Indigo Tries Edging!

10 out of 10
This pairs nicely with a good light beer. If you’re trash like me, you use a domestic like Budweiser. But if you’re classier (god I hope so), then any light craft beer will do nicely. It has that sneaking up on you, prolonged effect. Great for a day when you have a lot of time to kill.
So first, let’s define edging for those who don’t know it! Edging is the act of pleasing your partner to the edge of an orgasm, but not to the point of orgasm. You could play this in an orgasm denial perspective, or a teasing perspective. I like both approaches and they feel very different for me! Sometimes, you physically pleasure them. Other times, you could order them to pleasure themselves or tease through text. All of these are great ways to experiment with edging!
So my first experience with edging involved me and a fantasy. Since I was still exploring, I edged myself almost to orgasm and then I stopped. However, I had nothing else to distract me, so after playing around on my phone for maybe a minute, I gave in and resumed masturbating. The orgasm was lack-luster because it lost momentum and I didn’t have enough time to gain it back. However, I was still intrigued by this idea. I’m very submissive, and it’s easy for me to love the idea of someone making me (or preventing me from) reaching orgasm. It’s jut so…out of control.
So I attempted it with my boyfriend at the time, but as it turns out, he’s a real nice guy and also got off on seeing me orgasm. So it didn’t really work. I gave up on edging for a long time. And then…I started texting a domly dude from Tinder and he asked the magic question: Are you into edging? So I gave him a rundown on my feelings, experiences and a strong “PLEASE GOD YES LET’S DO IT RIGHT NOW.” And we did.
So that night, he sent me a text. I had just gotten high and fucked myself like 6 times. I was truly out of control. And the he said “I hope it’s not too forward to ask, but I have an assignment for you. I want you to edge yourself 4 times at 10 minutes each. And then (and only then), you can have two orgasms.”
“…yes professor. :peach emoji; winking emoji:”
With my roommate on the couch downstairs, I went upstairs, grabbed my Doxy and edged myself for 10 minutes.
“One. That wasn’t so bad.” “Good.”
And then I watched an episode of the TV show my roommate and I were watching. I let her know I would need a break to edge for my new dom friend and we paused between that episode and the next.
“Two. Okay, that was tougher.” “Very good.”
One more episode. Food. Sex scene. I’m starting to feel my vulva swell easier than before. My pot is wearing off too.
“Three… Jesus this is so hard now.” “You’re doing great, kid.” “Woof.”
And because it was bedtime, I didn’t have TV to distract me. I sat down to do some work on a review. It was so hard to focus with my clit throbbing. But I said I would do it. It’s the last one, and I need at least 10 minutes between each session.
“Four. Oh my god I’m so ready to cum.” “Great job. A+. You can cum very soon.”
So I waited for 10 more cruel minutes. The clock slowed down. My work was half-assed. And then, I was finally able to crawl into bed with a vibrator and a dildo. I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t feel my legs for 20 minutes. I texted this new dom after each orgasm.
“Heck. I did it. I can’t feel my legs.” “100% completion. Great work.” “Thank you, professor.” “I’m glad I could help my student succeed in their goal.”
And at this point, we lose the thread because Indigo fucking melted into a puddle.
When I solidified again, I began to think about what I got from this kink. Well, I got what I expected. I got a great couple of orgasms. I got a really good submissive feeling. However, what I didn’t expect was a huge blossom of self-love that I experienced right after receiving the praise I was due. At first, I thought it was the praise that did it. Simple pride would be a good feeling.
This was different, though. I felt calm and at peace with my body and myself. I felt like I had meditated through physical mediums and I looked for why. As it turns out, in order to edge yourself, you have to be aware of your body. You have to learn it’s signals, and respect them. Since I’ve been going through Dialectical Behavioral Training, I recognized this as mindfulness (where my psychology geeks at?). I had listened to my body and my wants. I helped them align with my needs. As a result, I built a trust in myself just a little bit. It was more than I bargained for, but in the best way.
I immediately texted my dom about this and we de-briefed about the whole experience. What was good? What could be better? What terms felt natural? What terms felt forced? I told him about my mindfulness, but he isn’t a psychology nerd like me, so it went a little unnoticed. And instead, I texted some other sex geeks, and I got what I needed from them.
Being the type of person who wants all sides to an action, I immediately went to Twitter to ask about Edging from other folx. Specifically, I wanted some negative stories. Sometimes, when you don’t let yourself orgasm, but continue to stimulate, it can create an orgasm that is less fulfilling than if you just rush headfirst into the orgasm. Several people talked about losing orgasms completely from edging. A few folks even talked about feeling frustration or pain from edging. I want to point out that it’s important to listen to yourself. Edging may not be for you, and that is okay. I know that I can’t edge continuously for very long without experiencing frustration. I much prefer edging that lasts 10 minutes and then lets me back off. With this method, I have stronger orgasms because I feel paid attention to without being tortured. (I do love torturous play, but it is different.)
Even with all the bad parts of edging, I’m still a really big fan. I hope that my future partners will give me similar tasks, or edge me in person. Not only does it feel kinky and pleasant, but it also came with so many affirming emotions. If you enjoy teasing and being teased (which I certainly do), you may find yourself enjoying edging as well!

