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Pairs nicely with top shelf vodka. It can be added to anything to create some extra fun, with no extra flavor unless you want it.

Recently, I’ve been caught up in Fantasies. Not just daydreams about having enough money to pay my bills. I mean sexual fantasies. I haven’t had access to my usual partners for a long time now, and fantasies are the only way I can release my sexual needs. In addition to that coping, I have been working on some fantasy-themed erotica recently, which really fueled my focus on dragon dicks and swords.

Fantasies are a huge part of sexuality for many people. When I work with couples, I often have them share their fantasies with each other to help spark some conversation. When I am on a date for the first time, it’s common for both myself and my potential partner to share fantasies. It not only speaks to our compatibility, but it also can spark some heavy petting. I even know a few people who require fantasies in their sex lives in order to climax. All of these are really great ways to use fantasies. And that list isn’t comprehensive in any sense!

The one thing that I always struggle with is how to incorporate fantasies into a physical space. It’s easy to get off while thinking about being pounded by multiple dicks. However, what can you do if all you have is one partner? What can you do if you have no factory-installed dicks? What if you can’t penetrate your partner for whatever reason?

Well there are some amazing products out there that can help with any of these situations! I exercised my brain to come up with easy solutions for these problems! Then I decided to sit and think some more, and I came up with even more ways to fulfill fantasies using toys!

Dildos are a great way to solve a few of these problems. If you need an extra dick on hand, there’s a dildo that will probably fit. The realistic ones are amazing if you need something that is visually compelling. Something with a suction cup base can be attached to a wall or a floor, leaving hands free for other activities. Personally, I’ve used dildos for duel penetration on a couple of occasions. I have even paired them with my partner’s penis for an extra stretch in my vagina.

If you’re looking for some gender altering, there are harnesses that can be paired with dildos to help give you or your partner good gender feels. I have experienced receiving a blow job with a strapless strap on, which was an amazing experience. Because there is a section of the toy inserted into whoever uses it, you can stimulate their hole by pulling the dildo (with your mouth or a hand), which felt amazing for me! Your mileage may vary of course, but I would recommend it for a fun try. If you find these are unstable once inserted, don’t be afraid to slip a harness over it just to help keep it stable in use.

What if you can’t penetrate or be penetrated by your partner? Using a stroker or masturbator while your partner watches, helps or positions themselves close can be a ton of fun. In the past I’ve laid a stroker on my back, just above my ass. It allowed my partner to visualize fucking me without actually penetrating me. However, with something short enough, it’s also possible to use it as a aid. It gives the feeling of being deep throated without actually straining anyone’s throat.

My personal favorite fantasy is getting fucked in the cunt while someone rims me. I am aware that I have a lot of butt, and achieving that would require a tricky angle to say the least. Also, having more than one partner present at a time can be hard to work out! There is one main toy to help me create a close facsimile of this fantasy. The BVibe Rimming plug. It is small enough that it doesn’t need to be angled specifically and I can even use it while lying down if my legs have decided to cramp that day.

Sometimes, toys need to be controlled by the person being penetrated! That means their hands aren’t free. This is where extra toys can come in handy! Vibrators that can be worn or controlled via remote, free hands for dildos or other exciting activities. And if you’re looking for a bit more stimulation in general, I’ve seen some people who use a vibe in each hand to fulfill a fantasy. For those times when you both want to orgasm, you can use a vibe that is strong enough to get off two people at once!

And of course, there are toys which help truly fantastical ideas come to life. Tentacled monsters and unicorns may not be found in the wild (yet), but they are extremely common in fantasies. There are a plenty of toys that feature high-fantasy creatures. These can be used in harnesses, with hands, next to factory-installed penises, and probably a myriad of ways I haven’t thought of.

Toys that augment or add to penises, or create a role play which involves some beautiful monsters. There are sleeves, which are easy to wear and use (and still feel amazing). These can lengthen or wide a penis. I know this can injure the pride of some people, but it doesn’t need to. It’s just another way to enjoy a sexual interaction. Besides, why would you deny your partner something that feels good?

All of these fantasies revolve around people and things being hard to position. However, there are other important reasons someone might need a fantasy. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention issues around sexual trauma, or general discomfort with genitalia. Sometimes, having a realistic dildo doesn’t work for people. That’s really valid. For those folks, there are non-realistic dildos. These toys can help those who don’t like genitalia continue to access their sexual well-being!

As you can see, there are a million and one ways to fulfill fantasies. Sometimes, those ways involve other people, or more people. But sometimes, those ways can be as easy as one more toy in the bedroom. This list is not comprehensive in any way. If I’ve forgotten to include your favorite fantasy, let me know!

This post was sponsored by the wonderful folks at Betty’s Toybox. Thank you folks for letting me work my brain to create some truly fun ideas with sex toys!


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