Indigo Creates a Sex On the Go Kit!

10 out of 10
Pairs nicely with soylent. It can travel with you, replace a usual stay-at-home meal/drink. And it’s just plain smart to have on hand.
I once saw Bex mention a safer sex kit that they have, and though I had never heard the term before, I immediately knew what was in theirs, what every safer sex kit should have, and what mine should include at all costs. And so, with a lack of funds, I began to slowly build one. I had some condoms from Woodhull that I put into my purse and that was the first step. It wasn’t enough for me, though. What happened if I met a nice vulva-owner who needed my face? What if I met someone with a large toy collection that they needed me to conquer? What if I found someone who wanted to fist me?
I realized that my paltry few condoms were not only useless in these situations, but I was giving into the patriarchy. I was raised as a woman and the expectation that all I needed for “sex” was a condom was inherently erasing my sexuality. So this Christmas, when a good friend of mine asked what I wanted, I happily requested a make-up bag from her company. I had some choices of color, and I went with a subtle black exterior, and a bright pink interior. It was perfect. She made me talk to her family about what it was for too, which made my educator heart soar!
So what did I know was going in this bag? Well, let me take you on a delightful tour of my Safer Sex Kit!
There is a black Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet spread out. On top is a collection of lube samples, condoms, dental dams. There is a small black make-up case next to them, which is opened to reveal black of black gloves and more condoms.
Why yes, I have mentioned condoms already, but let me elaborate. I’m lucky enough to live near a sex shop that has a full wall of single condoms with a wide variety of traits. They have non-lubricated, non-latex, colored, and varied sizes. So I went wild on this wall. I collected an assortment to fill as many needs as possible. I now have at least one of each kind (though often more), so I know that no matter what allergies I meet, I’m covered! I even picked up some colored condoms for fun (because though I’m an adult, I’m still a little at heart).
So I really like variety in my sex. I don’t just want a partner to shove a dick in me and have at it. I like dicks, and PIV (Penis in Vagina) certainly has a place in my usual sex repertoire. However, what if I want anal? What about warm-up? What about just good, old-fashioned finger banging? Well, I’ll need gloves for that. Since I know myself, and will probably want them for butt stuff, I went all out and picked up some black nitrile gloves from my local Homo Home Depot. I wanted the black to hide any potential (insignificant) flecks, which sometimes happen with butt stuff. I also picked up nitrile because latex allergies are incredibly common. (I actually may be allergic, which has shown in my use of latex gloves, but condoms have never bothered me. My body is weird.)
Dental Dams
Yes, I love the vulvae I meet, and I want to be able to pleasure them with my face, as long as the owners of said vulvae also want that. So I have some dental dams in my bag as well. Now, I know it’s possible to cut a condom and use it as a dental dam, but I won’t always have scissors, so I’m definitely glad to have the dams I do. I had to choose from the flavored ones because that was all my store had (I was so upset). If I do have sex with someone who has an allergy, I’ll have to find some scissors and cut up a condom after all. However, for all the other vulva babes, I’ll be set.
So along with a wall of condoms, the shop I visit also conveniently has a wall of lube samples. Small packets of lube that are single use. Almost every sex store has a selection of these, but my local shop is the best and has a huge variety (yes, I am biased). I went in one day and spent about $10 on lube samples for my kit. I bought some of the fun flavored ones, but I also picked up silicone for on-the-go fisting, as well as water-based and organic lube. Again with the “at least one of each” method. Having a variety is important so that none of my partners have to compromise their health just to bang me.
A black make-up chase with a quilted texture is sitting on a black Sheets of San Francisco Fun Sheet. Beside the bag is a small black vibrator.
Bullet Vibe
So I like to have a little small bullet vibe because my clit is really picky about the type of stimulation it gets. I often find that I don’t want others to touch my clit, but to focus their attention on the actual penetration, or other acts. As a result, I like to have a bullet for me to use. In particular, I love the Fun Factory Bullet. It’s a very hard plastic, so I can apply the pressure I usually need to get off. It’s rechargeable as well, so it’s incredibly rumbly for a bullet, and I’m being nice to the environment!
The Biggest Item of All
Now, I don’t always know what will happen when I have sex on the go, but usually if there will be penetration, there will be a lot of natural lubricant produced. My body is really juicy, as I’ve mentioned before. So with my Sex on the Go Kit, I needed to have something more than just barriers for my partners. I need barriers for my environment too.
My local club uses puppy pads, which are just around for anyone to use. I loved this idea because it’s something I need for every scene that involves penetration. However, though this is good for a club, I wanted to reduce my impact on the environment because that’s very important to me. So instead, I use a waterproof sheet.
In my case, I use the Sheets of San Francisco. I love this sheet in particular for my safer sex kit because it folds up small. Unfolded, it’s 84″ x 100″ (that’s more than 7 feet by 8 feet, for those counting at home), but it folds to less than a cubic foot! It holds up to wear and tear, and it’s safe to be washed, so I always know that if something comes home with me, it will get washed away. My small items live in the make-up case and that acts as sort of a small, emergency kit. But it’s rare that I take just that kit. Instead, I’d much rather have a small tote with that kit, and my fluid-proof sheet.
Even though my Safer Sex Kit has expanded past my make-up case, it’s more than worth it to have all my bases covered (heh).