Indigo is a Sex Diety

6 out of 10
Pairs nicely with a fruit wine. Sometimes, it’s great. You drink it, you love it. It’s sweet without being overwhelming. Other times, you drink it, but it’s cough syrup. And still other times, it’s too sour.
So in my life, I have had sex with 6 people. It doesn’t seem like a lot, I know. What I lack in diversity, I make up for in occurrence, I promise. Here’s some stats!

  • Three of them were boyfriends; One of them was a VERY DRUNK one night stand where nothing could happen because I had cotton mouth and no incentive to do better. Two were short-term partners who I only had sex with once.
  • All were cis-men (which still makes me so sad, and I’m working on changing my record).
  • Within the relationships each of them said “You are the best lay/blowjob/handjob/etc. I’ve had.” Some act or the whole experience stood out as a best.
  • After the relationships, I only kept in contact with two (the third just fell off the map); both of those maintain that I have been the best sex they’ve had.
  • In my recent relationship (of two years), I had sex an average of twice a week.

It’s worth knowing: Two points make a line, but it’s not set in stone. If you, dear reader, are hoping to bang me and that happens, please don’t put extra pressure on me. That is the number one way to ensure that I will not be at my best.
But if I follow this pattern (and I’m sure I will), then I will conclude that I’m fucking awesome at sex. To the point that both of these exes still masturbate to fantasies of me. So I asked them some questions about what made our sex so good. And I tried to narrow down how my sexual activities set me apart from others that they’ve had. I got some really great responses, and I want to share them here with you!
Some of it is genetic! So I’ll start with the bad news. Some of being a sex god in written into your genetics. I like sex a lot, and I can go for hours. I have no gag reflex (thank you, public school lunches). I don’t bleed in my cycle anymore. My labia are firm and large, helping to cushion, as well as prevent over-insertion. I have a high roof to my mouth, which lets me maneuver more during a blow job. (Apparently, I almost swallowed a sweet gherkin as a child. It’s very appropriate considering where I ended up, honestly.)  I also have a huge butt. If someone’s cock doesn’t want to go into a hole, I can just shove it between my cheeks and sort of…motorboat it to orgasm? It’s rare that this happens though because I’m a size kweeng.
I ask for what I want. That’s right. One ex told me that it was amazing how much confidence I had in asking for what I want. I had been dying to try rope play, so on our second interaction, I brought some rope. We tried it that night and it was amazing even though it was only our second sexual encounter. Maybe don’t follow this exact example. It was probably less than safe, logically speaking. Just because I turned out fine doesn’t mean it was a good idea. After all, kink and power play requires a lot of trust.
A direct quote: “It was impossible to refuse you anything because you knew just how to act and what to say.” My enthusiasm for new things, and willingness to ask for what I want was a huge turn on for this ex. Another ex said, “There was a confidence in your asking. I was domming a lot, but I always felt like you could take control if you wanted to. And that was somehow hot.”
I praised them with words and noises. My most recent ex told me that my praises were the best part of sex, which was backed up by this quote from my first ex: “There was passion and interplay. You were vocal.” So I definitely had a lot of responses to how I vocalize during sex. The ironic thing is that this is a skill I had to teach myself. I grew up with thin walls and my first sexual encounters were quiet, but lovely. And when a partner pointed this out, I actually worked on it. What I say and noises I make are actually more thought out than others believe. Those self-taught noises ended up being a favorite part of my sexuality.
