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10 out of 10
Pairs well with a top shelf vodka. This can mix with almost anything and is so versatile that almost every drink benefits from it’s presence.
This toy was sent to me directly by Dodil. You can buy it from my friends at Betty’s Toybox, or directly from Dodil! They average around $65-75 (U.S. dollars).
A teal thermos is closed and sitting on a table. There is a wooden basket behind it. On the bottom of the thermos are the words Dodil in white letters.
Okay, so when I write reviews, I really try to see these toys from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have an entertainment system full of sex toys. The reason I do that is because I don’t write for bloggers (though I love them). I want to make my reviews as applicable for anyone who just happens to roll by. I am aware that when I started my blog, I had more sex toys than the average human. And I only had 6 at the time. So when I came across the Dodil, I was absolutely delighted. It can be almost any shape? It’s a pretty color? It comes with a cool thermos? The company is really awesome? I loved it already, which is something I have to admit so that you know my biases.
Then the Dodil arrived at my door. I was incredibly excited to try this toy…
And then I went through a break-up…
And then I was out of town…
But I came back and I finally felt able to go through the process of softening and reshaping the Dodil! I had been putting off the process because it takes about 30 minutes to soften, and for a month or so, my masturbation urges had not really perceived past maybe 2-3 minutes. Basically, when I wanted to get off, I wanted to just get it done. I didn’t want to take a silicone log and soften it and then wait and then shape it and then wait more. I wanted to get boned and then move on!
I’m sad at all the great masturbation sessions I missed out on now.
The Shapesperience
There is a teal thermos with water in it sitting on a table. The Dodil, which looks like a teal silicone log is inside. The lid is next to the thermos.
So the Dodil Website has a lot of good instructions and words, but let me tell you from a real, hands-on experience what shaping the Dodil is like. You open the thermos and there is a teal silicone log. It’s a weird and plain shape, probably awful as a sex toy. You put the kettle on. Make sure you have enough water for a cuppa, as well as the thermos. If you’re the type who doesn’t own a kettle, then just a pot of water will work. After the water boils, pour it into the thermos and close it. Make and enjoy that cuppa now. It takes the Dodil about 20-30 minutes to soften to shaping consistency.
Enjoyed your tea/coffee? Great! Now, Open that thermos. Be careful, because we put boiling hot water in there, remember? Pour that water out a little. Let the dildo cool (it only needs like 30 seconds or so). Then pull it out and set it down on a towel (again, about 30 seconds to a minute was good for me; waiting times may vary). After it’s all cool enough to touch, gently squeeze it into shape. You have about 20 minutes at average room temperature to shape the Dodil, so beware of that. But that gives you at least 15 minutes to sit there and squeeze it like a soft stress ball. You can use the string Dodil provides, or just your hands. I will warn you that if you want it to cool into any shape that isn’t “log,” you need to hold it somehow. When I was done playing with it, I held it in a good shape under a cool faucet. That hardened it quicker, but it did leave my hands a little numb.
Now, here’s a Snapple fact: The Dodil is likely to end up in a shape that won’t fit into the thermos. That’s okay. I’ve asked the kind folks there. I have been told that any container which closes will work, and nothing will react with the Dodil. As long as a container has a sealing lid and won’t react with hot water, it will hold the Dodil while it softens. That’s good to know because I was really worried about breaking my new favorite toy.
The Dodil sits in a wooden basket. It is shaped to have three sections with narrow bits between each section. It curves upward overall.
In Use
Well, I don’t know how to work on this section, to be honest. I normally talk about how a toy feels and the benefits and drawbacks of it’s shape. Here’s the thing though: The Dodil has no set shape. Therefore, all it’s drawbacks don’t really exist. I suppose one could argue that if it’s drawbacks don’t exist then neither do it’s benefits. However, the benefits rest it’s nature, which is to change. So suck it, philosophers. I love this toy.
What I can talk about is the silicone. It’s beautiful. I don’t just mean that delightful, inviting, not-pink-or-purple color. I mean that it’s silky and smooth. It’s a nice mat that invites you to stroke it, specifically while shaping. Dodil reminds us to use water-based lube with this toy. However, the reason isn’t the silicone (which is definitely safe). Their reason is that oil-based lubes are harder to wash off and can come off in the thermos or go down the drain, which is bad for the environment. THIS COMPANY IS MY NEW FAVORITE.
The String
The Dodil sits in a wooden basket with a plastic wire around it, holding it into a curved shape with ridges.
The Dodil sits in a wooden basket, with no wire, but it is solid in a curved shape with a lot of textured ridges.So the Dodil I received was an older version and came with a plastic wire…for lack of a better word. It was almost like using gimp. It was slippery and annoying. I wasn’t the only blogger that thought so either. So what did they do? Well, before I could complain about this thing, Dodil changed the string (after hearing this feedback). I almost feared the Apocalypse was at hand. A company actually calmly took some feedback and just changed their product to make it better? Holy business ethics Batman!!
To Finish Off
I truly think that the Dodil is an amazing product. I throw myself behind this concept 100%. I believe that just about anyone who likes penetration can find a shape they like with with toy. And if the shape you choose doesn’t work, you can make a new one! I love the ingenuity and the sincerity of the folx behind this product. 100% endorsed.
This toy was sent to me directly by Dodil. You can buy it from my friends at Betty’s Toybox, or directly from Dodil! They average around $65-75 (U.S. dollars).

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