Indigo Tries the Sola Cue!

Happy Holiday Season, Party People! This is the fifth post in my 12 days celebration! I know it’s a few weeks late, but that is what happens when major life events mix with crippling depression! What better way to celebrate Capitalism than posting reviews where you can purchase these fine items with my affiliate links?

8 out of 10
Pairs nicely with Champagne. It’s a solid alcohol, tasty enough, and it will get you through, but it’s reputation precedes (and slightly wrecks) it.
This toy was sent to me by Blush novelties in exchange for this review. You can purchase it from my friends at Betty’s Toybox or from Shevibe
The Sola Cue and it's box sit on a yellow background. The Cue is a pale blue, with a slight curve to it. It has one end that is slightly larger, and the handle has a darker blue cap. There are two buttons, one plus and one minus.
I had read some reviews of the Sola Cue and they touted it as a fabulous g-spot toy with rumbly vibrations. As a lover of g-spot stimulation, I really wanted to try this toy to see how it held up. Additionally, I loved the sleek look of this toy. I requested this from Sola directly because I was so interested. They happily sent it along for my review.
I have reviewed other Sola products, so I wasn’t surprised by the charging mechanism, which can be a little bit finicky. I am used to it from the Noje Wand, which came with me on my camping trip out west. It was pretty easy to get the Cue charged since I wasn’t living out of my car like my summer with the Noje Wand. After charging for the recommended first time, I saw that there was a short battery life of only one hour. In reality, I probably only get about six to eight good wank sessions out of this toy as I was testing it. Now, my wank sessions are only about ten minutes long on a particularly decadent day. Normally, I take three minutes and orgasm fast before bed. So for someone who has a lot of time between starting a masturbation session and the final orgasm, this toy might be a bit of a struggle. Be prepared to charge this toy often in that case.
The  Sola Cue is elegant in almost every way. The design is modern and the lines are very nice and sleek. I love how the silicone feels, and it’s firm without being overbearing. But the thing that I love most is the power buttons. When you press and hold the plus button, the toy turns on. When you hold the minus button, it turns off. I never looked at the manual, but I instinctively knew how it worked. The buttons also cycle through the settings once the toy is on. It’s extremely simple and use-friendly. Those are always aspects I like in a toy.
This toy is quite firm, which is something I enjoy in an insertable, as we know. I love that it’s long enough to reach my g-spot without losing the handle into my vagina, which can be a problem with some toys that don’t account for larger labia. However, I think that Sola missed an opportunity here. If the toy had been a little bit longer (but not wider), they could have had a really versatile toy that hit the a-spot as well. This would have provided the industry with a toy geared at both spots, as well as the first toy to be designed to vibrate the a-spot (to my knowledge).
The Sola Cue sits on the same yellow background. It is position to emphasize the curve and the larger head.Missing this opportunity certainly didn’t cause the Cue to lose points in my mind, obviously. Sola never promised something it didn’t deliver on, which is the real reason I deduct from scores on this blog. However, I did find the Cue underwhelming in a lot of ways. This is partially due to it being talked up so much. However, part of it does have to do with the actual design.
For me, the Cue doesn’t curve quite enough curve to hit the g-spot without some effort.  This is a bit awkward for me, and I imagine it’s probably even more so for those who have joint issues. However, I know I have a g-spot that enjoys being practically kicked into submission because I’m some kind of sensation edge-lord. So in order to meet more needs than mine, they limited the curve of the Cue.  However, it lost something for me by using that gentler curve.
Additionally, so many people mentioned the motor of this toy. However, I found that the motor wasn’t especially strong for me. I have to admit that I am a power slut, which I also feel like I’ve made clear in the past. However, this motor did not blow me away like it has others. Additionally, I found that this toy was louder than I expected in use. It was kind of hard to get lost in my orgasm because the toy is louder than I expected. It is not up to the level of the Queen Bee by any means, but it was distracting.
The Sola cue is resting on the same background, but it has been turned to show off the two power buttons.
This toy does feel good. It’s in a lovely place between a straight vibe and a wand in terms of size and strength. It does hit the g-spot for me as well as it does for other people, but it still consistently gets me off. I fully believe that this toy is right for many people who enjoy g-spot stimulation, and the major downfall in this review is my own lust for sensations on my bits.
This toy was sent to me by Blush novelties in exchange for this review. You can purchase it from my friends at Betty’s Toybox or from Shevibe

