Indigo Tries the Fun Factory Laya II

Happy Holiday Season, Party People! This is the first post in my 12 days celebration! What better way to celebrate Capitalism than posting reviews where you can purchase these fine items with my affiliate links?

7 out of 10
Pairs nicely with a Sex on the Beach. Constantly looking for the substance that is getting you drunk, but the base components are consistently good.
This product was sent to me by the kind folx at It is sold in Pool Blue (pictured), Baby Rose and Dark Violet. At time of posting, it retails for about $100 (USD).
The Fun Factory Laya II sits on a fuzzy dark background. It is sky blue, and crescent shaped. It is wider on one end to create what looks like a handle.
When looking for review toys, the top of my list is always Fun Factory toys. I absolutely love this company. My love for them started when I was in sex toy retail and their US East Coast rep came to talk about their unionized factory, their attempts to minimize packaging and the toy lines in general. There was some clear transference of my love for the rep onto the company. I enthusiastically recommend this company all the time now. I have found their products to be the consistent in quality and price. The motors are always rumbly, and the products are usually waterproof, which I view as standard needs for any sex toy company that makes vibrators.
The Laya II, is a follow up to the Layaspot, which was water resistant and battery operated. I never bothered to look closely at the Layaspot because I prefer my toys to be rechargeable. This reduces waste and cost for me. However, I know that being battery operated brings down the cost of toys, which is why Fun Factory has several options of that nature. My elitist views do not need to overwhelm this review, however.
So the Laya II is a small vibe that is designed to be traveler friendly. I will admit that I didn’t have sense of the size when I requested it. I was quite shocked to find that it was much smaller than I expected. The description mentions that the shape is good for laying on a vulva, or cupping balls during a blowjob. It also talks about easily fitting into a hand “letting it disappear into your play.”
Now, I’ll be honest. I didn’t attempt to use the Laya II with a partner. I saw two partners in the testing duration of this toy. One has their own vibrator preferences and the other isn’t a reviewer, and we were too busy having other types of sex, so it was never tested. However, I can’t see myself enjoying the use of the Laya II during sex just based on my solo play. This toy is small, and it does fit pretty nicely into the hand. But I’m not going to lie, I used the wrong side of it the first time I used it.
The Fun Factory Laya II on a dark background. It's set so that it rests on both ends of the crescent. The buttons are visible on the wider end. There is a power button, an up button and a down button.
I start on my clit with vibrators, usually. And I always start with just the side that vibrates, and work around from there, figuring out the ways to use it. Well, the first time I used this, the “handle” side vibrated a little, and it didn’t make sense to stick the buttons in my labia. But alas, we have now touched upon the problems I have with the Laya II.
You see, it’s designed as that handy crescent, with one end vibrating and the other having residual vibrations. The buttons are on the end that vibrates. It sort of makes sense because the Laya II is so small that your fingers can reach it if you’re using the toy as a cupping toy. But I can’t actually use it to cup my vulva the way it’s designed. When I tried, I got my hand covered in lube and Laya went for a swim in my labia. Now, I have large labia, because everything about me is big (if you know what I’m saying). So someone who is more petite might not have the same issues with this vibrator. But it is a common theme for me to test toys which want to go swimming in my genitals and I’m a little tired of fishing them out again.
So what does this mean? Well when I use the Laya II, I place the end that vibrates (with the buttons) into my clit and I use it. However, in order to touch the “go faster” button, I have to dig through my labia just to reach it. At that rate, I might as well just use my fingers to masturbate because they are already right there. Basically, the design just isn’t a good option for me. The Laya II will be another toy that gets placed into my shoe-organizer near the bottom and forgotten for this reason.
However, there are some good points to this toy, and the design works for some people, because the Layaspot, which has the same shape, is popular. So let’s talk about some of the positive points. The 8 speeds is a nice touch because I like a lot of power levels. I think that makes it a good toy for those who like it soft and power sluts like me. It’s also waterproof, which meets my standards. And since it it’s fun factory, the motor is nice and rumbly. Additionally, being Fun Factory means it has that great magnetic charging system that I’m obsessed with.
Overall, the quality of the toy isn’t in question. Fun Factory has once again delivered another vessel for their rumbly motor which will last for awhile, and meets all my standard needs.  However, I will question whether or not this was designed for fat folks, and my instinct is that it wasn’t. The Laya II isn’t a travesty. But it’s not for me.
This product was sent to me by the kind folx at It is sold in Pool Blue (pictured), Baby Rose and Dark Violet. At time of posting, it retails for about $100 (USD).