Indigo Tries The Butters Raw Honey and Cocoa Butter Lubricant

7 out of 10
Would recommend if you like coconut oil as lube, or if you prefer lube from a jar.
Pairs well with a Maitai. It’s got some coconut happening, and the syrup-y feel almost seems like an after-taste.
I was sent this lube courtesy of Peepshow Toys!

They also sent some samples so I could share! :3

When I was approached, they asked if I was interested in reviewing a lube they have listed until the “Anal Lubes” section. Since I have such an affinity for sticking things up my butt, I immediately responded “Yes, please!” and it was sent.
I spent about a month testing this lube in various orifices with various penetrative utensils. I used my boyfriend’s dick, all of my toys at one point or another. Though it says that it’s not safe for condoms, I did use a condom for anal once (I’m fluid-bonded to my boyfriend), and we had no incidents. That said, PLEASE DON’T USE THIS WITH A CONDOM. I’m only liable for MY not listening to instructions. I am not liable if you do this.
These came in simple jars with no sealing, which I love because the environment is important! That orange label seems to be designed to be removed, because I did and underneath, it had a really elegant, and less-eye-catching black jar underneath.
Now when someone walks into my room, they aren’t like “What’s in the BRIGHT ORANGE JAR?!”

I immediately opened the jar to take a whiff when it arrived. I have to be honest, that dampened my enthusiasm a little bit. It smells an awful lot like plastic some how (though the company says it should be honey and cocoa butter), and the texture definitely looks like vegan butter. After looking at the ingredients, there are some similarities between this an vegan butter (yesssss #foodplay).
But, I wanted to give it due discourse, so I lubed up a toy and I got to work the first day. It smears on easy enough, but I do have to be honest: I don’t think jar lubricants are for me. I have a hard time getting the product out without having oily hands (which I hate). Well, let me back track. I can’t get any product without having oily hands unless I dip the TOY into the jar. This is fine if I have just one toy or if I start with it lubed. I have a tendency to make my own lubricant pretty well, so if I try a toy and THEN decide I need lube, I either have to get oily hands or contaminate the jar. THE. WORST.
But what does it feel like, you ask? Well, it actually feels real good. It goes on solid, and spreads around…like butter? This was a great way for me to work out my food fetish, which is definitely a thing for me, and definitely NOT a thing for my boyfriend (sadness). As an actual lubricant, it’s great. It slides on nice, and the toys feel real good going in. I also feel like I use less of it than my other lubes because a little goes such a long way. I saved two sample jars for me (for those contamination moments), and I still have both about half full.
This is a really great natural lube, with minimum allergens in it. Though I have no allergies, I think it’s important to speak on what The Butters has done. They have made an all-natural, allergen-free lube (and other products) that works really well, and is very efficient. This is really important to have on the market because Sliquid can’t be the ONLY natural lubricant out there.
However, I have one problem with this lube, aside from the jar form. I don’t love the flavor. I used this for a blow job and at first, it tasted a little sweet, but then I noticed that it has a lingering taste to it. It’s almost chemical to me, but it may be just the taste of oil that I don’t like. It should be said that the oils used here are also ingredients I find in vegan butter, which also has a weird taste to me. Other folks do not mind these tastes in vegan butter, which leads me to suspect I have something in my palate that makes me not like the taste of this lube. You might think it’s wonderful (or at least more neutral).
Overall, this lube is really great, and I would recommend it highly to anyone with allergies, or who likes vegan butter (whyyyyyy). It remains a firm 7 for me, though.