just not okay. If your consumer has to go through these hurdles, you should design better. When I use the toy in the g-spotting method, my wrist hurts and getting a good angle for that action is hard, especially for the time frame I need to squirt. This toy would be much improved if I could get a handle that curved around my pubic bone. Then I could rock the toy into my g-spot, which I would do with fervor.
To wrap this review up, this toy has a lot of potential in terms of partner play (I suspect), and the width is beautiful. The silicone is firm and feels lush. It’s easy to clean and smooth, with a great head on it. But the length falls short of being convenient, so to speak.

Indigo Tries Sinful Pleasure!

10 out of 10
Pairs well with a Dirty Shirley. It’s fun, fruity and delightful to drink.
The rainbow glass dildo sits horizontally on a teal bedspread.
My affiliates don’t carry it but you can find it here!
So as we all know, I love rainbows and I love glass. So when I was working at a sex toy retailer, and this fine piece of glass walked by, I immediately knew it was coming home with me. Of course, I tried to fight it. After all, I can’t buy everything that’s rainbow. OH WAIT YES I CAN AND I WILL.
SO let’s get into this piece. I had it before I was a reviewer, so I’ll have to tell you about the packaging without visual aid. It was fairly simple; laid in a plastic piece formed to its shape. That was all placed into a box and it fit cleanly. There were no extra frills or manuals or anything except what was on the box. So I assume that you’re supposed to open it and just stick it somewhere.

Indigo's hand holding a glass dildo. It's inner ribbons are blue and red , and the outer layer is rainbow-shined. It's got a bulb on one end that's about 1.5
A bonus peek of my prune-y dildo-wash hand!

I’ll start with the obvious. This piece is SO pretty. When I got it, I spent a lot of time just twisting it in the light and watching the rainbow dance. It was so much fun. If I’m honest, I still do that occasionally. As for glass integrity, this piece is awesome. I have hit this piece on wood floors, bathtub bottoms and even my Pure Wand. Never once has it chipped or even scratched. Whatever else I have to say, this company is amazing for material integrity.
I have my biases for glass toys, as we well know, and I will admit, this combination of rainbows and glass may or may not affect how much I love this toy. It’s a beautiful work of art that I frequently show off as the flashiest piece I own. It’s easy to clean (just soap and water). But does it really feel as good as others?
The short answer is absolutely. My g-spot really loves this toy, and I suspect it has everything to do with that shape, which is alarmingly perfect. The shaft of this toy is about 1″ in diameter, maybe a little less. But that head is so bulbous in comparison. It’s the perfect shape and angle to just reach in and grab my g-spot. The bulb near the bottom makes a really great stopping point. It’s not extra long, but it’s the perfect length. Occasionally, I go into challenge mode and take that extra bulb too, but it doesn’t add anything to the experience, so why bother?
I’m particularly happy with how this toy is shaped and smooth. I do produce a lot of natural lubricant, and so I’m always delighted to use this toy because I can uaully just pop it in and go without having to warm up or struggle. It’s something that I can use right after intercourse just give myself that last nudge, or I can use it before intercourse as a warm-up. This helps me partner get me off a little easier.
A rainbow glass dildo sits with one end really close to the camera.
This toy is something that I equate with the Pure Wand in one way: I know exactly how long it will take to get off and I know exactly what kind of orgasm I have. There are no surprises or new gimmicks with this toy. If I’m honest, I see that it’s not particularly innovative. But I love this toy so god damn much.
This toy was sort of an impulse buy for me. I saw rainbow and glass all in one package and I said “This is mine, it was made for me, and I’m taking it home.” It has become a universal staple in my routines, which I wasn’t expecting. However, it’s great introduction to glass, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Indigo Tries Colours Pride Edition!

8 out 10
Would recommend for anyone who calls themselves a Size Queen, or is obsessed with rainbows.
Pairs really nicely a Cosmopolitan. Because of COURSE it would!
It retails for about $40. You can buy it from my friends at Peepshow Toys!
Of from my friends at Betty’s Toybox!
Okay okay, before we start, it’s time for an episode of Confession Corner! (Theme song music goes like this: boo de lee boop di booooooo) This dildo is my FIRST silicone dildo!
That’s right, folks! Do y’all remember my first dildo review? In this review, I recommend that people NOT start with glass as their sex toy material. Silicone is usually better, and I prefer it if it has some give, instead of the stiffer kinds. At least to start with. And with that said, I’m really bad at following rules, even my own!
So instead of going out to get a glass dildo, please get a silicone one first! But wait. Not this one. This dildo is ALSO not for beginners. But not for the same reasons. With all of this said, let’s begin!!

