Welcome to I’m an Adult where the jokes are made-up and gender doesn’t matter!
My name is Indigo Wolfe. I thoroughly enjoy art, theatre, booze, and sex toys! I wanted to create a funny review website for all of the things I love and more. I’m a mostly submissive, super-kinky, pansexual, gender-fluid pup. I enjoy thuddy impact a bit more than stingy impact, g-spot stimulation, and teeth. I’m also a Size Qweengue. My body love power more than it cares about rumble, but it chooses rumble over buzz when given a chance. My clit prefers deep pressure to vibration, and I prefer to have the place between my clit and vaginal opening stimulated than the head of my clit. I say these things not so you can imagine fucking me, but so that you can better understand if a toy that works for me will work for you.
But if you do imagine fucking me, please have fun in your imagination.
My posts tend to gear into a variety. I will cover everything from funny stories form my life, to deep Psychology discussions, to erotica fiction. I am currently a Psychology Student pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a Certificate in LGBT Studies. Eventually, I will obtain my PhD in some sexuality/psychology related field and I will be a therapist. Many of my posts will come from an academic background, and when I say I’ve done research, I mean that I looked at the scientific papers available on the subject at hand.
This blog is primarily for fun, but it does facilitate some personal growth. If updates dwindle, I apologize, but it probably means that life has called me elsewhere for awhile. I’ll probably return, so just wait for me.
If you don’t like my website, please don’t visit it. I’m an adult now, and I don’t need you. However, if you DO like me (and I actually hope you do), please feel free to visit me on Twitter!
You could also email me directly at indigowolfeadult@gmail.com
Disclaimer: I do have affiliates with a few online stores. I would like to link my readers to somewhere trust-worthy for their toys. If you follow the links I place in reviews, I get a commission. It’s not enough to live off of. However, regardless of this affiliation, I want to stay unbiased about toys I review. To help facilitate this, I have learned about laws on libel, and I write what I fucking want to. I am an adult after all.
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