I follow their lead. I have a specific memory of my first make-out session with a boy. We were sitting on my porch and I leaned in for the kiss. I saw he wasn’t going to, but I had decided that I wanted to make the fuck out with a human, so I did (to be clear, he was consenting, just awkward). I remember gently feeling how his lips moved and let him work where he wanted. By the end, he had focused almost entirely on my bottom lip, and I was free to explore his tongue and top lip. Occasionally, we would switch, but for the most part, it was easy to read each other.
Later, in my first blow job, I did something similar. Letting my lips and tongue move where they wanted to. I explored and listen. Eventually, I switched to my hands so I could examine his facial expressions, reading exactly what worked.
These are both examples of how I didn’t know someone and just followed their lead. As it turns out, we are communicating through body language at every second. Instead of guessing if something was right or wrong, I read the body language that was presented. In fact, sex is the only area that I trust myself with body language. It’s possible that this skill has been a part of my submissive identity since the dawn of my sexuality.
Some technique is involved. I’ll be honest. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and openness to be had with sex. But there are some techniques. “You ride a dick like it was your god damn job.” “The intercourse was always amazing.” “I’d be happy to fuck the shit out of you, but I need more of that [blow job] first.” These are all quotes from exes that talk about different acts which I was particularly good at.
The techniques I use for blow jobs feel pretty obvious to me. I start out slow and build up, both speed and suction. I use my tongue wherever I can, and I frequently get asked to deep throat, which I happily do because as stated above, I have no gag reflex. I recommend starting blow jobs with some over-the-pants work. Get your partner really worked up. If you’re with the type who gets undressed too fast, that’s okay! There are plenty of erogenous zones around the pelvis. Where the inside of the thighs meet the torso is my favorite because no one expects it. As for actually having the dick in your mouth, remember to slow down and breath sometimes. Giving them and yourself a break is a good idea. Both for asking what they like best and for building suspense.
When I’m riding someone, I focus on my hips and how they can rotate. I was a dance major for my two-year degree, so I’m hyper-aware of where my body is moving and I use flexibility to my advantage. If you want to replicate some of what I do, I suggest using your butt as a spring. Land on it gently, and use that cushion to give you some spring back up. Leaning forward or back can change the angle and by extension, the whole feel of the act. And my favorite move is to use circles. Circular motion can be better for stamina, as well as sensations.
What happens when I fail? Well, I recently had a sexual encounter where there was just no chemistry. I wanted to experience something, but it wasn’t there. I continued because the acts felt good, and I wouldn’t say I regret the encounter by any stretch. However, there was something with the pheromones that just made it hard for me to enjoy this person. The taste, the smell of them was all wrong for me. As a result, I wasn’t very giving. I was a needy brat and such a bottom. However, even this person wanted a second interaction. We are friends now, and not partners, but he asked if we might play sometimes. I didn’t say never, but I also turned him down. So apparently, even in my moments of self-described failure, I still receive so well that folx will want a second encounter.
I strive to make my sexual encounters full of enthusiasm. I choose my partners carefully, and I usually go out on one or two dates first to make sure my choices are justified and not forced. During the encounter, I try to make eye contact at points to see what’s going on in their heads. I listen to the noises that mean what I have tried was good (or bad). But primarily, I assume that I have very little technical prowess. As a result, I am forced to experiment on them. I find out first hand what they like and what they don’t. When I can get all these points just right, I love the way that my domly humans lose control at the moment they orgasm. I am a sex deity, and you can be too!

