Indigo Creates a Sex On the Go Kit!

10 out of 10
Pairs nicely with soylent. It can travel with you, replace a usual stay-at-home meal/drink. And it’s just plain smart to have on hand.
I once saw Bex mention a safer sex kit that they have, and though I had never heard the term before, I immediately knew what was in theirs, what every safer sex kit should have, and what mine should include at all costs. And so, with a lack of funds, I began to slowly build one. I had some condoms from Woodhull that I put into my purse and that was the first step. It wasn’t enough for me, though. What happened if I met a nice vulva-owner who needed my face? What if I met someone with a large toy collection that they needed me to conquer? What if I found someone who wanted to fist me?
I realized that my paltry few condoms were not only useless in these situations, but I was giving into the patriarchy. I was raised as a woman and the expectation that all I needed for “sex” was a condom was inherently erasing my sexuality. So this Christmas, when a good friend of mine asked what I wanted, I happily requested a make-up bag from her company. I had some choices of color, and I went with a subtle black exterior, and a bright pink interior. It was perfect. She made me talk to her family about what it was for too, which made my educator heart soar!
So what did I know was going in this bag? Well, let me take you on a delightful tour of my Safer Sex Kit!
There is a black Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet spread out. On top is a collection of lube samples, condoms, dental dams. There is a small black make-up case next to them, which is opened to reveal black of black gloves and more condoms.
Why yes, I have mentioned condoms already, but let me elaborate. I’m lucky enough to live near a sex shop that has a full wall of single condoms with a wide variety of traits. They have non-lubricated, non-latex, colored, and varied sizes. So I went wild on this wall. I collected an assortment to fill as many needs as possible. I now have at least one of each kind (though often more), so I know that no matter what allergies I meet, I’m covered! I even picked up some colored condoms for fun (because though I’m an adult, I’m still a little at heart).
So I really like variety in my sex. I don’t just want a partner to shove a dick in me and have at it. I like dicks, and PIV (Penis in Vagina) certainly has a place in my usual sex repertoire. However, what if I want anal? What about warm-up? What about just good, old-fashioned finger banging? Well, I’ll need gloves for that. Since I know myself, and will probably want them for butt stuff, I went all out and picked up some black nitrile gloves from my local Homo Home Depot. I wanted the black to hide any potential (insignificant) flecks, which sometimes happen with butt stuff. I also picked up nitrile because latex allergies are incredibly common. (I actually may be allergic, which has shown in my use of latex gloves, but condoms have never bothered me. My body is weird.)
Dental Dams
Yes, I love the vulvae I meet, and I want to be able to pleasure them with my face, as long as the owners of said vulvae also want that. So I have some dental dams in my bag as well. Now, I know it’s possible to cut a condom and use it as a dental dam, but I won’t always have scissors, so I’m definitely glad to have the dams I do. I had to choose from the flavored ones because that was all my store had (I was so upset). If I do have sex with someone who has an allergy, I’ll have to find some scissors and cut up a condom after all. However, for all the other vulva babes, I’ll be set.
So along with a wall of condoms, the shop I visit also conveniently has a wall of lube samples. Small packets of lube that are single use. Almost every sex store has a selection of these, but my local shop is the best and has a huge variety (yes, I am biased). I went in one day and spent about $10 on lube samples for my kit. I bought some of the fun flavored ones, but I also picked up silicone for on-the-go fisting, as well as water-based and organic lube. Again with the “at least one of each” method. Having a variety is important so that none of my partners have to compromise their health just to bang me.
A black make-up chase with a quilted texture is sitting on a black Sheets of San Francisco Fun Sheet. Beside the bag is a small black vibrator.
Bullet Vibe
So I like to have a little small bullet vibe because my clit is really picky about the type of stimulation it gets. I often find that I don’t want others to touch my clit, but to focus their attention on the actual penetration, or other acts. As a result, I like to have a bullet for me to use. In particular, I love the Fun Factory Bullet. It’s a very hard plastic, so I can apply the pressure I usually need to get off. It’s rechargeable as well, so it’s incredibly rumbly for a bullet, and I’m being nice to the environment!
The Biggest Item of All
Now, I don’t always know what will happen when I have sex on the go, but usually if there will be penetration, there will be a lot of natural lubricant produced. My body is really juicy, as I’ve mentioned before. So with my Sex on the Go Kit, I needed to have something more than just barriers for my partners. I need barriers for my environment too.
My local club uses puppy pads, which are just around for anyone to use. I loved this idea because it’s something I need for every scene that involves penetration. However, though this is good for a club, I wanted to reduce my impact on the environment because that’s very important to me. So instead, I use a waterproof sheet.
In my case, I use the Sheets of San Francisco. I love this sheet in particular for my safer sex kit because it folds up small. Unfolded, it’s 84″ x 100″ (that’s more than 7 feet by 8 feet, for those counting at home), but it folds to less than a cubic foot! It holds up to wear and tear, and it’s safe to be washed, so I always know that if something comes home with me, it will get washed away. My small items live in the make-up case and that acts as sort of a small, emergency kit. But it’s rare that I take just that kit. Instead, I’d much rather have a small tote with that kit, and my fluid-proof sheet.
Even though my Safer Sex Kit has expanded past my make-up case, it’s more than worth it to have all my bases covered (heh).