Indigo Tries the Sola Sync!

8 out of 10
Pairs nicely with a Cape Cod (vodka and cranberry). It is smooth, and a little sour. But it’s basic and easy to drink.
This toy was sent to my by my friends at! It retails for about 123 USD at time of posting, and you can find it here!
A large box sits on a chair. The front of it opens out and reveals the Sola Sync. It is a purple wand with an angle in the handle. It has chrome trim and a small circular remote is beside it in the box.
The Sola Sync has been on my radar for almost a year now. I was desperate to try one when I saw them at Woodhull last year. I loved the way the handle curved and it looked like it would be amazing for someone who has arthritis or possibly carpel tunnel. I loved the color of purple it was, and the sleek lines.
So when I Shevibe offered it to me, I was delighted to accept. I love wand vibrators and I was thoroughly expecting this one to be powerful and easy to use. That angle was going to happen immediately like magic, and I was going to have so many orgasms.
When the Sync arrived, I was surprised buy how big it was. Even though I had handled it in person, the photos online made it seem so dainty and refined. When I pulled it out of the box, I was surprised that it was about the length and width of my forearm. I was even more excited about it because somehow, size equated to power in my brain. I was wrong on that count, however.
The Sync costs over $100, which all seems to go into the design and the box. When I did unbox this toy, I immediately threw away the packaging because it was just too much. I did not want all that clutter in my already crowded toy area. However, if this is the one wand vibe you own, that box would be extremely nice to keep the Sync in. This fact does not escape me, as I am aware of my reviewer status, and thus my reviewer bias. However, it does feel like a bit much for this toy.
Though I have some form of nerve damage in my wrists, which sometimes acts up around weird angles and weights, I do not have arthritis, or diagnosed carpel tunnel (though at one point, I thought that is what I had). As a result, I’m going to try and talk about this toy with these caveats in mind.
A purple box sits on a chair. On top is the Sola Sync, with a white charging cable, the remote and a white storage bag.You see, I love the angle and the sleek look of this toy, but it isn’t great for me. As I hinted above, the power of this toy is someone lack-luster. It is not buzzy in my opinion, but it isn’t a very powerful rumble. I am, however a power slut. So if you find that toys are too powerful for you or just right, this toy would be great for you. I really wanted to love using it, but it’s so weak that I need to jam it into my clit in order to orgasm. That requires me grabbing the top of the toy, and negates that whole cool handle thing. If I used the handle, I feel like the wand will break in half under my strength. So I am more careful with this than perhaps I need to be. One day, I hope to use a toy that is L-shaped and I just jam the short side into my clit and pull up on the long side for that sweet pressure I need. But alas, the Sync is not that dream toy.
Additionally, I found the remote to be unnecessary for me. I don’t understand why one would need the remote because the handle is so long. I personally used the remote once for testing and then never used it again. However, I realize that I may be discounting someone’s disability because I don’t have that perspective. So with that complaint made, I am glad that the remote exists for those who might need it.
Now, the charging port was another small complaint I had. The actual plug-in part is so long and thin, I’m afraid I’m going to break it every time I try to charge the thing. If this toy is built with someone who has wrist or hand issues, having a shorter or entirely different charging port would probably be a good idea. I also feel like I’m breaking the silicone skin every time I stick the plug in there because it’s so tight of a fit (euphemism intended).
The Sync charged in just under two hours for me, and it never ran out of juice, so it goes for at least four hours (estimating off my average wanking time and how long I had it while I was at home). This is a huge point in favor of this toy. This along with the very refreshing design, and the fancy box are what I feel makes the price tag so high.
Overall, I really like the sync for someone’s first wand, except for the very high price point. It’s not too powerful, but I feel like it has a lack of thought of certain aspects that are vital, especially when taking into account the shape of the toy and what it seems built for. If they made the motor more powerful (or perhaps a corded version)
This toy was sent to my by my friends at! It retails for about 123 USD at time of posting, and you can find it here!

