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8 out of 10

Pairs nicely with a Screwdriver. It is a typical introduction drink for someone who wants to enjoy hard liquor but doesn’t know exactly what they like.

The Fantasy Uncut from Addition is sitting on a flagstone floor with a flag behind it. There's a welsh dragon on the flag. The toy is bright pink with some ridges down the shaft and a small head that mimics an uncircumcised penis, but if it was possibly part lizard.

This toy was sent to me by my friends at Betty’s Toybox. It can be purchased here in pink or here in black for about $33 (USD) at time of posting.

For some reason, I have been obsessed with fantasy toys and associated fantasies recently. I have be craving dragon dildos and tentacles in my cunt. I can only attribute this to my recent jaunt into a Dungeons and Dragons game, which has been a ton of fun, and inspired some erotica that is still in the works.

That obsession is what led me to request this dildo, though it is not something I would normally ask for. From the bright-ass pink color, to the soft silicone, it’s not really an Indigo-coveted item. However, because I’ve been looking for a model for some erotica that has been almost a year in the writing, I was actually excited to have this dildo. I was hoping that it would feel amazing, and I could picture it when I was writing a specific character. I think my excitement was also strong because I feel some of the toys I’ve been reviewing recently are somewhat simple (with notable exceptions). They have been bullets, or smooth dildos. This toy offered something that I have been missing: texture.

As I said, I was on the fence about this color when I requested the toy. When I was searching for toys to request, I saw the bright pink and almost skipped it. However, I have to admit that something about a bright pink dragon dick became alluring as I thought about it. I almost built a little character into it. I imagine this is the dick that some girl dragon has. It expresses her femininity and love of her own body. She is proud to have such a cute little appendage to fuck with. And it’s bright pink! When I attributed some character to it, I was actually pleased with the color. I expect that other people will ignore that part of this review. After all, I typically don’t enjoy personifying my toys. However, I think that it was worth mentioning because there are just some instances where toys want personality in order to be enjoyed. And honestly, I probably would have enjoyed this toy regardless of that little fantasy. However, I enjoy it more for the over-active imagination I poured into it.

Since the aesthetic of this toy was more important to me than the size, I didn’t pay much attention to the width and girth of the toy. However, I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Though it’s easy for me, as size royalty to take, it does still provide some girth at 1.75″ in diameter. This is a strong selling point for me. I prefer dildos to have some kick in terms of girth, but accessible to other people. Something 2.5-3″ in diameter is nice for me, but isn’t nice for others. Additionally, the length is easy to take as well, at only 5.5″ to insert. It’s truly an unassuming dildo that way. The addition of testicles means that this toy fits comfortably and sits stable in a harness. This opens the door for a lot of fantasy play and other role play.

The feel of the silicone is also an important note for this toy. That texture could make it difficult for some folks to enjoy. However, the silicone has a lot of give to it. Because of that, it’s really easy to handle. When I used it, I could tell it was textured, but I couldn’t really tell what type of texture it had. If you hate texture, this isn’t the toy for you, but if you sometimes enjoy texture, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

In a world with giant fantasy dicks, it can be intimidating to purchase something that is big. Companies like Bad Dragon really show off their giant dildos and never really focus on the small ones. I have seen many of those displayed. It’s either a point of pride to own something that large, or to take something that large. In that type of world, this toy feels especially important. It’s an accessible price range for a pure silicone toy, that can be used to explore more fantasy toys and play, without having to be a size lover.

When I use this toy, it doesn’t set off fireworks. I find it to be average in size and texture. It’s easy to clean in spite of the texture because it’s so soft. I have a lot of fantasies about this toy in terms of aesthetic. I can absolutely see myself using it in a harness if I wanted a blow job. I would love to wear it with some of my renaissance garb and really lean into the Dungeons and Dragons aesthetic. In reality, I really can judge this toy by it’s appearance.

Overall, I find this toy to be serviceable. I was won over by the aesthetic, but as I wrote this post, I began to realize just how nice this toy is. It is a middle of the road option between a plain, non-phallic dildo and something like a Bad Dragon toy. And I mean that in terms of feeling, size, use and price.

This toy was sent to me by my friends at Betty’s Toybox. It can be purchased here for about $33 (USD) at time of posting.


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