Indigo Tries the Dodil!

10 out of 10
Pairs well with a top shelf vodka. This can mix with almost anything and is so versatile that almost every drink benefits from it’s presence.
This toy was sent to me directly by Dodil. You can buy it from my friends at Betty’s Toybox, or directly from Dodil! They average around $65-75 (U.S. dollars).
A teal thermos is closed and sitting on a table. There is a wooden basket behind it. On the bottom of the thermos are the words Dodil in white letters.
Okay, so when I write reviews, I really try to see these toys from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have an entertainment system full of sex toys. The reason I do that is because I don’t write for bloggers (though I love them). I want to make my reviews as applicable for anyone who just happens to roll by. I am aware that when I started my blog, I had more sex toys than the average human. And I only had 6 at the time. So when I came across the Dodil, I was absolutely delighted. It can be almost any shape? It’s a pretty color? It comes with a cool thermos? The company is really awesome? I loved it already, which is something I have to admit so that you know my biases.
Then the Dodil arrived at my door. I was incredibly excited to try this toy…
And then I went through a break-up…
And then I was out of town…
But I came back and I finally felt able to go through the process of softening and reshaping the Dodil! I had been putting off the process because it takes about 30 minutes to soften, and for a month or so, my masturbation urges had not really perceived past maybe 2-3 minutes. Basically, when I wanted to get off, I wanted to just get it done. I didn’t want to take a silicone log and soften it and then wait and then shape it and then wait more. I wanted to get boned and then move on!
I’m sad at all the great masturbation sessions I missed out on now.
The Shapesperience
There is a teal thermos with water in it sitting on a table. The Dodil, which looks like a teal silicone log is inside. The lid is next to the thermos.
So the Dodil Website has a lot of good instructions and words, but let me tell you from a real, hands-on experience what shaping the Dodil is like. You open the thermos and there is a teal silicone log. It’s a weird and plain shape, probably awful as a sex toy. You put the kettle on. Make sure you have enough water for a cuppa, as well as the thermos. If you’re the type who doesn’t own a kettle, then just a pot of water will work. After the water boils, pour it into the thermos and close it. Make and enjoy that cuppa now. It takes the Dodil about 20-30 minutes to soften to shaping consistency.
Enjoyed your tea/coffee? Great! Now, Open that thermos. Be careful, because we put boiling hot water in there, remember? Pour that water out a little. Let the dildo cool (it only needs like 30 seconds or so). Then pull it out and set it down on a towel (again, about 30 seconds to a minute was good for me; waiting times may vary). After it’s all cool enough to touch, gently squeeze it into shape. You have about 20 minutes at average room temperature to shape the Dodil, so beware of that. But that gives you at least 15 minutes to sit there and squeeze it like a soft stress ball. You can use the string Dodil provides, or just your hands. I will warn you that if you want it to cool into any shape that isn’t “log,” you need to hold it somehow. When I was done playing with it, I held it in a good shape under a cool faucet. That hardened it quicker, but it did leave my hands a little numb.
Now, here’s a Snapple fact: The Dodil is likely to end up in a shape that won’t fit into the thermos. That’s okay. I’ve asked the kind folks there. I have been told that any container which closes will work, and nothing will react with the Dodil. As long as a container has a sealing lid and won’t react with hot water, it will hold the Dodil while it softens. That’s good to know because I was really worried about breaking my new favorite toy.
The Dodil sits in a wooden basket. It is shaped to have three sections with narrow bits between each section. It curves upward overall.
In Use
Well, I don’t know how to work on this section, to be honest. I normally talk about how a toy feels and the benefits and drawbacks of it’s shape. Here’s the thing though: The Dodil has no set shape. Therefore, all it’s drawbacks don’t really exist. I suppose one could argue that if it’s drawbacks don’t exist then neither do it’s benefits. However, the benefits rest it’s nature, which is to change. So suck it, philosophers. I love this toy.
What I can talk about is the silicone. It’s beautiful. I don’t just mean that delightful, inviting, not-pink-or-purple color. I mean that it’s silky and smooth. It’s a nice mat that invites you to stroke it, specifically while shaping. Dodil reminds us to use water-based lube with this toy. However, the reason isn’t the silicone (which is definitely safe). Their reason is that oil-based lubes are harder to wash off and can come off in the thermos or go down the drain, which is bad for the environment. THIS COMPANY IS MY NEW FAVORITE.
The String
The Dodil sits in a wooden basket with a plastic wire around it, holding it into a curved shape with ridges.
The Dodil sits in a wooden basket, with no wire, but it is solid in a curved shape with a lot of textured ridges.So the Dodil I received was an older version and came with a plastic wire…for lack of a better word. It was almost like using gimp. It was slippery and annoying. I wasn’t the only blogger that thought so either. So what did they do? Well, before I could complain about this thing, Dodil changed the string (after hearing this feedback). I almost feared the Apocalypse was at hand. A company actually calmly took some feedback and just changed their product to make it better? Holy business ethics Batman!!
To Finish Off
I truly think that the Dodil is an amazing product. I throw myself behind this concept 100%. I believe that just about anyone who likes penetration can find a shape they like with with toy. And if the shape you choose doesn’t work, you can make a new one! I love the ingenuity and the sincerity of the folx behind this product. 100% endorsed.
This toy was sent to me directly by Dodil. You can buy it from my friends at Betty’s Toybox, or directly from Dodil! They average around $65-75 (U.S. dollars).