See all of it’s Rainbow-y glory? <3

So the Colours line by NS Novelties is actually a solid set of toys. I’ve had a lot of customers return with great reviews (back when I worked at a sex shop). The silicone feels nice, and when squeezed, it feels like solid silicone, as claimed. They come in a variety of shapes and lengths. The longest I saw was 8″ and the shortest was 5″. You can have them in thick, regular or thin. Some of them even come with balls! It’s great!
That said, let’s talk specifically about the Pride line. We all know that I can’t resist rainbows. I just can’t. So I picked up the smaller version. It comes in at 6″ (as opposed to the 8″ version), and it’s about 1.75″ diameter (as opposed to 2″ diameter in the larger one).
Now, I am not a size queen like I need to be…yet. I will not lie when I say this dildo posed a problem for my vagina. The first time I tried it, I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t warmed up enough. So the second time, I used another dildo on myself and I got as warmed up as I could. Then I lubed up the Pride and went for it. It was life-changing for me.
Look at that tall tower of rainbow meat. <3

The girth of this dildo is wonderful. I can squeeze all my muscles around it and feel the ridges below the head. I can feel how it curves in my vag and really makes for a unique sensation. For the first time ever, I came without thrusting. I missed the usual feel of motion, but it was delicious all the same.
Later, I washed it off and explored the dildo with my hands. I practiced squeezing it and just admiring the silicone. I admired how real the shape was. It takes much longer to mold these because the silicone has to dry just enough before you pour on the next color. This is why it’s a little more expensive than the rest of the Colours line. I quite admire their willingness to be open about this.
So what did I do the next time I wanted to masturbate? I warmed up the same way, and I inserted with some lube. And I came once, then I found that I could thrust with this dildo. I was really proud of this, and of course, I had a celebratory orgasm as a reward.
This dildo presented itself to me in all of the rainbow glory that I love. I held it and loved it at once. I am very excited to buy my next silicone dildo. This was a fantastic introduction to silicone for me, and I look forward to ahem…expanding my horizons with another one soon.

Indigo Tries Neon Luv Touch Vibe

2 out of 10
Would not really recommend.
Pairs reasonably well with Mad Dog 20/20. It’s really an exercise in the folly of youth and somewhat poor decisions.
It retails for about $13 at most Spencer’s stores. If you decide to buy it (spoiler alert; you shouldn’t), you should buy it from my friends at Wicked Butterfly.