Indigo Tries the Funkit Swell

9 out of 10.
And I was heckin’ surprised about it.
A slightly opaque dildo with orange swirls is attached to the wall with a suction base. There are blinds in the background.
Pairs well with a Micky (what I call a Peach Schnapps with cranberry, after a friend). It’s fruity and a little sneaky, but really easy to handle.
Buy the Swell here! With customization!
So Kenton was having a sale one day, and I love this paddle I got from Funkit, so I said to myself “Let me try some roulette and get some mystery items.” Since it was a sale of slightly messed up toys, I put in some color preferences and a few days later, there were toys at my house! I received this in my request for orange toys and as I unwrapped it, I was a little sad.
This toy is so small. According to the website, it has about 5 3/8″ insertable length and it’s only about 1 3/8″ in diameter. The silicone is fairly firm, but still moves some when squeezed (I don’t know silicone numbers or what they mean). If I’m honest, I actually put off using this toy because I was convinced that it wouldn’t be exciting for me. I assumed that it would end up in the back of the dildo hutch and just…collect dust. And then…
A slightly opaque dildo with orange swirls sits on a teal sheet. There is a large ridge on the bottom of the dildo, and a small head to the dildo..
One day, when I was really behind on cleaning dildos, I ran out of things to try and I grabbed the Swell out of desperation. I put it in me, and I went to town as I normally do, expecting mediocre at best. I was very surprised when I came, and actually squirted using this dildo. I pulled it out. I touched it. I examined it closely. I examined the bed where a puddle was soaking into my towel and below (before I owned my Sheets of SF). It was real. This tiny, no-warm-up dildo actually made me squirt with almost no effort.
So what is happening with the Swell? When I met Kenton at Woodhull this year, he told me that the swell was an experiment just to see what the pouring process was. He didn’t expect much of it, like me. But the Swell comes with this wonderful…swell on the underside of the shaft that makes all the difference in this cock. That bit of extra pushes the head directly into my g-spot. It’s possible that I got really lucky, but this dildo fits me perfectly without warm-up.
As we all know, I am a geek for clever designs and I have a confession. I’m a huge fanboi for Kenton because of the base of his toys. They are effective suction cups, but the edges fold in such a way that it makes it easy for my hands to hold, and I even have some joint issues! The orientation of the folds is perfect every time, and I will never stop praising this design genius. I also got a butt toy (which I will be reviewing as well). Even though I own quite a few crescent plugs, Kenton’s base is without a doubt the most comfortable that’s ever gone between my cheeks. Seriously, even better than the Njoy Pure Plugs. The man is a genius. (OH MY GOD INDIGO, STOP. YOU’RE MAKING PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE.)
A hand holds a dildo so the base is clearly visible. There are two folds for easy grip on the base and it's stamped with the words "funkit."
Look, all geeking out aside, I imagine for those new to toys, this dildo would be a good fit. It’s a very manageable size, and it’s an easy to clean material. It can softly touch the g-spot and allow for some exploration of that, but it doesn’t have to (just flip it over)! The handle is very comfortable to hold and use, and it’s also a suction cup, so you can use it like any other dildo you might want to stick to a wall. Pro tip: And if you’re a pro, I would guess this is a great dildo for double penetration exploring. (Puns always intended.)
Essentially, I wasn’t sold on this funky toy (pun intended), but when I tried it, I thought it was real swell (pun intended). The only thing that sucked was the suction base (omg stop). After I squirted, I was like “Orange you glad you tried it?” (INDI-GO HOME.) I’m regularly folding this into my masturbation (F**K OFF INDIGO).
Okay, I’m done now. #sorrynotsorry