Indigo Tries the Bijoux Indiscret's Tassel Choker Brown

4 out of 10
Pairs nicely with a Blue Curacao. It sounds like it’s going to be amazing, and make anything better. But really, it’s just too much and overwhelms.
This was sent to me by Shevibe! If you enjoy it and want to buy it, consider buying it here in Black (which I did not receive) or Brown (which I did, and photos are below).
The Bijoux Indescrets Tassel Choker sits on a decorated bento box. It is plain tan leather strap with leather cords hanging from one ring in the middle of the strap. There is a box in the background that has the brand name on it.
So when I saw this item on the list available, I was really excited. I have heard about subtle fetish wear. I consider it the high-class kink coding of apparel. I saw that pretty brown color and I decided to add it to my list of requests, thinking I would wear it to every party and enjoy how my partner pulled on it. I pictured me in lovely outfits with this around my neck and casually drinking champagne. I was completely drawn in by that fancy name which rolls off the tongue in a french accent I don’t have: Bijoux Indescret.
When it showed up at my door, I was scheduled to go to a Burlesque show that night. So I went upstairs with my new fun accessory and I attempted to put together an outfit for it. I was up there for at least an hour. My gender feelings were off. Then that color didn’t match. I had the choker on, switching out shirt after shirt. Make-up or no? Should I put in earrings or is that too much?
As it turns out, this choker is hard to match with. The color is fairly easy, as it’s tan and that’s a neutral color. But the style is anything but neutral. It’s got long tassels and it evokes the idea of a long neck. It completely erases my hick nature just putting it on. But the problem is that I am not a fancy, high-class human. I have button ups, but they all have plaid. I have dress pants, but they are all really stretchy pants that happen to come in black. As it turns out, this high-class aesthetic is hard to match unless you’re going to a cocktail party.
Indigo with a knitted vest that has blue and red stripes. They are wearing the Bijoux Indescrets Tassel Choker and they have make-up on. In the background, there is a mirror which reflects the clasp of the choker on the largest setting.
I even took this choker to Playground Conference, which is a fetish event in many ways, but I still couldn’t find a way to wear it. I have to let myself down easy here: I may not be the best person for this gorgeous high-brow attire.
However, here’s another thought. Why should I be working so hard to fit this choker into my life? Perhaps Bijoux isn’t my aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love a choker that is. Something like those weird wire criss-cross ones I used to own when I was 12. Perhaps a simpler silver chain. A leather cord with some subtle words etched into it. These are things that I could fit into an everyday look. I feel that I would wear them more and feel more like myself wearing them.
Now, if a fancy event comes up, will I be able to wear this piece? Oh absolutely. But until the local country club lowers it’s prices, or possibly someone rich sweeps me off my feet, I will have to let this sit in it’s box collecting dust.
So this choker is really not my style, and that might be enough to earn a 4 in some cases, but it’s not the real reason it’s a 4 right now. I have my biggest, fattest bone to pick, so lean back and get comfy. This choker is extremely small. I wore it on the last hole, and it was still tight. Honestly, I’m sure that’s 40-50% of the reason why I don’t think it fits my aesthetic. Because it doesn’t even fit on my neck. I would also like to say that this is not a sized product either. This is a one-size necklace. So if your neck is bigger than (roughly) 17.5″, you are shit out of luck here.
I am fairly tired of companies ignoring plus sized folx in their quest to make money. I would spend so much money to have some accessories that fit my body. So would all the fat folx in the world. So why does this company ignore us? Well, it’s probably lost in the past like so many others. This isn’t an overt aggression on their part. But it is an aggression in many ways. I have a lot of anger about this choker because I loved the style. I love the feel of it. It’s classy. It’s pretty. It’s dainty. But it just doesn’t fit. So I’m done trying to make this work for me. I shouldn’t have to work so hard to wear a necklace. Instead, I’m going to wear the cord necklaces I already own.
