Indigo Does a Year-End Tour!

10 out of 10
Pairs well with champagne to ring in the new year and new experiences!
Hello folx! It is absolutely stunning to see you tune into this bit of delight I call my blog. I’m kicking off my Year-End Tour here at I’m an Adult by creating spreadsheets! One will be an orgasm sheet like the one Kate keeps, and the other will be a spreadsheet of all the toys I have acquired in my life (minus the shitty bullet vibes I bought as a stupid teen. On this post, I want to share my blog stats, and some lovely memories and new ideas from 2017.
This is also my first year as a sex blogger, so let’s talk stats from the year!

  • Number of Sex toy reviews: 38
  • Number of Drink Reviews: 5
  • Number of Educational posts: 18

Traffic Stats

First! What are my tops this year?

Honorable Mentions

The Least Favorites

I don’t want to make this post all lists. But I also didn’t want to leave out the lists. They are so vital to what I love. LISTS ARE AMAZING. So I left them short and sweet, and now that they are out of the way, let’s move on!
My Favorite Bloggers This Year
Girly Juice, A.K.A. Kate Sloan. When I first found Kate’s work, I didn’t really connect with it. She’s very femme and very active with play partners. It also felt like she had a lot of casual-sex-based relationships. If you recall, I was not this way at all until recently. However, as the year has gone on, I’ve changed a lot. I went through a huge break up and learned about my own sexuality. Now, I find myself identifying with her work more and more. I mean this in a lot of ways. Primarily, I love Kate’s style. Her posts have driving points that she uses emotion and fact to get to. As I come into my own style as a blogger, I find that it’s more and more influenced by hers. I especially see our styles coincide in my Situation and Education posts. These posts are usually driven by my need to express emotions and connect with a reader. I feel connected to Kate every time I read her articles. I am delighted to have met her at Woodhull this year, and I cannot wait for whatever she publishes next.
Dangerous Lilly. I had the pleasure of meeting Lilly for the first time at Woodhull this year. I knew of her work and I admired the drive and salt with which she tests materials and makes sure all the toys she recommends are safe. When I had the opportunity to volunteer for an event she was hosting, I jumped on it. (I have since been told that I was extremely helpful, go me.) Since Woodhull, Lilly has been an amazing friend. She is supportive and always has lovely things to say when I’m down. She helped me reach 500 Twitter followers this month, which was my personal goal for the year. I hope that I’ve returned the friendship, and I hope that we continue to get to know one another. I’ve already informed her I’ll be helping next Woodhull, so there’s that. Please visit her for salty (and hilarious) reviews, which I read when I need inspiration to write reviews for less than stellar toys.
Ace in the Hole A.K.A. Taryn. So this year, I had an accidental awkward moment with Taryn when I misunderstood how WordPress uses it’s follow option. I felt like a dope, but Taryn didn’t seem to mind, and for some reason still wanted to be my friend! So now I text her pretty femme things that make me think of her. I also super identify with her writing because I’m also on the ace spectrum! She’s been amazingly supportive and I really hope to continue cultivating a friendship in the new year with her. Her SEO for sex bloggers is an amazing series which I will definitely be reading and examining closer as soon as I fully accept that SEO needs to be a part of my life. Her writing is super amazing, and insightful, so go read it. Also, I regularly laugh at her tweets so hard that I cannot breathe, so please go follow her on twitter. 
Some Goals I Set (and Met) This Year
When I started blogging, it was for fun. I knew it would help my career, but I didn’t expect it to give me a sense of who I am. All of my friends who see the blog love it, and say that it’s very me. I’m proud to tell new people what I do in my spare time, and I’ve learned a lot. It’s affirmed my personality and my priorities in my own mind. This doesn’t even cover all the new friends I’ve made (which I couldn’t possibly cover in a post). I feel like I’ve really reset how I feel about my career and set myself on a path that I really want to be on.
Additionally, I now have over 500 followers on Twitter! I hate social media. I only have one account associated with this blog (Twitter) and I’m not getting any more. I don’t really take photos, and I don’t have more to say, so Instagram and Tumblr are out. I may at some point get a Snapchat for the blog and sell some nudes, but I haven’t been prepared to jump that hurtle yet, so we will see. However, in my first year, over 500 people decided to follow the zany shit I put on the internet, and I’m pleased as punch. Here’s to at least another 500 next year!
This year, I also had one sponsored post. I wrote all about Butt Stuff for Betty’s Toybox. I was really proud to say that my blog brought me some income, and I’m very happy to have teamed with them. I also hope to work with them in the future on more blog posts, so stay tuned!
Goals for Next Year

  • Practice my work with SEO so I can continue to feel growth.
  • Educate more than I review, which is not true right now.
  • Get more sponsored posts. (Companies, if you want to work with me, click here!)
  • Get actually honest-to-goodness sponsored for Woodhull this year.
  • Focus some more on affiliate links and maybe get a pay from those? (I haven’t gotten any yet, and I’m sad about it.)
  • Host at least one giveaway!

