Indigo Writes Erotica: Something More Scrumptious

Hello everyone! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at writing erotica for awhile now, and I finally have the opportunity to do so, thanks to Sheets of San Francisco! I hope you enjoy my first try at a food play scene. Enjoy!
Trigger Warnings: Food Play, Sensation play with sharps (but no breaking skin), D/S dynamics

Some dry, uncooked pasta and cherry tomatoes sit on a cutting board.
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I did everything right. I had calmly opened every door as we went to the store and I happily carried the basket full of pasta and sauce. A little cheese, and a collection of spices. When we got home, they watched as I stripped off every garment and put on the apron that I was ordered to wear while I cooked.
It was a simple meal, but Sir had to make sure everything was right. So they didn’t sit at the table in the other room. Instead they pulled a stool in and sat in the kitchen. It was a tease, because I had to move around them to get out all the ingredients, giving ample opportunities to grope my ass. They held my wooden spoon, promising to correct me if I so much as measured the pasta wrong. It was a tease, but they were also keeping an eye on me.
“Oh pup, pay attention, the pasta is boiling over.”
I quickly turned down the burner and stepped away from the stove. I closed my eye and felt the sting of the spoon before I heard it.
“I’m sorry sir.”
“That’s okay, pup. I’m sure it was an accident. I just don’t want you to be so careless with my dinner. Or my dessert.”
They bit my ear and gently rubbed where the spoon had landed, reassuring me that it was all okay, that I was still within their power. I sighed and tried to grab the pot of pasta. It was time to drain it. But they stopped me and poured it themself.
“I do not want my pup to burn themself for my sake. I have to keep your skin as healthy as possible, so I can enjoy my dinner plate. I’ll finish this up, it’s time for my plate to be washed.”
They quickly patted my head and gave me a kiss. I could see their cock beginning to harden already, and I was proud that I put on a good show. I went to the bathroom and began to shower. I had to be extra careful this time because I wasn’t just getting clean for myself. I was getting clean for a dinner guest.
It took about 30 minutes for a thorough wash. I was enjoying how the water felt, but I knew that Sir would not want me to dawdle too long. Teasing was one thing, but waiting was another. I toweled off and left the bathroom, not bothering to put on a robe. Earlier that day, we had already placed waterproof sheets on the bed and laid out a few toys for the scene.
Sir was already waiting near the bed.
“Good work. I’m thinking that perhaps I should call you something other than pup today, since it’s such a special occasion. I was thinking Cupcake. It makes sense, because you’re going to be my dessert today.”
I shivered under their touch and feeling their words over my body. I was already being fucked in their imagination.
“Come on, Cupcake. Lay down on your stomach, and I want you to look at this chair here.”
The dining table chair had been moved over to our sleeping area and I laid down, with my head to the right. It would give me a good view if I strained my neck a little. But I stayed still for now, because Sir did not give me permission to look. They had already taken off their shirt, and I could see their breasts moving as they brought over a few pieces of cheese and sat down.
Some brown bread and a wedge of swiss cheese sit on a cutting board. It's a top view of this.
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“Cupcake, I’m going to make you a deal. I’ll place one piece here.”
I felt a slice rest on my neck, touching the base of my skull and the crook where my shoulders met my neck. If I moved even a little, it would fall. I knew immediately what was going to happen.
“If that piece falls, I will have to punish you. It would be a shame, since I was so nice to have this appetizer while the pasta cools.”
I smiled and kept myself still as they places more pieces onto my shoulders. This is where the appetizer area was. I saw them sit down, spreading their legs just a little. I had one glimpse of their erection before I felt a cold piece of metal against my spine. A small fork.
Sir trailed it up and down my spine a few times, teasing me with the points. I felt a pressure on my shoulder and then one piece of cheese lifted from my shoulder. I heard a gentle sigh of enjoyment and some chewing. The fork resumed it’s teasing, trailing over my shoulders and back. Occasionally, it made a pass across one cheek, and I would softly gasp.
“You’re being so good, Cupcake. Don’t ruin it yet.”
I felt one hand touch my cheek, where the spoon left a red mark. A reminder of what happens when the serving platter gets above it’s station. Another piece of cheese lifted. It was hard to tell how many were left.
“I’ve never had cheese so fresh and so delicious. I’m surprised it didn’t melt onto you because you are unbelievably hot today.”
“Thank you sir.”
I felt that pressure again, and this time it came with a little pinch. I sighed as the cheese left my shoulder.