Enjoy, straight-sized folx. There’s something better somewhere else for me.
This was sent to me by Shevibe! If you enjoy it and want to buy it, consider buying it here in Black (which I did not receive) or Brown (which I did, and photos are below).

Indigo Tries the Real Nude Helio!

7 out of 10
Pairs well with a Schnapps mixed drink. It’s pretty tasty, and I would even say easy. But it’s really too soft for me.
I was sent this toy by Shevibe in exchange for a fair and honest review. Consider purchasing it here in Indigo (the best color) or Violet (also good I guess)!
A dildo sits in a plastic blister case. It is indigo in color with a bulbous head, and a suction cup base.
So when Shevibe offered this toy, I was originally not enthused, but I absolutely had to have this beautiful color because it’s my name, and I need everything to be about me. As soon as it arrived, I needed to take as many pictures as possible because I absolutely love this color. It’s by far one of my prettiest dildos in terms of sheer color. (Can you tell I’m a Leo???)
You eat with your eyes first, they say. And though that’s not really true for me, I will admit that I do fuck with my eyes first. Wait, no. That’s creepy.
What I mean is that aesthetics are important. I believe this is true for most people. That’s why there are such strong preferences regarding phallic or non-phallic insertables. This dildo is not too whimsical that I feel it’s pandering to me. It’s also not realistic. I think I would describe this as a very classy shape. It’s not assuming one way or another. It’s not too big, but it’s big enough to be felt. At 6 insertable inches, it comes in very average as far as length goes. Attainable, but not puny. It’s also a solid 1.5″ at it’s widest point.
Now, I want to point out that a lot of people have some issues with 1.5″ diameter, but you should not fear this dildo for that. Blush claims that this dildo is dual density, and I can confirm. There is a delightfully squishy outside to this dildo. My issue it the firm inner core. I feel that it is firmer, but it doesn’t accomplish what I need a firm core to accomplish. When I think of dual density, I think of products like Tantus or Vixen, where the flexibility isn’t noticeable. An arc at best bend. With the Helio, I can literally touch the base of the dildo with the head. I know a lot of people who would love the give and squish of this dildo, but it just frustrates me, to be honest.
And Indigo version of the Nude Helio sits on a Blush novelties bag. The dildo is thin with a large head. It has a large suction cup base.
Inserting the Helio is a pain because any amount of resistance will cause it to bend, which makes it difficult to thrust with any kind of force. Additionally, when I finally have it lubed and inserted, any thrusting at all will often cause it to bend in my vagina. Though this doesn’t feel bad, I don’t consider it a good thing either.
Now, there are good things about the silicone density. For one thing, this toy is the least threatening thing to ever encounter my cervix. I feel like in order to actually hurt myself with this, I would have to attach some kind of spike. Or possibly attempting to stick it into the wrong orifice entirely. Although if you have any luck shoving this in your nose, good job I guess?
Basically, this dildo feels like a beginner dildo. As we know, I’m no beginner. So this won’t be one I use very often. However, I see that there is a huge market for this. I would even say there is a need for this dildo. Something that is soft and easy to use would be helpful to folx who are new, or even have some physical trauma. Additionally, this dildo is a really great toy in the traditional sense of toy. I highly recommend sticking to the wall and just batting it around. When you’re impaired in any way (even just lacking sleep), it’s a great game.
I was sent this toy by Shevibe in exchange for a fair and honest review. Consider purchasing it here in Indigo (the best color) or Violet (also good I guess)!