I hope you’ve enjoyed something this year (despite it being a horrible trash fire)! I know I have, and I hope to continue my work for many more years. My audience is a lovely perk to what I’m doing on here, and I hope that they continue to get something out of it!
Do you have any things you wish you had seen this year, or wanna see next year? Any resolutions for you/your blog?

Indigo Tries the Njoy Pure Wand!

2 out of 10,
then 8 out of 10.
Buy it from my friends at Peepshow Toys, or Betty’s Toybox!
Pairs really well with a top-shelf martini. Everyone’s heard of it, and it’s great for a lot of people, but it’s not so great for others sometimes, and you have to learn how you order, and how to sip it right.
The Pure Wand is a toy that comes highly recommended by a lot of bloggers out there. I had a HUGE learning curve with this toy. (Eh? Eh?) It was heavy and it had weird angles to it because it’s essentially this little open parenthesis with knobs. I held it in my hand, examining the weight and the curve. I thought to myself, “will this really revolutionize my sex life?”
The answer is different than one might expect.
At first, I used it and I really disliked this toy. I’ve always been a human who ejaculates, thanks to my first dildo. I’ve never had trouble making a mess after masturbation sessions and grumbling about having to wash the sheets. Again. (If anyone wants to buy me a Liberator Throe, I have paypal.) So when I bought this toy for myself, I expected to have SO MUCH EJACULATE. Instead, it was kind of painful. The curve stretched my hymen too far down. But any other way I held it, I couldn’t get the angle to feel nice. The large end felt too big to fit comfortably even with a little warm-up. (It is worth noting that I already owned the Colours Pride at this point, so size wasn’t really an issue otherwise.
It’s also really heavy. Guys, this toy is stainless steel. It’s a lot for my hand to hold, let alone my posterior vaginal wall. I love that’s it’s easy to clean, and can be used with any lube, but damn, is it a lot to take on.
I was really confused by this occurrence. I almost felt betrayed by the Pure Wand because I was sure I would be great with it. I was going to be the best at the Pure Wand. And when it hurt, I stopped trying. It wasn’t worth pushing my body to make this metal contraption work for me.
But one day, I looked at some reviews. They kept mentioning the Pure Wand and how it was so great. So I pulled it out again and used the small side with a vibe on my clit. It actually felt good this time, which was astonishing to me. I found an angle that activated my g-spot and it also didn’t hurt. I came with it, but it was an average orgasm. Nothing special.

How is this NOT special to me? It’s SO SHINY.

Later, I made it a goal. I would learn how to squirt with the Pure Wand because I know it changed to many people’s lives, and damn it, I wasn’t going to be left unchanged. In a lot of ways, I was right.
I couldn’t tell you when I managed to consistently have great orgasms with the Pure Wand. I’m not really sure what I started doing differently, and I’m not really sure if I can give anyone tips like Epiphora did. 
Instead, let me describe my life with the Pure Wand now. when I use the pure wand, I typically orgasm fast, and really hard. In terms of percentages, I would say I squirt 80% of the time I use the pure wand. That other 20% is honestly usually due to lack of hydration, time or arousal. So it could easily be 100%, but I’m not always looking for squirting.
When I pick up the Pure Wand, I expect it to be cold, calculating and give me an orgasm with not a lot of effort or romance. It’s a metal thing in the emotional sense and literal sense. Do I love using it? Yes, I think it’s reliable and fun. But it doesn’t tease me, or make me work for it. Orgasms are physically satisfying, but not emotionally. But it’s not like a quickie either. It’s usually too messy to be a quick session. But I do use it regularly for the good qualities.
I also have a few negatives to mention with the Pure Wand. It’s prices usually around $100, which can make it a bit steep for some people. Especially since there’s such a learning curve with this toy. It’s completely worth that money, don’t get me wrong. But not everyone can afford a Pure Wand, and there are alternatives for g-spot toys, which are cheaper. The weight is still a lot for me, and I love toys that have firmness, but I think glass is the better option for me. Lighter, but still firm.