“Sir, I think you might have pricked me.”
I used my jaw as little as possible so as to not fail at my one task. I knew sir would still expect me to be a good platter until we confirmed skin was broken.
“I’m sorry, Cupcake. There’s no blood, just some indents from the fork. Should we stop, or are you okay?”
“I’m really great, Sir. Please continue enjoying your meal.”
I smiled as one more piece of cheese disappeared. We were getting close to done with this course and I could feel it because Sir spent more time with their hands on me than with their fork on me. I felt them lean into the bed. Their tongue ran up my shoulder and I felt their teeth close around the last piece right next to my ear. They stayed there and slowly chewed and swallowed. I was surprised to notice how much that sound turned me on. I had been wet when I lay down, but now I could feel it slipping from between my labia.
“You did a great job, love. I know how wet you are right now. Since you were so good, I want to reward you. You’re going to get to come for me.”
I shivered but didn’t move. I wasn’t sure what Sir wanted, but I was sure it wasn’t for me to move. And that’s when I felt their leg on mine. I could feel one foot hook at my knee and pull my leg over, exposing my holes to them.
“How are you feeling today, Cupcake? Should I avoid anything? Any hole in particular?”
“No, Sir. My pussy is craving your attention though.”
He laughed. “Don’t tell me what to do, or you’ll end up with a punishment.”
I knew I said the right thing, and this was just a little reminder of power. Even though I was going to orgasm, I needed to be reminded it was because of Sir. And it was for Sir. Their enjoyment of me was my reward. It did not take long, either. One hand put pressure into my shoulders, and I felt the other hand trail down my back, touching my anus very briefly, and then a finger slid into my pussy. It normally took at least a little lube, but I was so wet from the appetizer, I didn’t need any today.
I let my hips slide open and moaned deeply as another finger slid in, followed by a third. I felt their thumb on my clit. How were they getting that angle? It started soft at first but with a moan, it turned into the pressure that Sir knew I liked best. It was too much already. Between being teased while cooking, the play with the cheese, and the pressure on my torso from their hand, I came fast. It wasn’t a large orgasm. It would take a bit more than a thumb for that, but Sir was pleased anyway. I could tell from their breath, and they way they dropped to their elbow as I came under them. They kissed my neck gently.
“Good job, Cupcake. Now I can finish my dinner. Close your legs so I can plate it.”
I felt a little lost after they walked away. I was clearly deep in subspace, and needing contact. They returned with two bowls and touched me. They immediately knew I was feeling lost and they place both hands on my shoulder and leaned down to me.
“I’m sorry, Cupcake. I didn’t mean to leave you so suddenly. Are you okay?”
I nodded and finally closed my legs. I felt Sir’s arms on me. The weight was grounding and I immediately stopped shaking. I was back to being the platter Sir deserved.
“I’m okay, thank you Sir. Please enjoy your meal.”
A plate of spaghetti with red meat sauce and cheese on top. There is a fork being pushed into the spaghetti.
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They planted a kiss on my head and I could briefly feel their breasts warm and soft on my back. Then they pushed away. The next weight was a cold circle of a bowl on my shoulders. And then warm pasta was set right into the small of my back. The bowl was switched out, and I felt some liquid trickle onto my sides. The spaghetti sauce. It had been made with Sir’s recipe, with their eyes watching my every move. Now, they would enjoy it off of me.
I kept very still as Sir undid their belt buckle and lowered their pants to the floor. I felt a bit more liquid trickle from my vagina. I had done such a good job that Sir’s cock was hard. I could see how they struggled, wanting to fuck me, but also wanting to torture me. I knew Sir was strong enough to resist their urge.
And then the fork was back, trailing over my skin. I felt it dig into the pasta and every noodle moved over my back. It tickled me, and teased. I felt a little sauce move out of the hollow and trail down my ass. It tickled a little, but it didn’t get far before I felt Sir’s tongue lap it up. I giggled as I felt his tongue flick over my asshole. It hadn’t gone quite that deep, but the clean up was thorough.
“Oh, fuck Cupcake. I can’t take anymore. I need your holes right now.”
“Yes sir!”
Their hand pushed the remaining dinner off of my back onto the sheet, and I felt the sauce smear over my skin. A little ran down my hip and under my belly. I felt them climb onto the bed and opened my legs. Their cock was right between my cheeks, teasing a little. I knew that they would choose my vagina because they didn’t grab a condom. Being fluid bonded only went so far. I lifted myself to my elbows, and arched my back, showing my eagerness.
