Indigo Tries the Rocket Plug!

Happy Holiday Season, Party People! This is the fourth post in my 12 days celebration! What better way to celebrate Capitalism than posting reviews where you can purchase these fine items with my affiliate links?

8.5 out of 10
This plug pairs nicely with a forty. It’s so big, not every everyone can handle it.
This plug was sent to me by Blush Novelties in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase it from my friends at Shevibe for about $25 (USD) at time of posting. 
The Performance Rocket Plug sits on a shelf with a bag as background. There are rainbows printed on the bag, and three glittery patches. One patch is a rocket ship. The Rocket Plug is indigo in color, and about 6 inches long. It is a basic butt plug shape with an extra wide base (about three inches in diameter).
I have to do this. I have to admit defeat. I have managed to fit so many things into my ass. I have almost been fisted there. I got the Destiny there. I’ve stretched and relaxed. I’ve lubed and masturbated. I have done everything I know. But I’ve finally met my match with the Rocket plug. I even delayed posting this review because I wanted to badly to get it in at least once before publishing. It became a competition between me and this inanimate object. But this is it. I’ve lost. I admit defeat.
I requested the Rocket Plug directly from Blush when I saw them at Woodhull this year. I saw the size and I took it as a personal challenge. When it arrived at my door, I was ready. I was going to get this plug inside me as soon as I could. So I lubed it, and I laid down with a vibrator. And I pushed. And I thrust gently. I waited. I stopped. I started again. I got really turned on. I accidentally had an orgasm. I pushed again. I got really turned on. I gave up. “Next time. Next time I’ll get that plug in.”
And I tried many more times over the past three months. Dear followers, I have now come before you with my confessions laid bare. I couldn’t delay this review any longer.
The Rocket Plug is out of it's case in front of the same bag with printed rainbows. It is upright on it's base, ready to be used.What is the Rocket Plug? Well it’s a silicone plug that Blush produces as part of it’s performance line. It is about six inches long and two inches wide at it’s widest point. I knew going into this that the plug was not for a slouch. This plug meant serious business. Or serious buttness if you prefer. I think a large part of the allure of the Rocket plug was the fact that it is Indigo, because I am a Leo and I like things that are like me. However, I would be ashamed if I didn’t mention that the silicone feels amazing. It’s silky smooth. It almost makes me think of the word “soft” except that the shore is actually quite firm. It was part of the reason I assumed I would be able to conquer the plug. It’s beautifully tapered and so smooth. Surely I would insert it right away!
And I know what you’re all thinking. If I didn’t get this plug inserted, how can I review it properly? Well, I am nothing if not resourceful. And I’ve always been interested the idea of vaginal plugs. It’s a toy that would stay in place, which I could clench around as I orgasm. So I gave it a try. It was easy to insert vaginally because I am a Diameter Deity, and damn that silicone is good. And then I used my vibe.
It almost worked. I came, but the plug slid out as I did. I sort of expected it, because that is common with toys and my vagina. It’s sort of an eject seat without meaning to be. However, I inserted it again and gave it another shot. But this time I didn’t use a vibe immediately. I let the plug sit there, and then I tapped the base. Good gods above, that felt amazing. The stretch and filling was everything I’ve wanted, and the force was felt across the legs of my clit because of that stretch. One day, I plan to have a partner just sit there and tap (or knowing me, punch) the bottom of this plug while inserted vaginally. I expect it will be a very good orgasm.
The Rocket Plug is sitting in the front pocket of a bag that has rainbows and glitter patches on it. The head of the plug is just visible over the top of the pocket.
Cleaning this plug is extremely easy. The silicone means soap and water will do, and the smells are easy to get out with some bleach water or boiling. Since there is almost no texture on this plug, there’s almost no place for gunk to get caught. And because there is no seam or ridge between the base and the plug, it’s comfortable for insertion and easy to clean!
Overall, the downfalls of this plug are that it revealed I have more work to do on my butt capacity. Even that isn’t a downfall, because I am goal oriented, and I am going to make it happen, damn it. I can tell the quality of this plug is good. The shape and size are excellent. Overall, I am excited to own this plug, and I will continue working to conquer it. Believe me when I say there will be celebration when (not if) I succeed.
This plug was sent to me by Blush Novelties in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase it from my friends at Shevibe for about $25 (USD) at time of posting. 