Indigo Tries the Extra Touch G-Spot Finger Extender

7 out of 10
Pairs well with boxed wine. It’s incredibly cheap and therefor has a value all it’s own. But it can be delicious if you pair it with the right things.
This toy was sent to my by Betty’s Toybox for a fair and honest review! Buy it here!
There is a purple toy in a clear plastic case. It looks like a large finger with a jock strap around the bottom. There are textured bits at the base.
So first of all, the full name of this product is the Simple and True Extra Touch G-Spot Finger Extender. That name is way too long for what this toy is, honestly. This toy retails for about $17, and it’s hollow and not large. You know that person whose last name is Winchester and they come from a bunch of really white, old money, but they don’t have it anymore really because years of gambling forefathers and market crashes occurred, but they still went to a fancy school and insist they are on the way back up? They are educated, yes, but that long name didn’t get them too much more than that. That’s what this toy feels like.
So I requested this toy really late, and I happened to receive it because I was the only one who didn’t say “no” to it. And I immediately regretted this choice, if I’m being truthful. But it arrived in the mail and I legitimately wasn’t prepared for how creepy this toy is. For fuck’s sake, it has a fingernail as part of its sculpting. None of my roommates wanted to look at it. Many partners laughed as it lived on my bedside table, waiting to be tested. I put it off for about 6 weeks (which usually is the extent turnover rate, when I’m not moving my whole house and also in school full time).
Here’s the thing; as soon as I got this thing, I immediately thought of many things I would like to do with it that were not putting it in my vagina. Here’s some examples:

Two hands are in the frame. One is wearing the extra touch, and the other is bare. The two fingers are touching as if to parody the classic art work "The Creation of Man."
Recreating class works of art.

An arm in a car that can be seen with the Extra touch over the middle finger. It looks as if they are flicking off other drivers.
REALLY letting know other drivers how I feel.

So I put off testing it. but I couldn’t put it off anymore. I needed to put this thing on and really give it a fair shake. I mean, how many times in my teenage years did I just wish my middle finger was longer and thicker, exactly like this toy?
My first thought when I put this one is “What is with that texture near the base?” Well, I can say that after weeks of extensive testing, I still don’t fucking know. There was no angle at which I could make that actually touch my vulva, so I’m going to assume that it’s a side effect, as opposed to an actual feature. Even if it could touch me, I doubt I would feel much from this. I immediately filed that texture under “unnecessary.”
I was surprised when I placed my hand in the sleeve and found the band is actually stretchy enough to fit my hands, which are quite wide. Someone once told me I have earth hands, whatever that means. I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the first option for a new fistee. My hands just aren’t narrow. (Another friend who does palmistry said I have air hands, whatever THAT means. But I digress.)
Well, the truth of this toy is that I don’t dislike it. After I placed it on my hand, I grabbed a vibrator and inserted my finger/this thing. It was actually big enough that even I could feel it. This was my first moment of being genuinely impressed. My second was how easy it was to feel on my g-spot. The angling of this toy is pretty okay, as it turns out. It’s hollow the whole way through, but still thick enough to be wiggled and shoved around. As a result, if I angle it upwards, it feels pretty damn good for me.
After a few minutes of working with this toy, however, I started feeling a strong pain in my wrist. In my teenage years, I always thought these toys would be a good idea, but in reality, it only adds about an inch of length to my middle finger. As a result, I still have to hit a pretty steep an difficult angle in order to make this feel good. And yes, my wrist hurts when I hit this angle. It hurts a lot.
Indigo's hand is over a black and green dish. Their finger is in a large purple sleeve with a strap above their thumb to hold it to their hand.
Honestly, this toy is not great for solo play. With only an inch added, unless you have really long fingers (mine are weirdly short), this is going to be hard to use. However, with a partner, I suspect that this toy would be fabulous. (I wanted to test this toy with a partner, but I didn’t have one at the time. If that changes, and I think of it, I’ll be sure to update this post.) But I assume it’s naturally easier to reach the angle required when the hand being used isn’t attached to your own body. As a result, this toy may be ideal for partner play. It’s inexpensive, but it adds a lot to a good finger bang.
In short, this toy is an excellent find, especially for the low cost of $17. If you’re looking for something to help out your fingering game, I would recommend this toy. If you’re looking for something solo, you’d better have some really healthy cartilage in your wrists. Either way, you may want to be mentally prepared for large, sort of anatomically accurate purple fingers.