“What a waste.” I barely murmured it, but Sir caught what I said.
“Oh, Cupcake, I knew you would say that. Don’t worry. After we make a mess, I’ll watch you clean it all up. In fact, here’s a bit now. Have a snack, love.”
I felt a stray pasta run up my side and over my shoulder. Their fingers pressed the pasta into my mouth and I happily sucked it in, getting a little sauce on my chin. As the last bit of noodle disappeared, I felt their cock slide into me at last. It was good to be fat and fucked at the same time.
“Oh gods, you are so hot, pup. I love your curves and your ass.”
I felt hand smear more sauce across my back and Sir leaned their full weight on me. I felt their hair hit my shoulders, and I shuddered again. The weight of their body pushed their tits against my back. They growled in my ear, which told me how much control they had given up. I was no longer their platter. I was a pup.
I growled back and felt their teeth sink into my shoulder as they thrust harder into me. I whined and lifted my ass, letting them go as deep as possible. They held their bite into my shoulder, and grunted loudly. I could feel their orgasm coming, and I was eager for them to come.
“Oh please sir, come for me.”
“You got it, pup.”
I moaned loudly as I felt them shudder above me and they came into me. They thrust hard for about 10 seconds, before slowing down and finally they collapsed into my body and I lowered myself into the bed.
“Fuck, babe. That felt amazing. Are you okay?”
“Yes, pup. Did you come?”
“No, sir. But I feel more than satisfied.”
“I’m glad. Once I recover a bit, I’m going to finish my dinner. With your help, if you like. And then I would like something more scrumptious.”
We smiled as Sir pulled a noodle off my back and lowered it, bottom first, into my mouth.

Indigo Tries the Womanizer Starlet

4 out of 10
Pairs well with a middle-shelf white rum. Something like Bacardi. It’s not the worst out there, but there will definitely be people who object.
This toy was sent to me by Betty’s Toybox in exchange for an honest review. You can buy it in pink or purple (because those are the colors women get), or white (because they needed another color, but didn’t want us to forget our gender assignments. 
The Womanizer Starlet sits in a clear plastic case. The Starlet is about three and a half inches tall with a nozzle for suction. It is while with silver accents.
When I had a chance to review something from Womanizer, I jumped on it, honestly. I hate the name they chose for this brand, and I know several people who can’t even use it because it’s just too much dysphoria. I am gender-fluid, so it does not affect me quite as strongly, but jesus do you HAVE to, companies? So yes, sit back and prepare for a small rant about the Starlet and gendering toys in general. Because gendering toys is unnecessary and I am mad about it.
Now, you’re probably wondering about why I’m so mad. After all, I feel such a minimal amount of body-related angst because I’m gender-fluid. I find that I can roll with most gender feelings and I don’t ever feel like mis-gendering me causes me pain. It just shows me how careless you are. But, I do want to emphasize how unique I am in this aspect. I know too many people who feel like they are compromised at every turn. They question the toys they are supposed to use and the companies that they should trust. It’s not just down to feeling safe in a bathroom. It’s about feeling safe in your own home. In your own bed. In your own skin.
The unnecessary gendering of something like a sex toy is only a passive attack and a microaggression against an entire community that is already struggling under the current society and the administration that runs it.
So hey, companies, maybe STOP BEING SO AWFUL, OKAY?
And now that I’ve ranted about that, I can maybe review this product?
The Womanizer Starlet sits on a paisley cloth. It's face up, so the nozzle can be seen clearly. There is a small rubber cover near the bottom which covers the charging port.Since I reviewed the Satisfyer line, I have been dying to try the Womanizer brand. I’ve heard that Womanizer is better somehow, and I wanted to give them a fair shake to see if it was true. I can’t resist a good comparison. Womanizer was arguably the first suction-based sex toy, and I love the genuinely revolutionary nature of their product. I believe that they introduced something many people enjoy, which had not been done before (or at least done well).
Now, the Starlet is a smaller version of their original concept. I think of it as the bullet vibe version of a clit suction toy. It costs less at $80 and it only has one button to cycle through all the settings. Marketing says it’s specifically designed to “fit in a handbag.” Now, I’m going to take all the gender assumptions in this product and I’m going to ball them up real tight, wrap them in foil to stop their radiation, and toss them into the garbage where they belong. PLEASE STOP NOW.
