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Hey everyone! It’s that time of year again when I start calling for Sponsors to get me to the places I want to go! You might notice this post is very similar to last year’s call for sponsors, but there are differences that are important, so pay attention!
My name is Indigo Wolfe. I am a successful and lovely growing sexuality blogger. You’ve successfully made it to my blog, but I want to tell you a bit more. I’m a student in a local D.C. university studying sexuality, sex and psychology. I have made many connections and grown so much since starting my blog, I am looking to attend Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit once again. At Woodhull, I meet many bloggers and create a professional support network that has become invaluable to me. I want to attend again, so I can connect with more fellow bloggers, learn about this industry, and possibly promote a great product/service. Perhaps this product/service could be yours.
I have done the calculations. As a D.C. native and local, I don’t require too much to make it to Woodhull. I need room, money for food and other fun things, and some extra to compensate for work. I have added these up, and it comes out to a top number of $700. I’m looking to cover costs entirely, and there are bonuses if I exceed my costs. If I receive more than 700$ from any combination of sponsors, I will place all of the extra into donations to Woodhull, as well as helping other bloggers struggling reach Woodhull.
This year comes with a catch, however. Because of my new unique role with Woodhull, I cannot in good conscious promote someone at the actual event. I have become the face for a specific part of Woodhull and it makes it unethical for me to favor one company over another in that role. To that end, all promotion of your company that happens over social media will be done outside of Woodhull (either before or after the summit in August).
Why Should You Sponsor Me?
1.) I am growing steadily as a blogger. My follower count has more than doubled in the past year, and grows a little bit every day. My promotion is good for you.
2.) My cost is low. As a D.C. local, I don’t need travel money, and as a con regular, I know how to eat on a budget. I’m also volunteering for Woodhull, both to help this fantastic foundation, and so that my costs are lower.
3.) I am working on many fronts for sexual freedom and sex advocacy. Every bit of work I accomplish helps those around me. Your money towards me gets paid forward into the community at large. This is done through my online education, local workshops and fighting for sex worker rights, among other projects I undertake.
What Do You Get?
I have such a low cost that I have only a few levels of support that I’m offering.
$100 – 1 month of:
I will advertise for your company on Twitter. I will tweet 6 tweets promoting your company during that month. I will review 1 toy/service for you, which will include no follow links to your website or store.
$300 – 3 months of:
I will tweet 6 tweets per month promoting your company. I will review a total of 3 toys/services for you, which will include no follow links to your website or store.
If you purchase this tier, I will finally get my act together and create sidebar ad space, where you can advertise your company. For only this $50 addition, you’ll get 2 months of sidebar ads (normally worth $150).
$700 РFrom now to Woodhull 
I will advertise for your company in my about page, and sidebar. Yes, I will get my act together within this month and create sidebar advertising space. Then you will receive 6 months of ad space! I will tweet 6 tweets per month promoting your company (excluding August). I will review 1 toy/service per month for you (including 1 in the month of August).
If you would like to sponsor me at any level, or discuss other ways we can work together, please email me at [email protected]


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