Indigo Tries the Queen Bee

3 out of 10
Pairs well with a Daiquiri. Loud, yet somehow still weak. Primarily unnecessary.
The Queen Bee retails at about $149. You can buy it from my friends at Peepshow Toys!
A grey hairbrush shaped vibrator sits in a black package tray with the manual (also black) beside it.
I was asked to review the Queen Bee as part of a Woodhull 2017 package (with the Sheets of San Francisco, and a Doxy). I was excited for this new toy, because I heard a lot about it. It was supposed to be an exciting new oscillator (though not the first, as they have claimed). The Queen had a lot of hype behind it going into Woodhull. I expected to acquire it on the second day of the convention, but I received an email letting me know there were some issues and it would ship to my door on the Sunday of the convention. “Not a problem,” I thought. It wasn’t too long of a wait.
To tide me over, I got to see the display model at Woodhull, and I was a little confused. I hadn’t made friends yet, and wandered to they displays in the blogger lounge to take up time. I was looking over the toys and picked up the Queen Bee. I turned it on, and it made this awful racket. I immediately turned it off and wandered away from the table, faking nonchalance, and afraid I had broken the model. I was also confused because one side was supposed to be intense and the other gentle, but one side moved and the other…just didn’t do anything? I said to myself: “It’s okay. The model is probably just being worked on. It’s new. The ones they actually sell are probably really great. Give it a chance.”
When I didn’t receive any update from Hot Octopuss for about three weeks after Woodhull, I sent a follow-up email. They responded, letting me know that I still had to wait. They were getting them ready and would ship out in two weeks or so. I continued to wait through retailers obtaining and selling the Queen Bee. I saw a few bloggers even receive their review toys from those sellers. And then, at the last minute (about two and a half months after the original promised date), when I had almost given up all hope, I got an email saying it had shipped. Two days later, I received the package, and immediately ripped it open.

Well, aside from being a specific shape, that confusing, marketed as “gentle” side still seemed to do absolutely nothing. So I looked at the photos on the website again. That was it. Their design was that it was the back of the toy and you could use it. At one point, while testing this feature, I grabbed my hair brush to compare. I rubbed my hairbrush to my vulva, then the Queen Bee. It felt the same. So one “feature” of the Queen Bee is the equivilant of the back side of a hairbrush. We weren’t off to a good start.
But I grabbed some lube and turned it over anyway, hoping that the main feature of the toy was enough to redeem the manufacture marking a backside of a toy.
I want to be clear about something here. I have known my current roommate for over 5 years. She knows about and completely supports my blog and my sexual solo habits. I excitedly show her all my sex toys, and she is used to hearing some weird noises from my room. The point to all this is that she KNOWS. She UNDERSTANDS. I still turned on the Queen Bee, turned it off and slowly moved away from it like I had broken something.
The Queen Bee is a type of loud that I can’t handle when I’m trying to get off. Not only is it loud, but it’s grating. I feel uncomfortable using it because I feel like I’m breaking it just by turning it on. Usually, when I use toys, someone is home and I’m about to sleep. But when I turn on this toy, my anxiety spikes. Not only can I not get off, but I feel like I can’t sleep afterwards.
So what does the Queen Bee feel like? Kate Sloan described what I now call the “Queen Bee Effect” perfectly (seriously, I was in tears reading that first couple of paragraphs). This toy feels like almost nothing on me. It claims to have deep and rumbling vibrations. Honestly, I’ve been afraid to turn it up at all and find out (the noise could shatter my old-ass windows). But when I hold this toy where I would like it to sit, it minimizes the movement (and thankfully the noise), and I will never get off. It’s a catch 22. Either I hold it feather light to my outer labia and the whole vulva gets a rave (with noise levels included) or I press it in, and I get some weak stimulation…somewhere…maybe?
I have rather chubby outer labia, and my clit is usually buried beneath them, but no matter what I tried, this toy just would not touch my clit. It was like trying to make two magnets with the same pole touch. Either my clit moved at the last minute or the Queen Bee would drop onto the bed and all was lost. All of these vulvacrobatics with a soundtrack of a garbage disposal in the background.
A grey hairbrush shaped toy sits on fabric that is gray with blue flowers. There are 4 buttons in a row, which have some small raised images to indicate what they do.
This is a photo that emphasizes the gentle side of this toy.

