Consulting and Classes

I love to work with companies on making their products, advertisements and work spaces more inclusive! I try to offer this in a variety of ways to fit many needs, including full presentations and classes. I can work on pre-written text or write brand new text for websites, flyers, pamphlets and many more! I am an expert in converting to common use language, and editing for sensitivity in all forms of written works (even novels)! Additionally, I can create classes for workspaces, learning spaces, and other institutions to help your team understand sexuality and gender. These classes are designed to help you and your team understand why these are important, and how to welcome diversity in identities.

My specialties are:

  • Sensitivity reading for gender
  • Sensitivity reading for sexuality
  • Diplomatic/tasteful wording
  • Using basic language and eliminating jargon
  • Diversity of sexuality and gender within organizations and advertising

Here are some of my policies that I require to be followed when you work with me in these capacities:

  • Payments are expected within five days of invoices being sent, unless otherwise notified to me in writing.
  • My consulting fees are $50 (USD) per hour, with a two hour ($100) minimum.
  • My consulting topics are confined to the above options with few exceptions. If you would like me to research additional topics, I am happy to do so. This extra work and time will be billed at my standard rate of $40/hr.
  • The rates for classes are determined on a case by case basis, taking into account size, Q&A sections, and company budgets.
  • I will tailor my consult with your company to suit the company needs, including asking questions of the requirements and who will be attending.
  • I will allow consultations and classes to be recorded for use within the organization for an additional fee.
  • I will not provide consultation on race, or race relations. Though I am constantly striving to improve myself, I am still too white to help with that.

If you think that my work can help your organization or company please email me to talk about this at:

[email protected]