Indigo Tries the Laid D.1 Silicone

8 out of 10
Would recommend if you don’t have arthritis and like g-spot drag.
Pairs well with Margaritas. Sort of all-around nice, but if you don’t like the main feature, ends badly.
So I used a gift card and a discount code to acquire this dildo. Of course I wanted the stone one, but I don’t have a spare $100, so I didn’t spring for it. Instead, I found the silicone version of this toy and I said “It’s the same shape, so what’s the difference?” Having never tried the stone one, I can’t say 100%, but I’m like 80% sure that this silicone made all the difference for me.
As I said, there was a discount code and a gift card to acquire this toy. As a result, I ended up spending a really low amount for this toy. I bought it as a way of saying “It’s really new, but since it was inexpensive (for me), I might not like it and that’s okay.” Almost more of a novelty because there is a stone version of it. (It’s also the shape of the we-vibe Rave, and I really wanna try that too.) What I didn’t expect was for it to become a staple in my bedroom.
The D.1 can be acquired in Black, Sky Blue or Pink (because of course). I chose the blue because I didn’t own enough blue things yet, and I wanted to try a new color. Additionally, as I mentioned above, it can be found in stone, and god it’s pretty. They come shipped in a fancy box with a beautiful foam form to hold them in place. The box can be used as storage so long as it’s clean. It seems really durable, so I would opt for that (if I didn’t have a storage system already). However the box not subtle, so please be aware of that if this is your plan.
When I got it in the mail, I opened this very fine packaging and immediately touched it. It felt so soft on my hands. I thought for sure that it would be like silk going in. Hoooooo boy, was I super wrong. Everyone must know, there is SO much drag on this silicone. I said the silicone feels soft, but not silky. It’s also not squishy. Like at all. Think about that softness as a texture and less as a…state of being? It’s like shoving a towel up there, and that’s not necessarily a pleasant feeling. So break out the lube (you’ll need a lot, like a whole sample size).
However, I will say this: after I used it a couple of times, that drag started to feel really good. There’s a big moment for me when a toy goes from being a toy to being an interaction. When I use something like The Pure Wand, I know exactly what I’m getting, and I know I’m getting it fast. It’s almost mechanical. This toy is different. It’s firm enough to snap my g-spot awake, but that drag is what really sets it apart. It’s like a really firm fingering, instead of using a toy.
My boyfriend can attest to the fact that I was angry when I used this dildo. My exact words were “IT’S SO CHEAP. WHY IS IT SO GOOD?” Granted, the first couple of times, I was so horny that almost anything would have worked. However, this dildo continues to be good. That asymmetry is so wonderful for me, and that drag is so welcome to me because of it’s unique g-feel. (Ugh, I hate that, I’ll never use it again, I promise.)
I watched a video of “How to Use the D.1” where they used a twisting corkscrew motion instead of a thrusting one. This is the downside of the D.1. That motion makes my wrist hurt so much, I never use it. Tried it once and I was like, “Nope. No time for that. Never again.” So…don’t do that if you have wrists that are anything expect peak condition. Use this to thrust and change angles as you please, but it’s a little hard to do even that, thanks to the handle shape.
The D.1 is designed so you can use both sides of it. I’m not sure why you’d ever want to use the handle, as it seems to offer no real shape or stimulation, but I’m not judging if you do. I just think there are cheaper simple dildos out there. Because the handle is designed to be insertable, what really happens is that there is no real handle. Even thrusting with this thing is a chore because getting a grip is so hard. Alas, I’m still in search of a really perfect handle for my insertables.
Over all, I think this dildo feels great, but be prepared to use a lot of lube. Additionally, if you have any type of wrist problem, you may want to skip this dildo because it’s unique, but not worth the aggravation of existing conditions. It may very well cause a condition. i’m not sure, because I’m not an orthopedist!