Okay this is fine. I’m fine. So let’s get to the actual product. I am fat. For context, I weigh in around 270 on a light day, I’m 5’9″ and I have some broad shoulders. I’m pretty sure I can only use the Starlet properly because I was a dancer, which gives me some flexibility in my back and shoulders. The Starlet is inconveniently small. I mention in my Satisfyer review that egg-shaped toys are a garbage idea, right there next to gendering things. The Starlet is roughly egg shaped, but the suction nozzle sticks out more. This is good because it’s less likely to go swimming in my labia, but it’s actually smaller than the Satisfyer, so it’s harder to grip. I suppose that evens out somehow?
I’ve been trying to use this toy for literal months now. I’m honestly behind on my review, and I feel bad about it. But I really wanted to try liking this toy. I’ve used it with partners, I’ve used it solo. I just cannot find any good use for this toy. Just like the Satisfyers, I find it to feel like nothing unless I turn it up way too much and then it feels like pain. My clit is actively trying to run away from these toys, and they just surround it with vibration and awful. Every orgasm I’ve gotten with this style of toy is just meh, and sometimes comes with pain. I have never had the mind-blowing orgasms I was promised, and I’m really not okay with trying so hard for such stupid orgasms.
The Womanizer Starlet sits on a paisley cloth. It faces away from the camera, which shows the back has a single button near the bottom and the rubber is embossed with a W.
Let me be honest: this toy has one thing that I really like about it: The charging port. This toy charges with a micro-USB cable and when I found that out, I lost my shit. Seriously, it is the bane of so many reviewers to have random, one-use cables around. They are all white or black (except Fun Factory is red, which is a blessing). And for this to use a cable that I have, which is useful for other things is extraordinary. I don’t have to immediately label it with “WOMANIZER STARLET” lest I lose the cable and need to reunite them. For $80, I would like to enjoy more than just the charging cable.
In short, I think that this toy is just as useless as the Satisfyer line, but with twice as much gendered marketing. That’s why it’s score is so much lower and I’m not sorry about it.
This toy was sent to me by Betty’s Toybox in exchange for an honest review. You can buy it in pink or purple (because those are the colors women get), or white (because they needed another color, but didn’t want us to forget our gender assignments. 

Indigo Attends Playground Conference 2018!

10 out of 10
Pairs well with a Rum and Coke. It’s sweet as hell, and goes down well.
This year, I heard about Playground Conference through my friends, The Dildorks. I said to myself “Well, that’s nice, but I’ll never actually make it. It’s expensive, I’m a student, and it’s far away.” Unless…
Which is where my angel comes in. Her name is Lilly and as I’ve mentioned before, she is literally the nicest human. She kindly sponsored one person to go to Playground Conference this year, and that was me, because I’m so fucking lucky, I have no words. So then I thought about lodging. That’s always the most expensive. And just like that, another angel stepped forward. She said I could use her apartment as she would be staying at the hotel. (She is local to Toronto, and I don’t want to give away details for that reason.)
With lodging and ticket taken care of, I knew I was going, but the trick was finding a way up. Flying was too expensive, so it would have to be by land. I couldn’t take my car because it is old and dying. So bus was really my only option. By this time, Lilly had already started a campaign on Twitter to fund my attendance, and two people had sent money within the first hour. At the same time, I noticed that a bus from Washington D.C. to Toronto was 56 bucks round trip. So I snatched up a seat and Lilly called back the funding hounds because I had made $60 already thanks to Hermione Danger, and my friends at the Swing Shift. I was really going to Playground Conference.
And then the months of waiting. I made lists. I looked at other people’s lists. I started Testosterone. I worked through schoolwork. I lied to my family about why I was really excited to go (networking versus REALLY HOT HOTEL SEX). And finally, the evening came where I was to board a bus and go to Toronto for a whole weekend. It was a long and stupid 15 hours where I got around 4 hours of sleep and ate too many snacks. So I’ll skip that.
Day 1
I spent this day reconnecting with people who I met at Woodhull. Immediately, I got to see Kate, Bex, Sarah, and Suz. While Kate and Bex had to go take some self-care time shortly after, I spent my afternoon getting lunch with Sarah and Suz. Might I say, the crepes were amazing, and I definitely ate way too much food.
Then we headed out to a really great feminist bookshop in the Gay neighborhood of Toronto (which people just referred to as The Gayborhood, and I honestly never bothered to learn the street name). It was an amazing time with some excellent baristas. I loved the walk and the neighborhood in itself. With good company and good coffee, we headed back to the hotel. I briefly talked to someone who was really draining, and then disengaged to enjoy the Opening Plenary.