Indigo Tries the Blush Avant P5 Plug!

7 out of 10
Pairs nicely with a nice red ale. It’s robust and got great color. Sometimes, it’s a bit strong going down, but it feels mostly good.
This plug was sent to me by Blush in exchange for a fair and honest review. You can purchase it from my friends at Betty’s Toybox or my friends at Shevibe! At the time of this publishing, it retails for about $30 (US). 
The Blush Avant P5 sits in a plastic case that has cardboard edges. It is colored the same as the Gender Fluid pride flag. From Tip to base, the colors are peach, white, purple, black and blue. It is quite large. Next to the package sit two pins. One is a They pronoun pin. The other says
I got to hang out with the folx from Blush again this year at Woodhull. I’ve always been a fan of Ducky and her work, so I was extra excited to see her at Woodhull and request some review toys from her. I was feeling especially enthusiastic about butt stuff that week, so I requested two plugs (but you’ll have to wait for the second review to find out what the other one is). Since it was Woodhull, and that is where I feel really accepted for my gender, I picked out the Avant P5. The P5 is a plug that is poured in the colors of the Gender-fluid flag.
I understand the craftsmanship that happens with those types of pours, and as a result, I am really impressed with the quality of this plug, especially given the low price. The colors are bold and crisp, with the lines blurring only the exact amount they should. There are no seams visible. Overall, it gives this plug a very clean and professional look that I absolutely love.
I will admit that when I looked at the plugs, I only looked at their colors, to choose which flag I wanted to fly. I didn’t pay attention to the names of the plugs themselves. However, when I looked up the Pride Line to make sure I got the specifications right, I found the names of all the pride plugs. I’m less than enthusiastic about them, honestly. There are some which are fine, like the Genderfluid one being called “Fluid,” and the Non-Binary plug, which is called “Beyond.” However, the Lesbian one is called “Beauty” and the Transgender one is called “True Blue.” It may sound silly, but I feel like taking large groups such as Lesbian and Transgender, and then pairing them down to beauty and true blue respectively feels weird. Are trans folx true blue because they are all sad? Are they all obsessed with the color blue? Why? Did I miss a memo? And what about the lesbians who aren’t obsessed wit beauty? What if that word doesn’t apply to a butch lesbian? And why on earth would beauty be the most important word associate with lesbians? These names are largely unnecessary, honestly. It’s not quite enough to put me off the toy line completely, but it does feel a bit forced.
The Blush Avant P5 sits on a shelf with a They pronoun pin and a pin that says It took me a week or two after receiving this plug to actually use it. This wasn’t due to lack of excitement or anything. I just hadn’t done much butt stuff for three months, and this plug isn’t small. It’s got 4.25″ of insertion, with a 1.5″ diameter. As a result, when I came back to butt stuff, it did take a little bit of warm up before I could use this plug. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for beginners. If you’re looking to step up your butt game, however, this is a great step up to the 1.5″ level. It’s easy to insert and smooth all the way down. It also has a safe base, which feels really good once inserted.
However, there are also downsides to this plug for me. Somehow, my butt just prefers smaller necks. I like size internally, but the neck on this plug is just too wide. I couldn’t manage to get it comfortable for any length of time. When I played with it inserted, it just fell out because the different between the neck and the plug itself was not big enough. There was no hope for me to wear it long-term. When I sat down, it just did not work with my cheeks and I kept slouching to try and get comfortable. That said, it’s rare that I find a plug which does work long term for me. So if your cheeks are easier to please, this could be a great plug for you.
This plug delivered exactly what I hoped. It was a hefty size, with gorgeous colors. It’s not too expensive, but it feels well-made. I don’t know if I’ll use it that often, because I prefer my plugs with narrow necks, but I am glad that I own it. I will gladly display this for all my lovers to see.
This plug was sent to me by Blush in exchange for a fair and honest review. You can purchase it from my friends at Betty’s Toybox or my friends at Shevibe! At the time of this publishing, it retails for about $30 (US). 