The buttons on the Queen Bee are also a problem. I can’t really use them and the Queen Bee at the same time. They are on the top, so they are accessible, but they can’t be felt, especially with my lubed-up fingers. So I have to pull the Queen Bee up to squint at the buttons, choose a setting that feels better than the last, and then reapply. All of this makes it impossible to use the Queen Bee with any type of dildo. It really just makes me give up. I’ll go back to my wand vibrators  and have a better time in the bedroom.
In short, I’m not in love with the Queen Bee at all. It doesn’t provide power, shape or accessibility. And all of this comes at a high decibel cost. For all it’s marketing and hype, this toy falls drastically short of where it should for the steep price $150.
This toy was given to my by Hot Octopuss in exchange for a fair and honest review. You can buy it from my friends at Peepshow Toys!

Indigo Tries the Funkit Swell

9 out of 10.
And I was heckin’ surprised about it.
A slightly opaque dildo with orange swirls is attached to the wall with a suction base. There are blinds in the background.
Pairs well with a Micky (what I call a Peach Schnapps with cranberry, after a friend). It’s fruity and a little sneaky, but really easy to handle.
Buy the Swell here! With customization!
So Kenton was having a sale one day, and I love this paddle I got from Funkit, so I said to myself “Let me try some roulette and get some mystery items.” Since it was a sale of slightly messed up toys, I put in some color preferences and a few days later, there were toys at my house! I received this in my request for orange toys and as I unwrapped it, I was a little sad.
This toy is so small. According to the website, it has about 5 3/8″ insertable length and it’s only about 1 3/8″ in diameter. The silicone is fairly firm, but still moves some when squeezed (I don’t know silicone numbers or what they mean). If I’m honest, I actually put off using this toy because I was convinced that it wouldn’t be exciting for me. I assumed that it would end up in the back of the dildo hutch and just…collect dust. And then…
A slightly opaque dildo with orange swirls sits on a teal sheet. There is a large ridge on the bottom of the dildo, and a small head to the dildo..
One day, when I was really behind on cleaning dildos, I ran out of things to try and I grabbed the Swell out of desperation. I put it in me, and I went to town as I normally do, expecting mediocre at best. I was very surprised when I came, and actually squirted using this dildo. I pulled it out. I touched it. I examined it closely. I examined the bed where a puddle was soaking into my towel and below (before I owned my Sheets of SF). It was real. This tiny, no-warm-up dildo actually made me squirt with almost no effort.
So what is happening with the Swell? When I met Kenton at Woodhull this year, he told me that the swell was an experiment just to see what the pouring process was. He didn’t expect much of it, like me. But the Swell comes with this wonderful…swell on the underside of the shaft that makes all the difference in this cock. That bit of extra pushes the head directly into my g-spot. It’s possible that I got really lucky, but this dildo fits me perfectly without warm-up.
As we all know, I am a geek for clever designs and I have a confession. I’m a huge fanboi for Kenton because of the base of his toys. They are effective suction cups, but the edges fold in such a way that it makes it easy for my hands to hold, and I even have some joint issues! The orientation of the folds is perfect every time, and I will never stop praising this design genius. I also got a butt toy (which I will be reviewing as well). Even though I own quite a few crescent plugs, Kenton’s base is without a doubt the most comfortable that’s ever gone between my cheeks. Seriously, even better than the Njoy Pure Plugs. The man is a genius. (OH MY GOD INDIGO, STOP. YOU’RE MAKING PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE.)
A hand holds a dildo so the base is clearly visible. There are two folds for easy grip on the base and it's stamped with the words "funkit."
Look, all geeking out aside, I imagine for those new to toys, this dildo would be a good fit. It’s a very manageable size, and it’s an easy to clean material. It can softly touch the g-spot and allow for some exploration of that, but it doesn’t have to (just flip it over)! The handle is very comfortable to hold and use, and it’s also a suction cup, so you can use it like any other dildo you might want to stick to a wall. Pro tip: And if you’re a pro, I would guess this is a great dildo for double penetration exploring. (Puns always intended.)
Essentially, I wasn’t sold on this funky toy (pun intended), but when I tried it, I thought it was real swell (pun intended). The only thing that sucked was the suction base (omg stop). After I squirted, I was like “Orange you glad you tried it?” (INDI-GO HOME.) I’m regularly folding this into my masturbation (F**K OFF INDIGO).
Okay, I’m done now. #sorrynotsorry