Here is a truth: I LOVED the speakers here and definitely enjoyed it. But it wasn’t something that moved me as much as other things. As such, I’m gonna move on from it.
After grabbing some dinner with Kenton, Luna and another friend, we were late for Tell Me Something Good (a sexy storytelling event). Though I had a great story to tell, I didn’t get a chance to go up. It was a fun time anyway. After that, most people were ready for bed. Originally, I was going to be fisted that day by my friend Taylor, but we ended up spending about an hour and a half failing to find a place for that, and then giving in and going home. (Spoiler alert: All was not lost on the fistern front.)
Day 2
I woke up with 7 hours of sleep, which is pretty good considering that I was in a new place. I was lazy about getting myself together, but I did have the best outfit that day, including my curly hair because I’m a beautiful lion. However, I did miss all of the morning sessions and ended up just chatting with folx in the hotel lobby. I was glad to have taken care of myself, but I am sad about not pushing myself some.
We went to a very overwhelming supermarket for lunch, where I got the first thing I knew I would like. I wish I had been a little more put together because someone got poutine and fuck do I love poutine so much. Alas, it would have to wait.
I took my lunch into “Psychology of BDSM” which was my favorite talk by far. I love psychology and where it interacts with sex. I do believe that more of my blog will be geared towards this in the future. I have been told my live tweeting of this talk was thorough and well-done, so if you want to check that out, click here.
However, after spending so much energy, I needed another break, so I went to enjoy some easy socializing. It’s at this point that I perused some of the tables in the vendor area. I saw a paddle, which I absolutely loved, but I didn’t buy it. I waited to see exactly what I wanted and thought very hard about whether or not I could leave it. I also eyed up some of the leather cuffs, because my outfit was truly begging for them as accessories. I believe I bought those on the spot (and I do not regret it).
After enjoying how the links on my cuffs moved, I went to see The Dildorks live recording both to support my friends, but also because I am a fan. I enjoyed many laughs and got some really good ideas for sex while travelling.
Dinnertime rolled around it was time for some Pad Thai. So we went to a delicious Thai place in the gayborhood (because I really want to live there, tbh). I believe it was here that I told numerous drunk tales from my past, including being identified as and answering to the name “Butter.” Later, I would realize that Sarah is the Bread to my Butter and it inspired a photo shoot, which took place in better lighting the next day. Needless to say, I am now ecstatically happy to have enjoyed a good meal with good folx, and I’m excited for new friends all over.
After dinner, it was time for some femme getting-ready time and we definitely had a lot of fun with this. I even got some glitter on me, so I felt as much like a gay man as possible. It’s rare that I connect with so many femmes in one place because it sometimes cause dysphoria, but at Playground, I felt so seen that I could have been in a dress and still felt like myself.
After being appropriately cute, we went to Sex Ed A Go Go, which was an amazing experience. Unfortunately, I was feeling some out of place because the room was so crowded and I ended up near the back of the room to get my own space. I spent a lot of the night laughing hysterically and drinking water to take care of myself. I did good, is what I’m saying.
And being in my own space payed off because I was handed an index card that had simple words scrawled on it: Trans-focused Play Party in Room [0000]. Starts at 11.
I had been seen. And on top of that, I had been invited somewhere. Presumably because those who saw me found me attractive in one way or another. My personal secret is that I’m not very confident, but I am a good actor. And this affirmation took the external view of me and made it more real. I am good and lovely in my trans-ness. So of course, I went to this party and finally got fisted. What else would you expect? For me to go to another party beforehand and get spanked by Taylor? Oh yeah, because I did that too.
Needless to say, I went to couch happy and tired.
Day 3
This day was extraordinary for me. No, I still didn’t make it to morning sessions. I rolled into the hotel around 11:30, and I chatted with some fellow bloggers (including evening recaps) until we went to lunch. Earlier, I heard someone talking about Fran’s, and I love diners. So we went down half a block and we had the best lunch I think I’ve ever had. It involved a bunch of my favorite bloggers, poutine, eggs benedict and boozy milkshakes.
To be honest, I’m not sure I need to qualify it more than that, so I’ll just let you imagine how glorious it was.
After such a delightful late lunch, we headed back to the hotel, and had time to say goodbye to a few people who were leaving. I knew Kenton was on his way out, and I had contemplated asking if I could catch a ride (he would have to drive past my place to get home). But I put it off because I assumed he would have wanted introvert time after a con like that. Being the token extrovert, I like to give my introvert friends their space.
