Indigo Tries Sheets of San Francisco

10 out of 10
Pairs well with a Gin and Soda. Clean finish, if you get what I’m saying.
So I was offered to review these sheets at Woodhull directly from Sheets of San Francisco, and of course, I jumped on the opportunity because we all know how much I can make a mess on my sheets once I get going. I was really excited to finally have a barrier between me and the mattress. Not to mention, that I wanted something to try food play with. I’m a slut with variety, after all!

Indigo's Bed with a black sheet on top. Four sex toys rest on top of the sheet.
With fun cameos from my Tantus Supersoft Vamp and Destiny, the Fun Factory Dolly Bi, and a Fun Factory Tiger (G3;now unavailable)!

I have acquired the Flat Sheet Plus, but they also have a fitted sheet, as well as this printed sheet for a bit more.
The sheets come folded in a box nicely. It’s simple enough to open, unfold and immediately begin playing. The box has some information on it, but it’s minimal. Additionally, the sheets are rather nondescript themselves. They don’t look or feel like normal sheets if you actually look, but if someone glances into your bedroom as they pass, it would be easy to write these off as just a very interesting choice in sheet color. However, if strangers got any closer, or (heavens forbid) touch it, then it would be incredibly clear what these sheets are to be used for.
What I mean isn’t negative. These sheets feel very rough and strange on the bottom. But on the top, they are silky. It reminds me of a very smooth silicone toy. I suppose in some ways, you could see it as that. The top gently caresses my skin when I lay on it. I love laying down with a partner and feeling that against my back during a play session! There’s a nice bonus with the material in that it isn’t slippery at all. Though my sheet is not a fitted sheet, it stays in place easily, making play extremely clean without much extra fuss.
A landscape view of Indigo's bed with a black sheet and four sex toys on top. There are blue blankets piled in the background.
With my personal blankets piled gracefully.

Once the play is done, it’s really easy to pick up the whole sheet with toys in the middle and move it! Then the space is clear for after-care and other activities. Later, I can come back, sort and wash. It’s seamless in a lot of ways! I’ve washed it a couple times since I got it (about a month ago) and it’s shown absolutely no wear or tear!
There are only two complaints that I have about this sheet, and they are very minor: Firstly, there are no washing instructions. The only thing on the tag is those universal symbols used as shorthand for washing instructions, but I don’t have those memorized, so I wish they had it with words too. I have to go to their website every time to check how to wash this. The good news is their products are all washable and dryer-friendly (on low). The only thing I have to look for is whether it’s safe to iron. I don’t care about wrinkles, so this isn’t my problem. It might be for you.
Secondly, since there’s no amount of absorbency in the sheet, I often find my back covered in ejaculate and sweat. It’s not very sexy to be wet during play from these things. I sometimes feel like I’m laying in a puddle as I’m having sex. There’s no problem if that’s your desire, but for me, it feels strange. I wish there were a way to have the top be slightly absorbent to help whisk away some of that moisture.
Overall, these sheets have been a great addition to my bedroom. I use mine extensively, and I would highly recommend for some easy clean up. They feel great, do what is advertised and they wash easily.