Indigo Tries Migliori Silicone Lube!

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9 out of 10
Pairs nicely with a gin martini. It’s fancy and elegant in name and design. You don’t need much for it to get the job done.
A glass bottle with a silver top sits on a knitted fabric. There is Migliori written on the bottle in a fancy font.
This product was sent to me by Peepshow Toys in exchange for a fair and honest review. If you are interested in this, please buy through this link, and I make some commission at no extra cost to you!
Ingredients:  Dimethiconol, Cyclimethicone, Dimethicone, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B
I’m a little sick as I write this, and this will be short. Partly because it will be a little delirious, but also because it’s lube and my perspectives on lube don’t take more than 700 words on average.
This is the second lube that I’ve gotten the chance to review, and it is in fact the second through Peepshow. My first was the Butters Lube, which I use less and less, in favor of this new lube. I have experienced a lot of lube in my life, largely due to working at a sex shop for two months. Our samples were out of control, and we often were given samples as gifts by visiting companies. It became like a little Easter egg hunt in my life. Where is the lube today? To this day, I think I have some lube samples in my satchel, and I really do not know why.
Moving on to some specifics. Migliori comes with a fancy bag that has a velour type fabric. I spent a good 20 minutes playing with this bag, and I wasn’t even inebriated at the time, so that’s a perk which raises the rating right there. As it turns out, if you’re product stinks, but you put it in fun packaging, I will have a more favorable review of it. Oops?
When I opened it, my first thought was “Ah, butts, this is going to be hard to photograph…” The reason for this is that the top is chrome-style. In my photos, it looks brushed or frosted because I needed a way to get my face out of the photo. It was pretty amusing because my face showed up in the first photo so clearly, but it was a stupid shape because the top is conical. After about 20 minutes laughing my butt off, I found that if I breathed on the top, I had enough time to snap a few pictures, which I happily used in this post.
So now that I’ve talked way too much about the appearance of this lube, I’m sure you would like to know how it works. Well, the first thing I’ll say is that I do try to keep silicone lubes away from silicone toys. This limits how many situations I can use this lube in, because only a few of my toys are glass or stainless steel (which is just a damn travesty, tbh). Some silicone does not play well together, and it’s hard to tell which silicone will. As a result, my shop recommended only water-based lubricant with soft toys, and I follow that rule to be safe.
It’s hard to say a whole lot about how the lube works, honestly. It’s lube. It stays wet, and dries in a lovely powdery feel. It’s never stained my bed sheets. It tastes like the typical unscented lube. I use only one dot and then I’m good to go on butt stuff (or you know, whatever else).
What I do love is the dispensing. I hate reaching into any tub of lube, but this has a pump that makes my day so much easier. I can hold it directly close to my genitals or apply to the toy itself. Pumps make me so happy. It’s actually my favorite part of this lube. It occurs to me that I may be not the best at lube reviews because I’m not known to be extra sensitive, so I don’t offer a lot of perspective. But damn it, I do know how I like lube to get from it’s packaging to my parts.
In short, this lube is actually really satisfactory. It’s housing and packaging is undoubtedly my favorite part of the whole deal. Considering that I just spent about 600 words talking primarily about the bottle, bag and pump, I think it’s time for me to stop. I should clearly prevent myself from writing reviews while sick…


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