Woodhull Sponsor Call 2018

My name is Indigo Wolfe. I’m a small, but growing sexuality blogger. You’ve successfully made it to my blog, but I want to tell you a bit more. I’m a student in a local D.C. university studying sexuality, sex and psychology. Though I have made many connections and grown so much, I am looking to attend Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit once again. At Woodhull last year, I met many bloggers and created a professional support network that has become invaluable to me. I also learned a great deal about the industry I work in. I want to attend again, so I can connect with more fellow bloggers, learn about this industry, and possibly promote a great product/service. Perhaps this product/service could be yours.
I have done the calculations. As a D.C. native and local, I don’t require too much to make it to Woodhull. I need room, money for food and other fun things, and some extra to compensate for work. I have added these up, and it comes out to a top number of $700. I’m looking to cover costs entirely, and there are bonuses if I exceed my costs. If I receive more than 700$ from any combination of sponsors, I will place all of the extra into donations to Woodhull, as well as helping other bloggers struggling reach Woodhull.
Why Should You Sponsor Me?
1.) I’m still fairly new to the scene. I have little to no bias in toys and toy companies. I have been neutral in all reviews I post, including products that I have received directly from companies. If you don’t believe me, look at this review.
2.) My cost is low. As a D.C. local, I don’t need travel money, and as a con regular, I know how to eat on a budget. I’m also volunteering for Woodhull, both to help this fantastic foundation, and so that my costs are lower.
3.) I’ve worked in customer service for 10 years. I am good at working with people. I smile at everyone, and I laugh at every joke. I have the manners and attitude of a human you want to represent your brand. (Though I’ll be the first to admit that you may want to write the promotional tweets because my charm does not translate to the web.)
What Do You Get?
I have such a low cost that I have only a few levels of support that I’m offering.
$100 – 1 month of:
I will advertise for your company in my about page, and sidebar. I will tweet 4 tweets promoting your company during that month. I will review 1 toy/service for you. 3-4 tweets during Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit with your chosen hashtag.
$300 – 3 months of:
I will advertise for your company in my about page, and sidebar. I will tweet 6 tweets per month promoting your company. I will review a total of 3 toys/services for you. 9-12 tweets during Woodhull Sexual Freedom summit with your chosen hashtag.
$700 – From now to Woodhull  Removed for time constraints
I will advertise for your company in my about page, and sidebar. I will tweet 6 tweets per month promoting your company (including August). I will review 1 toy/service per month for you (including 1 in the month of August). An exclusive hashtag for you, which I will use in tweets beginning in July, leading up to, and throughout Woodhull.
If you would like to sponsor me at any level, or discuss other ways we can work together, please email me at
And that wraps it up. I’m new, but I am an old D.C. local. I know how to work conventions, and I am more than familiar with promotion of brands. I have a low cost need, but I have a lot of time to promote your company.