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Current Rate: $100 USD per hour (sliding scale available in select cases)

I have always been an open person, and a helper in my various communities. I am grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow in my own life, and I want to help other people do the same. A lot of people dismiss Life Coaching as a something rich people use for their conscious, or think only of business coaching as an example of Life Coaching. It’s true that some Life Coaches only operate in these capacities. I am trying to do something different with my Life Coaching. In my research of the past, I found that a lot of people cannot access therapy due to cost, or stigma. Though I cannot provide that yet, I can provide a step in the right direction. I can be a bridge between you and an eventual therapist.

All of my Life Coaching is based on therapy styles that I have studied in various contexts. During my university years, I learned these methods in theory format. In discussions with therapists, I learned what they look like from the provider perspective. And in my own years in therapy, I learned about these methods from my own client perspective. In addition to those formal methods and theories, I have spent many years developing my own theories and practices, which I have now condensed into my own work as a life coach.

The aspects I focus on as a Life Coach:

  • Soothing the self
  • Building coping mechanisms
  • Building mindfulness
  • Asking questions of the self
  • Building autonomy
  • Modeling healthy practices, including boundaries

I created a mindset for my Life Coaching that differs from the Life Coaching courses I’ve taken. I do not feel that I know you better than you do. I simply offer a different perspective. I cannot tell you what worked for me will work for you, because you’re not me and vice versa. Additionally, where many Life Coaches are what I would call Active, I seek to be a more Passive influence for my clients. I do not believe that most people need action in their lives. We are all busy. What most people need, in my experience, is a quiet place to reflect on themselves, and someone to frame their experience in a different way. I seek to be and provide that space for you. I will largely work to reflect the things back to you, and occasionally ask questions which will clarify your decisions. Occasionally, I may even be able to provide a breakthrough, which may alter how you see yourself or the world around you. 

Why should you choose Life Coaching?

Well, I chose it as a career for one main reason: Flexibility. I wanted the choice to move as I pleased. Getting licensed as a therapist would have required me to settle down in one state, and only practice there, largely on clients who are from that state. I feel that this lets down many people, especially those who are transient (either by need or choice). I want people to have a stable relationship to their mental health helpers. By choosing a life coach above a therapist, it allows us to have a relationship which can travel as you travel. It also allows more freedom in the ways we interact. If you don’t like Zoom, we can have a phone call instead. If you’re not a fan of an office setting, we can take a walk. I have less organization to my world, which allows freedom and flexibility to meet your needs.

What limits Life Coaches?

Honestly, very little. I am a friendly ear for you to use in whatever way you need. My only limits are my own ethics. Due to my background in Psychology, many of my ethics will line up with the standards for therapists. However, I do not limit my clients to an area outside of friendship. It’s not a limiting factor if we know each other as friends, or if you’re dating my ex-partner. If I feel we don’t work well as a pair, I’ll let you know, and it will be based on how we relate to each other, and not how we relate to anyone else. I also will not be forced into any action by my title. Often, therapists are mandated reporters, which means they must report abuse of a minor (even in the past). I am a safe space that isn’t required to act on any such knowledge, which means that your privacy is dictated entirely by you.

What specialties do you offer as a life coach?

My specialties include LGBTQ+ identities, polyamory/ethical non-monogamy, rennie status, transient status, homelessness, body shame, and drug users. For clarity, I have not been addicted to drugs, or in rehab, so I cannot claim a specialty in addiction. However, I consider myself drug positive, and I support those who would like to continue using, or quit using.

RENNIES, please ask about my specialized rates!

A statement on diversity.

I am a white person, who grew up in a white family. Though I’ve studied a lot of my own privilege, I am still learning. I cannot provide as much insight on issues around race, and I understand that it is a limit of my work. For these reasons, I may not be the best fit for clients of color, although I welcome any clients who want to move forward with this in mind. However, I can provide a starting point for many people who are at the beginning stages of dismantling their race-based views. I am particularly happy to work with white people who are uncertain how to start. I believe in being anti-racist, and I want to educate other white folks so that my friends of color do not have to.

Though I am disabled through mood disorders, I am physically able-bodied. Again, I am working to deconstruct my own privilege in this area. However, I am not the primary resource for these issues. For these reasons, I may not be the best fit for disabled clients, although I welcome any clients who want to move forward with this in mind. If you are at a beginner level, I can provide a fair starting point. Again, I am particularly happy to work with other able-bodied people who aren’t certain how to start dismantling their ableism.

With all that said. I am looking to provide a safe space for as many as possible. If you do not wish to grow or learn on these issues, I am not the right fit for you. I know that there are many forms of privilege and oppression in this society. This will be a space to acknowledge and support those who are marginalized, and I will not welcome any form of bigotry in my sessions. 

If you’ve read all of this and think we may be a good fit, please fill out this form to contact me! You can expect an answer within one week!

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