As it turns out, I needn’t have worried. When I found out that he was staying for the closing talk, I ended up asking and got an enthusiastic yes.
So the whole conference ended with a most epic 12-hour road trip, which we tweeted a lot of. I will leave that link there for you to read, and you’re welcome to imagine the rest. But I will promise that by energy drink three, and hour 8, we were in Waffle Hour permanently. And fuck me, that momo was amazing.

Indigo Tries the Sportsheets Divine Diva

8 out of 10
Pairs well with a Toasted Almond. It’s got a good base flavor, with a little added cream, and it’s plain delicious.
This was sent to me by my friends at in exchange for a fair and honest review! You can purchase it here!
The box for the Sportsheets Divine Diva Harness. It's got a picture of a thinner torso with the harness on. The harness is black with a large triangle-shaped pad in the front, behind the O ring. The O ring is held in place with brass hardware in nylon straps. Behind this torso is another torso from behind with the harness on. It shows a larger pad for the small of the back.
So when I started reviewing for Shevibe, this was my first choice. I had heard some excellent reviews of Sportsheets in the past, and I desperately needed a harness because I had a partner that needed my cock in a major way. And when it showed up, I had to struggle to restrain myself from tearing open the box and put it on before I took pictures of the packaging. Divine Diva indeed.
And when I finally had a partner over, the need to use it was more immediate. So I took a few pictures of the box and I pulled it out. My first impression? I have a mass of straps and some cushions. Oh look, here’s an O ring!
I will admit to having some extremely silly moments in my life. I was once bested by a microwave. It was one of the simple ones too. I just completely forgot how they worked, but I’m not going into details about what happened. Just that an adult did have to come help me cook my cup-a-noodles. I was 19 at the time. However, when I pulled out this harness, I was really confused. What on earth possessed humans to think this was a good thing? It didn’t look like a crotch or underwear at all.
Well, it turns out that once it was all out of the box and laid out, I was looking at it backwards. And once I got it laid down, I understood perfectly. The microwave bested me, but this mass of fiber art would not! It turns out all those straps are extra adjustable and really, it slips on easily. For my purposes, I just put it on right over a thong (you’re welcome for that image). It was really easy for me to adjust all the straps and they were all within my reach. So while I was fixing it, my partner could watch and that was wonderful to feel.
The straps are nylon, so they slip easily. It didn’t take too long to adjust thanks to that. Although, this does mean it loosens easily, and I was afraid of it going slack on me. Perhaps I should tie a few knots in the straps for extended wear. However, with the artificial fibers, there is little to no chance of staining and there’s very little on this harness that could not be washed. I would recommend being careful about washing machines because of the brass hardware, though. I got a little bit of a mess on one strap, and it came clean with a little soap, which I am grateful for.
The Sportsheets Devine Diva sits on a blue bed spread. It has black nylon straps linking two triangle pads linked. There are black bolts holding straps, which link into an o ring.
So I wanted this specific harness because it was designed for larger folx. I’ve never been a fan of the word Diva to describe plus sizes, and that seems to have permeated the entirety of this industry from dildos to lingerie. I wish we could just say plus size or actual measurements. But that’s a bit of my pickiness. Details are this: This harness fits hips from 28 inches to 82 inches, which is such an expansive range. I was genuinely shocked to see that claim. It also fits up to 44 inch thighs.
I haven’t taken my measurements in awhile, but I have about a 44″ waist, and it worked wonderfully for me. The toys I use slip in easily, and it does feel firm against my body. Having that back cushion feels both supportive and comfy. Though I didn’t get a change to put my cock in someone’s butt (yet), I did get several really intense blow jobs. The straps did eventually work looser than before, but it wasn’t at a disturbing rate. It would not be inconvenient to have to re-tighten the straps during a play session either.
This kit also comes with three cock rings of different sizes. I love how much they thought of their customers with this. The rings change out easily with three snaps, but those snaps also feel secure enough to stay in place even with vigorous fucking. And the best part about this harness? The front panel can be removed, which means that a strapless strap-on can be used with it! If your strapless feels less than stellar, just slip this over it! So the amount of dicks this harness works with is pretty limitless.
In short, I’m going to use this harness a lot. I’m excited to get my dick wet with the newest harness adventure!
This was sent to me by my friends at in exchange for a fair and honest review! You can purchase it here!