Indigo Tries the Satisfyer Pro 2

6 out of 10
Pairs well with a Tequini (tequila martini). It has elements of something good, but is so strong, you should only have it in small bits.
My friends at Betty’s Toybox sent me this for a fair and honest review. Buy it from them here! It retails for about $70-90.
I have heard a lot about this style of vibrator, and no one seems to really agree with anyone else on it. Some folks love the way it can force an orgasm, and some think it’s very painful. Needless to say, I think this style is different than what many folks are used to, and I’m fairly certain that you won’t know if you like it until you try it.
With all that said, I feel like I CAN say that if you like a lot of direct clitoral stimulation, this toy is probably a safe bet. But when I say a LOT, I mean less of pressure and tickling and more enjoyment of pulling, or even nibbling if you’ve gone that far. Essentially, I think that if you’re new to clitoral play, this is NOT a safe bet for you. Start with something that’s gentler.

A toy that is copper in color with a white nozzle rests in a plastic cradle. A box sits next to it.
The box is well-designed and classy. I am a little mad about how happy it made me.

The Pro 2 arrives in a really simple plastic cradle in a box. There is a white cord to the side. That cord is USB on one side, and a magnetic charger compatible with the Satisfyer on the other side. It’s advised to fully charge the Satisfyer (about 4 hours) before the first use. And those magnetic chargers are so flipping cool. I am a sucker for things that connect easy. So far, I have had the best luck with the magnetic chargers, and I look forward to using them every time. (JESUS INDIGO, STOP TALKING ABOUT THE CHARGER YOU DORK. [Not sorry.])
When I turned on the Satisfyer for the first time, I was a little afraid of the noise it made. It sounds a little like a raptor crooning. I made several jokes about it being a “clever girl” and applied it to my genitals. And this is where my jokes with the satisfyer ended. When it turns on, it starts at the lowest setting and if I put it against my finger, I can clearly feel the suction. I was really excited to find my clit with it and feel that suction. But…nothing really happened.  So then I had to press the other button, which is a different hard button, but under the same soft piece of silicone as the power button for whatever reason. It looks like a shitty volume button, and no, they aren’t clearly labeled. But I digress.
I said “fuck it, I’ll turn the thing up!” And I turned it up a notch at a time, cycling through the many different power settings, and this is where the story gets a little weird. The anatomy of my vulva isn’t so unusual to my knowledge. I might have some fuller labia than others, but my clit is fairly normal, despite my hormone imbalance. My point is this: The Pro 2 hurts me. And not in a fun way, even. I mean, I called it a raptor, but I didn’t think it would actually hurt!
The Pro 2 placed against me on the lowest setting feels like a tickle and I laugh at it. If I press it harder (because I LOVE pressure), it still feels so minimal. But when I turn it up, the suction feels like it doesn’t change. What does get turned up is the vibration, and my clit is surrounded by this circle of high vibrations. And it hurts. It hurts coming from the person who regular mashes their clit into pulp while masturbating. This hurts from the person who (sometimes) shoves a wand right on there with FORCE and LIKES IT.
But that’s not all. It feels like the Pro 2 puts all it’s emphasis on the vibration. Here’s this really great sucking sensation, why am I just putting a ring vibrator on my clit? That’s not creative. What’s more, it’s so pinpoint that it’s not great for me. When you pair these things with the fact that Satisfyer as a company claims that it’s products are “The Best Toy of the Year” etc., I get a little salty. Every toy company says this. When you take the one cool thing you could have and then downplay for something as overused as vibration, I get frustrated.
However, I do think the toy is a nice shape, especially compared to the older models I’ve seen. So far, I haven’t had any wrist pain from using it. It has a lot to do with that bulbous handle. So I suppose they have that going for them?
Basically, I’m not enRAPTORed by this product. In all honesty, this toy does get me off. But I have to somehow find this perfect balance of enough vibration to feel it and not too much (which causes pain). If I get too much, I sit in bed crying “Shoot her! Shoot her!” (More Jurassic Park references.) But if I get too little, I can’t really orgasm from it. The buttons are not very intuitive, but the manual doesn’t really help. For this much money, I expect some sort of guidance at least when it comes to using the toy, and I also expect it to not make wild claims and then focus on vibrations.
They can keep the raptor noises though. Those are fun.