I am very new to the scene of sex toy reviews. I didn’t know all these toys existed until a few months ago. As a result, I had a really hard time writing this review. But I attacked it from a personal space and a sex toy reviewer space.
Let me cover a few bases first:
Pipedream has some really sketchy advertising. I do not condone it in the slightest, and I considered myself a feminist, even if I’m not always feminine. It is a large part of the reason that I cannot recommend this product for anyone to use.
Pipedream has not answered this in a satisfactory way. They continue to stand behind their decisions, and they justify them with “Men want what men want.” Thank you Pipedream. I’m glad you feel the need to give children extra candy because they also want what they want. Just sayin’.
The CEO of Pipedream does not care what the toys are made of because he is quoted as saying consumers don’t care.¬†As a result, how can you be sure the toys are phthalate-free? How do you know %100 that you won’t wake up with a rash? I will never trust Pipedream with insertable toys for this reason. If they think I don’t care, how will they care?
Alright, have we established that Pipedream is not a company to be supported? Good. Let’s move on to the actual review.
The Neon Luv Touch line is a product that has been around for many years. I know this because this was the first vibrator I ever bought. That’s right. Numero Uno. About 8 years ago. Let’s start with back-story.
Eleven years ago, I had my first orgasm from my own hands while I watched some Hentai that’s probably not anywhere on the internet anymore. My curiosity set in when I heard about Hentai from some older kids in my middle school. I thought this sounded fun and went home to look it up on my computer. I was immediately excited, and I cleared the browser history before I went to bed. I explored my genitals through thin underwear, and I came fairly quickly. I was hooked immediately.
It took me another 3 years to buy a sex toy to aid in my sexual exploration. I spent those four years exploring my clitoris, vagina and G-spot (which I wouldn’t have a name for until years later). I decided I wanted something new in my vagina, as fingers were getting a tad redundant (it’s hard to reach one’s own G-spot consistently without aid). After buying one at the local Spencer’s, it would take another month before I had the house to myself in order to actually use it. (Side note: I was so nervous after using it that I went to my gynecologist specifically to check that I hadn’t hurt myself on accident with this new toy.)
I pulled out my vibrator for the first time and I used it, putting it wherever it felt good. On my clit. In my vagina. It did not take long for me to orgasm, and I knew I needed more of this sensation. For the next four years, the Neon Vibe was my only sex toy. I say my only one, but really I mean only product. I bought about 5 of these over the years (I’m so ashamed).
I’m not exaggerating. These “waterproof” toys did not react well to the juices of my vagina. They broke down after about 9 months of solid use (not even in bathtub, much to my disappointment). Sometimes, they died immediately. Sometimes they held out for an extra month or two. For me, it was a yearly routine. Dick broke, so I picked up Victor. Then it was Richard (because I’m not clever), T.K. (named after my Digimon crush), and Slimer (because it was GREEN).
Now you might be saying: “If this toy had so many negatives, why did you recommend it at ALL, Indigo? You know, you can give something a zero if you want. It’s YOUR review site.”
You’re right. I absolutely fucking CAN give anything I want a zero. But despite the overwhelming negatives, there are also positive traits to this toy.
First of all, the colors are really great. I picked a new one every time, including Yellow, Orange and Green, which are all hard colors to find in the sex toy industry. I get tired of Pink and Purple being the only choices. Though I like both of these colors, they come with annoying connotations, and I like rainbows the best. Why can’t I just have rainbow everything?
Second, the controls of this toy are simple and intuitive. There’s a wheel that starts turned entirely counter-clockwise. If you turn it clockwise, you can feel a click and it turns on. With every click, it gets stronger. At it’s strongest, the vibrations were impeccable to my inexperienced vagina. However, looking back, I notice the memories of numbness that are often associated with “buzzy” vibrations, as opposed to “rumbly” ones. This is indicative to how low my standards were at the time.
Thirdly, the price is incredibly accessible. I bought mine as a stupid teenager looking for a new sensation. 13 bucks was easy to find from my weekend job, and getting to the Spencer’s to buy it was both easy, and discreet. I just went to the mall with my friends. My mother never thought to look in the black bag.
As a first-time vibrator, this line will always have a special place in my heart. I loved that first one with all it’s Orange-y goodness. The ones that came after did not disappoint those low standards. However, we must all grow and learn. After many years of supporting Pipedream, I can no longer condone their work. Please don’t buy this piece of novelty crap.
As a side note, I also bought this bullet from them as well. It’s strong enough to get me off, and I generally pair it with some kind of dildo. Again, I do not support Pipedream, but this was my first use of a bullet and it served me for that purpose, I guess.

Indigo Tries Fun Factory Dolly Bi!

8 out of 10
Pairs well with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. A little acidic, but mostly robust and rather dry.
It tends to retail for about $100. 6.9″ long total, 1.6″ diameter. 6 vibration intensities and 6 patterns.

This photo is paired with my G-Spot Tickler, and my super-femme bed sheets.