Indigo Tries the Bvibe Rimming Plug!

8 out of 10
Pairs well with a pint of Guinness. Bold. Full of Body.
This product was sent to me directly by B-Vibe. You can buy from SheVibe in Teal and Black! Or from Betty’s Toybox!

A box displaying a teal butt plug and a white remote sits on a giraffe print blanket.
Oooh. Sexy Giraffe print blanket. Sets the mood, doesn’t it?

When I heard about this plug, I was at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. Suz was talking about it at length and how much she liked it. Now, we all know how much I like butt stuff. It’s one of the things that partners bring up, which immediately makes me go “Oh my GOD, I LOVE THAT.” So when I heard of a way to get a rim job without having to have another partner present, I jumped on that idea. I spent months imagining it. I was hoping that they would email and ask me to review one.
One day, I decided to send out some emails as I watched my review queue empty, and I sent one directly to bVibe asking for a plug to review. They said yes and I’m pretty sure I immediately texted my roommate to let her know that it was going to be there and I. Was. Excited.
When it arrived, I was in the middle of partner shuffling (an explosive break up), and going out of town to see a bang buddy. So it actually took about a week for me to open the box and examine this beauty. I did have to get through this very excellent carrying case to find a remote (with a battery), a manual, and a quick introduction to butt play. I absolutely love this case. I feel like I can use it as a mini sex-on-the-go kit because it will easily fit some lube, gloves and a small bit of baby wipes. Any company that takes the time to consider needs around butt play, and include education in their products will automatically get a higher rating from me.
A black rectangular case is open on a giraffe blanket. On one side is a teal plug encased in plastic. The other side has an elastic net which holds a manual and a white and teal remote.
This travel case is so damn cool.

But what about this gorgeous teal plug? My goodness, this plug is not for the faint of heart (taint of heart?). Now, I am no shrinking violet when it comes to butt stuff. It’s pretty common that I will haphazardly just put things in my butt. I’ve even gotten very close to being anally fisted (a new goal of mine). However, what I have explored in width does not help me with the length of this plug.
This plug has almost 5″ of insertable length. At it’s widest point, it is 1.5″. One of these is amazingly attainable, but like I said, I haven’t explored so much with length as I have with width. So when I pulled out this plug, I was alarmed by it’s size. It wasn’t until I finally made time to play with it that I realized how easy it is to insert. This plug is a tried and true shape and that was absolutely ideal for insertion. Even with the extra length, I had no problem. I barely had to warm up, even. If you are worried about the size, then you should know that bVibe has released a petite version of this toy as well!
The bvibe plug and it's remote sit on a giraffe blanket.
So when I got it in, what happened next? Well, I did a quick read of the manual (I might recommend reading this BEFORE inserting) and started playing with the controls some. It immediately felt like heaven in my butt. The vibrations are deep and rumbly. That length is actually wonderful for reaching as deep as possible. When I managed to get it comfortable, I turned on the rimming beads. There are a bunch of patterns, which I played with some, but my butt couldn’t really tell the difference, so I just left that bit alone. I will tell you, friends, I don’t think I’ve ever been launched into an orgasm so fast. Especially without some kind of vaginal penetration. It took a vibe on my clit, and the plug, and about a minute. Actually a minute.
Folx, this is why I really love this plug. When I have an actual mouth attached to an actual person, and they perform rimming, it feels amazing. But I usually have a hard time reaching orgasm because I just can’t maneuver the vibrators right. This doesn’t mean the sensations are better than a tongue, if I’m honest. I would much prefer a face between my cheeks. But this plug allows me to lay on my back without squishing anyone’s face. I can insert whatever I want, and I can vibe to my heart’s content. It’s the opportunities for play that make this plug so optimal.
It would be amazing to have this plug in while enjoying penetrative sex with a partner, and the next time I have access to one, you know I’m trying it.
A box with the cover open reveals a black plastic case and a white and teal remote. On the back of the cover is some basic information about the plug.
So why did I give this plug a 8 out of 10 if I love it so much? Well, it does fill some of the voids of not having a partner (ahem). I would even venture that it fills my favorite void. However, I believe that my ratings need to take into account two things that I don’t have to consider, but others do. This plug is pricey (around $150). I realize that is not as accessible for a lot of people. I can only say that it’s worth it if you can afford it.
The second point that I want to think about is size. I know that 5″ will cause discomfort for a lot of people. I have a lot of experience with butt play, so I was unfazed by this, but I’m not everyone. I think that bVibe has sincerely listened to feedback because they have a petite version. I have a sneaking suspicion that the petite version would be excellent, even as a size kweeng. The power of the vibrations just felt so good that the smaller version can only make it more accessible, and probably not lose any good traits.

