Indigo Tries Colours Pride Edition!

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8 out 10
Would recommend for anyone who calls themselves a Size Queen, or is obsessed with rainbows.
Pairs really nicely a Cosmopolitan. Because of COURSE it would!
Okay okay, before we start, it’s time for an episode of Confession Corner! (Theme song music goes like this: boo de lee boop di booooooo) This dildo is my FIRST silicone dildo!
That’s right, folks! Do y’all remember my first dildo review? In this review, I recommend that people NOT start with glass as their sex toy material. Silicone is usually better, and I prefer it if it has some give, instead of the stiffer kinds. At least to start with. And with that said, I’m really bad at following rules, even my own!
So instead of going out to get a glass dildo, please get a silicone one first! But wait. Not this one. This dildo is ALSO not for beginners. But not for the same reasons. With all of this said, let’s begin!!


See all of it’s Rainbow-y glory? <3

So the Colours line by NS Novelties is actually a solid set of toys. I’ve had a lot of customers return with great reviews (back when I worked at a sex shop). The silicone feels nice, and when squeezed, it feels like solid silicone, as claimed. They come in a variety of shapes and lengths. The longest I saw was 8″ and the shortest was 5″. You can have them in thick, regular or thin. Some of them even come with balls! It’s great!
That said, let’s talk specifically about the Pride line. We all know that I can’t resist rainbows. I just can’t. So I picked up the smaller version. It comes in at 6″ (as opposed to the 8″ version), and it’s about 1.75″ diameter (as opposed to 2″ diameter in the larger one).
Now, I am not a size queen like I need to be…yet. I will not lie when I say this dildo posed a problem for my vagina. The first time I tried it, I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t warmed up enough. So the second time, I used another dildo on myself and I got as warmed up as I could. Then I lubed up the Pride and went for it. It was life-changing for me.


Look at that tall tower of rainbow meat. <3

The girth of this dildo is wonderful. I can squeeze all my muscles around it and feel the ridges below the head. I can feel how it curves in my vag and really makes for a unique sensation. For the first time ever, I came without thrusting. I missed the usual feel of motion, but it was delicious all the same.
Later, I washed it off and explored the dildo with my hands. I practiced squeezing it and just admiring the silicone. I admired how real the shape was. It takes much longer to mold these because the silicone has to dry just enough before you pour on the next color. This is why it’s a little more expensive than the rest of the Colours line. I quite admire their willingness to be open about this.
So what did I do the next time I wanted to masturbate? I warmed up the same way, and I inserted with some lube. And I came once, then I found that I could thrust with this dildo. I was really proud of this, and of course, I had a celebratory orgasm as a reward.
This dildo presented itself to me in all of the rainbow glory that I love. I held it and loved it at once. I am very excited to buy my next silicone dildo. This was a fantastic introduction to silicone for me, and I look forward to ahem…expanding my horizons with another one soon.


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