Indigo Tries the Gaia Biodegradable Bullet from Blush Novelties!

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7.5 out of 10

Pairs nicely with a Yuengling. It doesn’t get one overly-excited, but it helps one blend in while meeting expectations, without any fancy bells or whistles. 

This toy was sent to me by my good friends at Betty’s Toybox in exchange for this fair review. You can purchase it here in Green, Blue or Pink. If you prefer something bigger, the larger, straight vibrators are here.

There is a branch of a tree with a bend. The Gaia Bullet is sitting in that bend, precariously balanced. It is green, about three inches long and a half inch in diameter.

This toy is a bit of a deviation from my usual repertoire. I have reviewed a bullet vibrator before, but I haven’t since acquiring my Doxy wands. I tend to go for stronger vibrators these days, with a lot of surface area and a whole lot of power. It might make one wonder why I would actively choose to review a bullet vibe that takes an AAA battery instead of something powerful.

Well, there are two answers. First of all, I’m traveling. I don’t have consistent access to outlets. Therefore, charging isn’t something I can do for toys that I actively want to use on myself. The option to acquire power for a toy that I’m testing wasn’t solid enough to choose a rechargeable vibrator. So I went to the store and bought some batteries for this toy.

However, since I am traveling through some wilderness, I decided that the environment was going to be the theme of this review. What better way to match that, than to review the first biodegradable bullet vibe? It even comes in eco-green!

So what does that mean? Are most vibes not biodegradable?

Yes, actually. Most electronics are not considered biodegradable. There are special places that help folks dispose of electronic trash. Think about the bins in the front of Best Buy that you can dump cell phones in. Additionally, the cases of vibrators that are made out of oil-based plastic (which is most plastic) are not biodegradable in a natural environment. The gaia line is looking to change this trend, and they boast of being biodegradable, and easy to dispose of.

However, I find this advertising a little misleading. The case of this vibrator is biodegradable, being made out of a starch-based plastic. This means it will actually break down through natural processes. However, the electronic components still make it a rough thing to just toss in the recycle bin or trash. It’s better to take it to a processing plant because of it’s electronic components. It says this on the box, but not anywhere in the web-based information. So though it can be recycled, it’s still a better idea to take that extra step. Because of this, I find the advertisement a bit optimistic in it’s portrayal. It made me think that I could just pitch this in with my single-stream recycling, but it’s really not recommended. That said, I am grateful this vibrator exists. It is better to have made this step than to just keep creating plastic vibrators. My only question: Why aren’t more vibrators using this material since it’s so much better?

I understand that capitalism exists, but it feels to me like if we care about the environment enough to create a biodegradable, body-safe material for sex toys, we should endeavor to use it for most sex toys, if not all of them?Besides, this material seems inexpensive, since this vibrator itself is so inexpensive. The larger, straight vibes in the Gaia line are just as low-cost, which indicates that the material itself is inexpensive to make. If that’s true, then it should be pervading the market for multiple reasons, wouldn’t you think? I don’t blame Blush Novelties in the slightest for this, obviously. They are absolutely working for the greater good, in my view.

Anyway, so now we know why I chose this. And we know what it’s made out of. And we know how I feel about the marketing. How is the vibe itself?

It’s a very simple vibrator. It has two speeds; on and off. I also lovingly call them 100% and 0%. Personally, I love the simplicity that this brings. It makes it perfect for discretion and travelling. It turns off with one click and can be spirited away when someone walks into your room at the hostel room, or past your tent suddenly. This helps maintain discretion and consent when you need to get off while traveling. It doesn’t even have a light to indicate it’s on, which helps make it even more discrete. On top of the easy operation, it’s quiet. This is absolutely a key component to the rating that I gave this toy. In the years of living in my childhood home, quietly getting off, I am delighted to have a vibrator that is almost as quiet as me.

As for power, this vibe is not spectacular. It’s a little buzzy for my personal taste. However, I am also not necessarily disappointed in it. It simply met, but did not exceed expectations. Those expectations are, of course, built around knowing it’s a bullet vibe that runs off a AAA battery. I find that it takes me a little longer to get off with this vibe than with my Fun Factory vibes, for instance. However, with travel being such a stress, it feels so much easier to use this vibe than something louder with more rumble.

This vibe isn’t going to win awards from my clit, I’ll be honest. In a situation where I’m at home with a full selection of toys in front of me, I will choose a good number of other toys first. However, as a travel vibrator, and a purchase in general, this is a solid bullet vibrator. Seeing as it’s low-cost and environmentally friendly, I can recommend this vibrator for a lot of people.

The Gaia Bullet sits on the ground, half in some taller grass. It is cast in a great light with some nice shadows from the grasses falling into the shot. It is very outdoors feeling.

This toy was sent to me by my good friends at Betty’s Toybox in exchange for this fair review. You can purchase it here in Green, Blue or Pink. If you prefer something bigger, the larger, straight vibrators are here.


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