Indigo Tries the Tantus Super Soft Vamp

10 out of 10
Would recommend for exploring g-spot stuff and if you enjoy squeezable toys.
Pairs nicely with a Pina Colada. Tasty, sweet and easy-going.
As we all know, I love glass toys. Like, I really love glass toys. But I heard that these Tantus toys were beautifully soft, wrapped in a silky silicone and a lot of good reviews came out about them. As someone who likes really hard toys, I wasn’t convinced I would like this toy. Just so you know: I not only like this toy, I love this toy. I was wondering how my g-spot would respond to something soft, and I’m here to tell you all about it.
Betty’s Toybox kindly sent me this toy to review, after offering me the Vamp or the Destiny. I picked the Vamp because it seemed to gear more towards g-spot stimulation, and because I’m not the biggest fan of testicles on my sex toys. Therefore, the Vamp was the obvious choice for me, but I’m 100% sure the Destiny is great too, because Rose said so.
How, the Vamp doesn’t particularly provide a challenge in any way. The girth is accessible, the length is 7″ (about average for insertables). However, the super soft silicone offers something that I have never felt before: caresses.
You read that right, the Vamp is so soft, that it feels like a gentle caress inside my vagina. Confession corner: it bends so easy that I had to struggle to insert it. However, once it was in, I could feel it gently trying to expand. As I squeezed, it felt it give way and really conform to my body. It’s like…the memory foam of sex toys. I should use it for a pillow.

Ahhhh. The nicest of dreams.

The head of the vamp is 1.7″ according to the information. Being as wide as it is feels so good because it can nudge it’s way (gently) into my g-spot. However, the giving nature means that I don’t feel it pressing into my pubic bone, and it’s practically impossible to hurt myself with it. That’s really exciting because it means that my boyfriend can use this on me without hurting anything (like the Castillo).
In fact, there’s only two negative things I have to say about this toy. For me, I consider about $50 bucks average cost for a body-safe silicone dildo. The Vamp is going to set you back about $70. That’s totally worth it because this is a really great toy for everyone. I think it would work well for beginners, and it was really great for me too, even though it’s the opposite of what I normally like AND I’m not a beginner at all. I do understand $70 is a bit steep though. The good news is that this dildo will last for a long time, and it’s extremely versatile.
The other negative is really a nit-picky thing. It’s just so soft that insertion can be a little tough. You have to relax and really spread it to get it in. Or approach from just the right angle. However, once it’s in there, it’s like fucking a damn cloud.
All in all, this dildo is absolutely stellar and I think everyone should try it out.
Cameo by the Dolly Bi!

This toy was provided by Betty’s Toybox in exchange for a fair and honest review! Buy it here and support my work!

Indigo Tries Neon Luv Touch Vibe

2 out of 10
Would not really recommend.
Pairs reasonably well with Mad Dog 20/20. It’s really an exercise in the folly of youth and somewhat poor decisions.
It retails for about $13 at most Spencer’s stores. If you decide to buy it (spoiler alert; you shouldn’t), you should buy it from my friends at Wicked Butterfly.