At the sex shop where I used to work, there was a talk from Fun Factory. They sent a rep to talk about new products and give us some deals on what we ordered. At the end of the talk, all the workers present were presented with a gift; the Dolly Bi.
This vibrator is not one of Fun Factory’s fanciest. (Well, it WAS free.) It’s also not their well-known product (that’s the Stronic line). However, this vibrator does hold up well in today’s market, and the only way I could convey that is through lists. Here’s why:

  1. Good motor. I am quite spoiled on my vibrator experience. I don’t own very many, but I have felt many vibrators in my job at the sex shop. The Dolly Bi is above average. Does it absolutely blow my mind with one feel? No. But, it DOES feel pretty awesome on my clit. It’s not buzzy at all. It’s rumbly and deep.
  2. It’s rechargeable. I know this doesn’t make it stellar, but seriously, this click’n’charge thing is SO COOL. It attaches to the toy with some magnets and makes this weird noise and then it’s charging. My boyfriend cannot hear this noise, but it’s a high-pitched whine that I assume is the energy passing into the battery. It’s not alarming, just annoying.
  3. It’s a fun shape! Seriously, who DOESN’T like dolphins? Because it’s not in-your-face dolphin. It just happens to be dolphin shaped. If the tip didn’t have a mouth etched into it or tails on the bottom, it would just be a new shape. It’s classy and subtle type of dolphin. Not “oh my god I can’t have a vibrator can we please make it a shape instead” type of dolphin.
  4. It’s a subtle rabbit. It doesn’t try REALLY hard to hit the clitoris. It has a little arm that sticks into my urethral area, instead of my clit. It honestly still feels good because that area is pretty stimulating for me. However, I do tend to pat that arm on the head and push it gently away. Better than the types that stick themselves IN THE WAY of my clit with NO moving.
  5. It pin points the vibes. Exactly. It pinpoints the vibes in that nose, making it very easy for me to direct the vibrations into the exact spot that feels best (that spot seems to move frequently).
  6. But it doesn’t ONLY have pinpoint stimulation. The vibrations are all over the shaft of this toy, which curves into the nose. As a result, I can use the “back” of the dolphin over my whole labia, or turn it sideways and get a curve of vibration AROUND my clit (this feels really great).
  7. It comes in a color that isn’t pink or purple. That’s right folks, it comes in a wonderful Navy Blue (called dark blue on the website). I love that I have a toy which is blue. As a genderfluid person who adores rainbows, I like having choices.
  8. The controls make sense and are simple. The biggest button turns it on. The plus and minus buttons run through the settings (again, six steady intensities, six patterns). In addition, if you hold the fun button and the minus button at the same time for about 2 seconds, it locks into travel mode. If you hold the fun button and the plus for two seconds, it comes out of that.

So those are the really great points of this toy. I’ve been more than happy with how this toy has passed. I can verify that it’s %100 waterproof (every toy should be in my opinion). I can also verify that it holds charge. I didn’t charge it for two weeks. Not only did it hold the charge, but it actually still worked really well.
There are some negative points to this toy as well. I want to go into some detail, but I don’t want to dwell on them, because I do really like this toy, and I feel it is a sound investment if you want to support Fun Factory, which you should.

  1. The first one is the handle. It can get really hard to hold when slippery. I often find my fingers going numb or hurting trying to keep this toy firmly against my clit. However, I like a lot of pressure on my clit. I’m a power slut.
  2. The next one is that charging noise. It’s high-pitched in my ear, but it is quiet enough that at about 3 feet (the distance from my pillow to the ground where it rests), I can’t hear it.
  3. The clitoral arm. Why does this need to be there? It’s unnecessary and it feels kind of excessive. Not needed in the toy. Does not make better.
  4. The charging lights have no pattern. They could have easily made it a simple “this many blinks for battery life.” Instead, it seems to blink arbitrarily until it’s full, when it stops. (Also, there’s a protector on the battery, so you can’t harm it by leaving it on the charge for too long. They care!)
  5. The biggest drawback to this toy is the price tag. $100 is fairly steep. However, I understand why. Fun Factory has entirely unionized it’s workers. They work to help the environment by not using adhesives in their packaging (though too much cardboard). They also use %100 medical grade silicone in every toy. I understand why it’s $100, but the minimum wage being what it is, I have a hard time justifying it.

This toy has been regularly used in my play. I happily hand it to my boyfriend to use on me, and I use it myself. It’s quickly thrown my old bullet off of it’s throne. I would actually highly recommend this vibe (or other Fun Factory items), though it is expensive.
This post took the form of lists, which is a first. But I do like lists a lot, so it may not be the last!
Buy it from my friends at Wicked Butterfly!
Or from¬†my friends at Betty’s Toybox!