Indigo Tries Crystal Butt Plug!

7 out of 10
Would recommend for intermediate butt-players.
Crystal is a sub-set of NS Novelties. You can find the online link here.
This pairs well with a nice honey bourbon. Smooth and robust.

I bought this butt plug largely due to the low price of ~$20. It seemed like a really great beginner piece, when I was jumping from my cheap jelly plug into other, body-safe materials. I perused the many, many options. I chose this one because the shape was simple, and the size seemed to be accessible. Seemed to be.
There was no label of size on the package (or if there was, I missed it). However, from what I just looked up, I have the SMALL size of this plug. It is about 1.25″ around and 2.5″ insertable. I will tell you this: This butt plug is NOT for beginners of butt play.
My booty may be a princess, but this butt plug needed a lot of work. My boyfriend kindly donated his time and gloved fingers to help me fit this in. It took a few different tries, with fingers scissored, and extra lube. After 8 months, and many sexy meet-ups involving this plug, I can say it was definitely worth it.
I love firm materials for all of my sex toys. My favorite dildos are glass, and this butt plug is no exception. This plug does not yield to my butt. It firmly keeps it’s shape, which granted, is the point of glass.
The shape of the plug is another solid choice. Looking at it, there is almost no texture. It seems like it would be really boring. The glass is smooth from top to bottom, only changing in width. It’s gently pointed for easy insertion, and it tapers to a narrow base, allowing it to sit comfortably in the anus. It feels really great going in, and then as the sphincter narrows back against the flared base, it sits really comfortably. The smoothness is a really great introduction to glass products.
I never forget that this plug is in, despite the regular, almost boring shape. The width feels great, and my boyfriend attests that it “feels fucking fantastic, like something rubbing the underside of my cock while I [have sex with] you.” It’s girth, plus the narrowing base makes it stay in place, even through regular intercourse.
There is one negative to this piece. The very base of the plug that sits on the outside of the sphincter is round and flat. It digs into both butt cheeks, and I find myself thinking “It feels like I’m sitting on a soda cap.” It makes me relish the toys I have that have crescent bases. As a result, I tend to not wear this toy when I’m just milling about the house. It’s exclusively a play toy for me.
This plug, though inexpensive, is perfect for my sex life. It also helped me work up to larger things, such as anal intercourse, and advanced butt plugs, which you will hear about in later reviews.
I recommend this plug for anyone who likes glass or firm silicone, but start with the small because a change in material can be really hard to muster for a “green” butt. (If your butt is ACTUALLY green, please go to the doctor.)