Indigo Tries Two Doxys!

9.5 out of 10 for the Die Cast.
10 out of 10 for the III (Smol).
Bonus Points! If you like rumbly, you’ll enjoy both of them!
Pairs well with a bourbon on the rocks. I would recommend Buffalo Trace. It’s been a favorite in my family for years!
Buy the Die Cast from my friends at Peepshow Toys or my friends at Betty’s Toybox! The III (Smol) will be released Fall 2017!
So the Doxy Die Cast has been reviewed a number of times, but mostly by folks who are married to (or have at least experienced) the classic Magic Wand Original. I came to the Die Cast as my first wand. I’ve never really experienced the power of a wand on my vulva, and so I was under-prepared for the wand effect, but hoo boy am I’m glad about getting one. I received the Smol and the Die Cast at the same time, but I’m starting with the Die Cast because it’s actually released and some folks might know it better.

A shiny red wand sits in a foam case with a zipper. There is a protective paper covering over the head.
This fancy case makes me croon though.

So the Die Cast is a wonderful wand toy. It costs about $200, which I realize is a steep price tag. However, this toy is really the height of luxury. The first thing I noticed was this huge case, which is a lovely matte grey and it unzips to reveal a perfect foam bed with the shiny Doxy laying inside. It’s cord is bundled at one end. It’s perfectly buffed into a shine. The head is large and ready to be rumbly. And did I mention that it’s really shiny?
Story Time! So I plug it in, and turn it on. There’s a god awful noise, and the head starts spinning and vibrating. My partner and I look at each other horrified, and I shove it onto my vulva to silence it. Success! It’s a manageable sound level and it feels great! However, that spinning does come with an unfortunate tendency to roll out of my labia. Byeeee?
As it turns out, that spinning is a defect, and I got a new one from Doxy with much apology! They are super cool about that!
Later addition: A lot of folks have had this fault happen in their Doxy originals, as well as the Die Cast. There are a few folks who are writing about/mentioning these. I hope to link to them once those posts are published. For me, this is a problem within the company, not necessarily for the consumer because they have replaced it every time, as far as I know.
Two wands sit on a teal bedspread. One is red, the other is black. They are both sparkly.
Black one is the defunct one. The new one is shiny slut red. Much like my aesthetic.

Once I got the new one, I was really ready to test this toy for real. I usually like a lot of pressure on my vulva. I enthusiastically put the Die Cast on my labia and immediately took it off. I would not recommend doing that unless you try it somewhere else first. If I put this thing on my pubic mons, I can feel the vibrations through my taint. Soooooo that’s a thing, alright? Instead of putting this directly on my labia like I would with almost any other vibrator, I am more than happy to let this sit on my mons and vibrate there until I orgasm.
The power of the Doxy is never in question. But what else is good about this wand?
There’s a steady mode, if you press the power button quickly, it turns on steady and the plus and minus buttons adjust the power. However, if you hold the power button, it turns into tease mode. Tease mode cycles quickly through all speeds in a sort of wave up pattern. The plus and minus buttons speed it up or slow it down. I rarely use patterns of any kind, but I actually really like this pattern. I think the Doxy is powerful enough that if I leave this pattern around the middle, my vulva has just enough time to breath between high points. I actually orgasmed from this! I was rather impressed, given my history.
So the large Doxy is definitely my jam. It’s rumbly and big and it makes me orgasm in like…no seconds. Great for partner play, and forced orgasm!
A red Doxy wand sits on a teal bedspread. Beside, a chrome wand about half the size sits.
See it’s wee little baby face?! It’s so cute!

