Sex and Relationship Education

One of my passions in this world is sex education. I grew up in a school system that had very little sex education. What I did learn was that it was my fault if I got a Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection (STI/STD), and that condoms do not save you from STIs. This information (aside from being false), was not enough to for me to enjoy sex safely in the long run.

As a late teenager (16 or so), I learned that I needed more sex education that what I was taught by my public school. I went to find resources on my own. I learned about an entire world where people were sex-positive and informed. Instead of sex being big, scary, and irreversibly harmful, I learned that it was normal, healthy, and safe, as long as you approached it correctly. I wanted to share this information with other people who haven’t had the same opportunities I have. 

Later in my life, when I came out as queer, I realized that almost all of my sex education was based on relationships that did not reflect my reality. I learned about typical cisgender women having sex with cisgender men. I learned about the health of a penis, and the arousal of men, but there was little to no education about the arousal of women or vaginas. In fact, I found out that a vagina isn’t even what I thought it was! I began to realize that penises don’t have to be the center of sex, and that there can be many more fun things involved, which will have different risks that the typical Penis in Vagina (PIV) sex. 

My story is not uncommon by any means. However, I know that not everyone has these issues. In order to meet the needs of as many learning people as possible, I have learned about as many aspects of sex as I can. For me, this included the area of Relationship Psychology, where I focused my college career. I supplemented my research with classes around human anatomy, the biology of reproduction (with a focus on human reproduction), and sexuality. Though these topics sound broad, I have previously narrowed my research to meet the needs of clients, and conducted additional literature reviews for classes when specific questions were asked. 

My sex education model is Comprehensive, and directly contrasts the idea of abstinence-only models. I ask for audience questions as much as possible, and focus on creating a safe space where there are no “stupid” questions. I also value the detail-oriented questions, and I allow myself to say “I don’t know.” In those instances, I am happy to research through my own resources and find the most accurate answers possible. 

I can specialize an educational session to include multiple people, or one-on-one sessions. Though I’ve primarily focused on in-person sessions in the past, I have also adapted to the online world, and conducted classes through video sessions. I can also cater to all age ranges, including minors. I specialized in teaching ages 12-17, but have also taught students as young as 8, and I have worked with young adults as well. I cater my classes to match the needs of those who are present, and ensure that I do not teach excess information to minors. 

The following is an incomplete list of some of the most requested topics I have taught about:

  • Anal sex
  • Sex between two people who were assigned female at birth 
  • Inclusive ways to discuss sex
  • Sex between transgender individuals
  • Consent
  • Healthy relationship models
  • STIs and Safer Sex

If you think that I might be a good fit to teach a course for your audience, please feel free to send an email outlining your needs, and we can discuss a viable budget for this class. I also offer help on a one-on-one basis via email. It costs $5 per question/email, and if there is more research needed, I reserve the right to change the charge. If this is something that may be more helpful to you or your audience, please email to discuss payment options.