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Sponsored Posts, Reviews, and Other Writing Work
I work as a freelance writer as time allows. I enjoy writing about psychology, gender topics, sexuality topics, relationships, sex and sexual health, and education. If you enjoy the voice in my writing, I would love to chat about if we can work together! If you’d like to see a list of places where my writing can be found, full lists are available on request. For the best examples of my writing style, please visit my Blog Page.

Here are some of my policies that I require to be followed when you work with me:

  • Payments are expected within five days of invoices being sent, unless otherwise notified to me in writing.
  • I reserve the right to not accept work, or cancel contracts. There will be no payment exchanging hands in the event that I cancel a writing agreement.
  • If hired for a review, I will only write honest reviews, regardless of how much you pay me.
  • I will not allow my writing to be posted in two places. A short blurb of my work can be posted in more than one place, but the full piece will not be copied to more than one website.
  • If we agree that this website/blog will host the writing, I will provide a short summary or blurb for the piece to be shared elsewhere.
  • I own the right to all of the work posted on my blog, to only be edited and used by myself.
  • If my writing is to be posted somewhere other than my blog, I own the right to veto edits that alter the voice, or intended messages. What constitutes an alteration of voice or message is determined by me only, but I will provide reasoning with each veto.
  • My schedule is constantly in flux due to my multiple types of work. If you would like a guaranteed timeline, or shorter timeline that I’ve originally estimated, I will charge an additional fee.
  • My sponsored posts, links and ads do not come with any guarantee pertaining to numbers of clicks or revenue generated.

If you have read the previous policies and agree, I would be happy to talk further about your project! Please email me at:

[email protected]