Indigo Tries Gläs G-Spot Tickler

10 out of 10
Would recommend if you enjoy orgasms and fun.
You can buy it from my friends at Wicked Butterfly.
Pairs well with a classy red wine. Such as Elk Run Sweet Katherine. It’s smooth, sweet and it finishes great.
This was my first dildo. I had owned many vibes before, especially of the straight, insertable type. I was reading a review of another glass dildo, and I said to myself “I don’t own a dildo, and glass sounds REALLY cool.”
The review I linked above is a really great resource for learning how to use all the potential of a glass dildo. Particularly, it mentions the temperature play. You can take a glass dildo and dip it into cool water for a nice contrast to the vaginal heat. Or you can dip it into warm water for a nice warming sensation through the loins.
As a warning: Be careful with these. If it’s too hot or cold, the sudden temperatures could create very bad problems for the sensitive skin. I said WARM and COOL. Don’t just dive into HOT and FREEZING. In addition, if you warm or cool glass too quickly, it will crack. I’ve never had one break, and I’ve sanitized them with boiling water multiple times. Just be careful how it heats up.
If you are worried about glass breaking from being inserted or dropped, just don’t be. It’s extremely strong glass, similar to the basically unbreakable Pyrex glass.  I have dropped this dildo on many surfaces, and it has not scratched, chipped or been marred in any way.
Which is the next thing here: Glass is also a very unforgiving material. It will not allow any room for extra thrusting, or bending. As a result, if it’s being wielded by someone other than you, give them a maximum length of insertion. For my boyfriend and I, he slowly inserts it until I say stop. He knows this point is the deepest that the dildo can be inserted before it causes me physical pain.
Additionally, as someone who clenches mid-orgasm, I have also knocked this into my pubic bone more than once. I have survived these episodes, thank the gods. But that did not make them pleasant or more fun. How I suffer for my art.
With all of the material discussion out of the way, let’s talk about shape.
Oh my god, everybody. I LOVE the shape of this toy. I have deemed this dildo Onya* because it felt right. She is a joy to use every time. That little hook is perfect to reach in a grab my g-spot. I can thrust gently or fast thanks to the smoothness of the shaft. It’s about 1″ diameter in all places, which means that (for me) there is absolutely no need to warm up, or (for me) use lube even, because my natural lubricant is usually enough.
*I sometimes personify my toys. I’m sorry but I love them. Please don’t hate me, it won’t happen all the time.
I did not realize that orgasms could be this good, or even that I could ejaculate as a person with a vagina. With Onya, it is effortless. Because this was my first dildo, I’ve been lucky. I can squirt (or gush, as my boyfriend says) with surprising frequency. I would guess it’s because as long as I’ve been shoving substantial items into my vagina, I have been shoving them into my g-spot. As a result, it’s easy to find and stimulate.
If I pair this with my widest butt plug, it’s a wonderful combination, as the plug pushes the dildo further towards my g-spot.
If there is one complaint that I have about this toy, it’s the base. So many glass toys use a base that is a simple glass bulb. It is round and symmetrical by my hand. When I use any lube or ejaculate, it gets extremely slippery. It’s common for me to pull the toy out and realize it’s turned sideways or even upside down, and that’s the reason I haven’t orgasmed yet. I pray to the gods of sex that one day, I will find glass dildos with loops, hooks or anything else for a handle. It’s not a problem for straight toys, or ones with stimulation on all sides. But for Onya, it’s a break in the rhythm of my sessions to pull out and say: “Oops, sideways again. Let’s flip you over!”
Overall, this is the best sex toy I own, besides my boyfriend. I go to Onya for all of my best solo sessions. She has provided relief countless times. Usually paired with a clitoral vibe.