So the how does the Smol compare?
Well, for the first note, the small is somewhat less powerful? I don’t know if I can accurately say that. The strength of the vibrations may be the same, but the size concentrates it a bit more, so it be used (by me at least) for some more localized stimulation. I actually managed to hold the Smol closer to my clit without feeling overwhelmed or hurting. Was it pleasant? Not exactly. It was closer to painfully erotic. Like a clothespin or other sexy pain tool. I will do this regularly to get off, honestly. Because I’m myself. Huzzah!
It’s also less cumbersome than the Die Cast. I felt that with the Smol, I could use it during partnered sex with a little less of a struggle. When using either wand this way, the power levels were well-dispersed and did not get dampened. It was especially nice because my partner could feel it lightly on his penis (which is fairly sensitive) and it helped us both reach a great climax.
A Doxy III sits on the bed. It's chrome finish with a black head.
The Smol comes with all the same features as the Die Cast, but in a travel-sized package (well, it’s still wall-powered, but it’s much more easily moved). Since I got this pre-release, I didn’t get a case with it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with one. We will have to wait for the release and find out!
In conclusion, I feel like the Die Cast and the Smol are both luxurious wands. The difference in rating comes down to price. Since the Smol isn’t released, I don’t know the price. The $200 price tag for the Die Cast is really worth it, but I know not everyone can afford it. Additionally, the Smol is easier to move around, and gives the impression that it’s more portable despite having a cord. However, the Die Cast gives me that feeling of settling in for a really nice night at home, with or without a partner.
And they are both so shiny!

Indigo Tries The Butters Raw Honey and Cocoa Butter Lubricant

7 out of 10
Would recommend if you like coconut oil as lube, or if you prefer lube from a jar.
Pairs well with a Maitai. It’s got some coconut happening, and the syrup-y feel almost seems like an after-taste.
I was sent this lube courtesy of Peepshow Toys!

They also sent some samples so I could share! :3

When I was approached, they asked if I was interested in reviewing a lube they have listed until the “Anal Lubes” section. Since I have such an affinity for sticking things up my butt, I immediately responded “Yes, please!” and it was sent.
I spent about a month testing this lube in various orifices with various penetrative utensils. I used my boyfriend’s dick, all of my toys at one point or another. Though it says that it’s not safe for condoms, I did use a condom for anal once (I’m fluid-bonded to my boyfriend), and we had no incidents. That said, PLEASE DON’T USE THIS WITH A CONDOM. I’m only liable for MY not listening to instructions. I am not liable if you do this.
These came in simple jars with no sealing, which I love because the environment is important! That orange label seems to be designed to be removed, because I did and underneath, it had a really elegant, and less-eye-catching black jar underneath.
Now when someone walks into my room, they aren’t like “What’s in the BRIGHT ORANGE JAR?!”

I immediately opened the jar to take a whiff when it arrived. I have to be honest, that dampened my enthusiasm a little bit. It smells an awful lot like plastic some how (though the company says it should be honey and cocoa butter), and the texture definitely looks like vegan butter. After looking at the ingredients, there are some similarities between this an vegan butter (yesssss #foodplay).
But, I wanted to give it due discourse, so I lubed up a toy and I got to work the first day. It smears on easy enough, but I do have to be honest: I don’t think jar lubricants are for me. I have a hard time getting the product out without having oily hands (which I hate). Well, let me back track. I can’t get any product without having oily hands unless I dip the TOY into the jar. This is fine if I have just one toy or if I start with it lubed. I have a tendency to make my own lubricant pretty well, so if I try a toy and THEN decide I need lube, I either have to get oily hands or contaminate the jar. THE. WORST.
But what does it feel like, you ask? Well, it actually feels real good. It goes on solid, and spreads around…like butter? This was a great way for me to work out my food fetish, which is definitely a thing for me, and definitely NOT a thing for my boyfriend (sadness). As an actual lubricant, it’s great. It slides on nice, and the toys feel real good going in. I also feel like I use less of it than my other lubes because a little goes such a long way. I saved two sample jars for me (for those contamination moments), and I still have both about half full.
This is a really great natural lube, with minimum allergens in it. Though I have no allergies, I think it’s important to speak on what The Butters has done. They have made an all-natural, allergen-free lube (and other products) that works really well, and is very efficient. This is really important to have on the market because Sliquid can’t be the ONLY natural lubricant out there.
However, I have one problem with this lube, aside from the jar form. I don’t love the flavor. I used this for a blow job and at first, it tasted a little sweet, but then I noticed that it has a lingering taste to it. It’s almost chemical to me, but it may be just the taste of oil that I don’t like. It should be said that the oils used here are also ingredients I find in vegan butter, which also has a weird taste to me. Other folks do not mind these tastes in vegan butter, which leads me to suspect I have something in my palate that makes me not like the taste of this lube. You might think it’s wonderful (or at least more neutral).
Overall, this lube is really great, and I would recommend it highly to anyone with allergies, or who likes vegan butter (whyyyyyy). It remains a firm 7 for me, though.