I am very new to the scene of sex toy reviews. I didn’t know all these toys existed until a few months ago. As a result, I had a really hard time writing this review. But I attacked it from a personal space and a sex toy reviewer space.
Let me cover a few bases first:
Pipedream has some really sketchy advertising. I do not condone it in the slightest, and I considered myself a feminist, even if I’m not always feminine. It is a large part of the reason that I cannot recommend this product for anyone to use.
Pipedream has not answered this in a satisfactory way. They continue to stand behind their decisions, and they justify them with “Men want what men want.” Thank you Pipedream. I’m glad you feel the need to give children extra candy because they also want what they want. Just sayin’.
The CEO of Pipedream does not care what the toys are made of because he is quoted as saying consumers don’t care. As a result, how can you be sure the toys are phthalate-free? How do you know %100 that you won’t wake up with a rash? I will never trust Pipedream with insertable toys for this reason. If they think I don’t care, how will they care?
Alright, have we established that Pipedream is not a company to be supported? Good. Let’s move on to the actual review.
The Neon Luv Touch line is a product that has been around for many years. I know this because this was the first vibrator I ever bought. That’s right. Numero Uno. About 8 years ago. Let’s start with back-story.
Eleven years ago, I had my first orgasm from my own hands while I watched some Hentai that’s probably not anywhere on the internet anymore. My curiosity set in when I heard about Hentai from some older kids in my middle school. I thought this sounded fun and went home to look it up on my computer. I was immediately excited, and I cleared the browser history before I went to bed. I explored my genitals through thin underwear, and I came fairly quickly. I was hooked immediately.
It took me another 3 years to buy a sex toy to aid in my sexual exploration. I spent those four years exploring my clitoris, vagina and G-spot (which I wouldn’t have a name for until years later). I decided I wanted something new in my vagina, as fingers were getting a tad redundant (it’s hard to reach one’s own G-spot consistently without aid). After buying one at the local Spencer’s, it would take another month before I had the house to myself in order to actually use it. (Side note: I was so nervous after using it that I went to my gynecologist specifically to check that I hadn’t hurt myself on accident with this new toy.)
I pulled out my vibrator for the first time and I used it, putting it wherever it felt good. On my clit. In my vagina. It did not take long for me to orgasm, and I knew I needed more of this sensation. For the next four years, the Neon Vibe was my only sex toy. I say my only one, but really I mean only product. I bought about 5 of these over the years (I’m so ashamed).
I’m not exaggerating. These “waterproof” toys did not react well to the juices of my vagina. They broke down after about 9 months of solid use (not even in bathtub, much to my disappointment). Sometimes, they died immediately. Sometimes they held out for an extra month or two. For me, it was a yearly routine. Dick broke, so I picked up Victor. Then it was Richard (because I’m not clever), T.K. (named after my Digimon crush), and Slimer (because it was GREEN).
Now you might be saying: “If this toy had so many negatives, why did you recommend it at ALL, Indigo? You know, you can give something a zero if you want. It’s YOUR review site.”
You’re right. I absolutely fucking CAN give anything I want a zero. But despite the overwhelming negatives, there are also positive traits to this toy.
First of all, the colors are really great. I picked a new one every time, including Yellow, Orange and Green, which are all hard colors to find in the sex toy industry. I get tired of Pink and Purple being the only choices. Though I like both of these colors, they come with annoying connotations, and I like rainbows the best. Why can’t I just have rainbow everything?
Second, the controls of this toy are simple and intuitive. There’s a wheel that starts turned entirely counter-clockwise. If you turn it clockwise, you can feel a click and it turns on. With every click, it gets stronger. At it’s strongest, the vibrations were impeccable to my inexperienced vagina. However, looking back, I notice the memories of numbness that are often associated with “buzzy” vibrations, as opposed to “rumbly” ones. This is indicative to how low my standards were at the time.
Thirdly, the price is incredibly accessible. I bought mine as a stupid teenager looking for a new sensation. 13 bucks was easy to find from my weekend job, and getting to the Spencer’s to buy it was both easy, and discreet. I just went to the mall with my friends. My mother never thought to look in the black bag.
As a first-time vibrator, this line will always have a special place in my heart. I loved that first one with all it’s Orange-y goodness. The ones that came after did not disappoint those low standards. However, we must all grow and learn. After many years of supporting Pipedream, I can no longer condone their work. Please don’t buy this piece of novelty crap.
As a side note, I also bought this bullet from them as well. It’s strong enough to get me off, and I generally pair it with some kind of dildo. Again, I do not support Pipedream, but this was my first use of a bullet and it served me for that purpose, I guess.

Indigo Tries Crystal Butt Plug!

7 out of 10
Would recommend for intermediate butt-players.
Crystal is a sub-set of NS Novelties. You can find the online link here.
You can BUY it from my friends at Wicked Butterfly.
This pairs well with a nice honey bourbon. Smooth and robust.
I bought this butt plug largely due to the low price of ~$20. It seemed like a really great beginner piece, when I was jumping from my cheap jelly plug into other, body-safe materials. I perused the many, many options. I chose this one because the shape was simple, and the size seemed to be accessible. Seemed to be.
There was no label of size on the package (or if there was, I missed it). However, from what I just looked up, I have the SMALL size of this plug. It is about 1.25″ around and 2.5″ insertable. I will tell you this: This butt plug is NOT for beginners of butt play.
My booty may be a princess, but this butt plug needed a lot of work. My boyfriend kindly donated his time and gloved fingers to help me fit this in. It took a few different tries, with fingers scissored, and extra lube. After 8 months, and many sexy meet-ups involving this plug, I can say it was definitely worth it.
I love firm materials for all of my sex toys. My favorite dildos are glass, and this butt plug is no exception. This plug does not yield to my butt. It firmly keeps it’s shape, which granted, is the point of glass.
The shape of the plug is another solid choice. Looking at it, there is almost no texture. It seems like it would be really boring. The glass is smooth from top to bottom, only changing in width. It’s gently pointed for easy insertion, and it tapers to a narrow base, allowing it to sit comfortably in the anus. It feels really great going in, and then as the sphincter narrows back against the flared base, it sits really comfortably. The smoothness is a really great introduction to glass products.
I never forget that this plug is in, despite the regular, almost boring shape. The width feels great, and my boyfriend attests that it “feels fucking fantastic, like something rubbing the underside of my cock while I [have sex with] you.” It’s girth, plus the narrowing base makes it stay in place, even through regular intercourse.
There is one negative to this piece. The very base of the plug that sits on the outside of the sphincter is round and flat. It digs into both butt cheeks, and I find myself thinking “It feels like I’m sitting on a soda cap.” It makes me relish the toys I have that have crescent bases. As a result, I tend to not wear this toy when I’m just milling about the house. It’s exclusively a play toy for me.
This plug, though inexpensive, is perfect for my sex life. It also helped me work up to larger things, such as anal intercourse, and advanced butt plugs, which you will hear about in later reviews.
I recommend this plug for anyone who likes glass or firm silicone, but start with the small because a change in material can be really hard to muster for a “green” butt. (If your butt is ACTUALLY green, please go to the doctor.)