Indigo Tries Migliori Silicone Lube!

9 out of 10
Pairs nicely with a gin martini. It’s fancy and elegant in name and design. You don’t need much for it to get the job done.
A glass bottle with a silver top sits on a knitted fabric. There is Migliori written on the bottle in a fancy font.
This product was sent to me by Peepshow Toys in exchange for a fair and honest review. If you are interested in this, please buy through this link, and I make some commission at no extra cost to you!
Ingredients:  Dimethiconol, Cyclimethicone, Dimethicone, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B
I’m a little sick as I write this, and this will be short. Partly because it will be a little delirious, but also because it’s lube and my perspectives on lube don’t take more than 700 words on average.
This is the second lube that I’ve gotten the chance to review, and it is in fact the second through Peepshow. My first was the Butters Lube, which I use less and less, in favor of this new lube. I have experienced a lot of lube in my life, largely due to working at a sex shop for two months. Our samples were out of control, and we often were given samples as gifts by visiting companies. It became like a little Easter egg hunt in my life. Where is the lube today? To this day, I think I have some lube samples in my satchel, and I really do not know why.
Moving on to some specifics. Migliori comes with a fancy bag that has a velour type fabric. I spent a good 20 minutes playing with this bag, and I wasn’t even inebriated at the time, so that’s a perk which raises the rating right there. As it turns out, if you’re product stinks, but you put it in fun packaging, I will have a more favorable review of it. Oops?
When I opened it, my first thought was “Ah, butts, this is going to be hard to photograph…” The reason for this is that the top is chrome-style. In my photos, it looks brushed or frosted because I needed a way to get my face out of the photo. It was pretty amusing because my face showed up in the first photo so clearly, but it was a stupid shape because the top is conical. After about 20 minutes laughing my butt off, I found that if I breathed on the top, I had enough time to snap a few pictures, which I happily used in this post.
So now that I’ve talked way too much about the appearance of this lube, I’m sure you would like to know how it works. Well, the first thing I’ll say is that I do try to keep silicone lubes away from silicone toys. This limits how many situations I can use this lube in, because only a few of my toys are glass or stainless steel (which is just a damn travesty, tbh). Some silicone does not play well together, and it’s hard to tell which silicone will. As a result, my shop recommended only water-based lubricant with soft toys, and I follow that rule to be safe.
It’s hard to say a whole lot about how the lube works, honestly. It’s lube. It stays wet, and dries in a lovely powdery feel. It’s never stained my bed sheets. It tastes like the typical unscented lube. I use only one dot and then I’m good to go on butt stuff (or you know, whatever else).
What I do love is the dispensing. I hate reaching into any tub of lube, but this has a pump that makes my day so much easier. I can hold it directly close to my genitals or apply to the toy itself. Pumps make me so happy. It’s actually my favorite part of this lube. It occurs to me that I may be not the best at lube reviews because I’m not known to be extra sensitive, so I don’t offer a lot of perspective. But damn it, I do know how I like lube to get from it’s packaging to my parts.
In short, this lube is actually really satisfactory. It’s housing and packaging is undoubtedly my favorite part of the whole deal. Considering that I just spent about 600 words talking primarily about the bottle, bag and pump, I think it’s time for me to stop. I should clearly prevent myself from writing reviews while sick…

Indigo Loves Hair

10 out of 10 forever.
Pairs nicely with a drink that you choose, because it’s you that makes the decisions!
Content Warning: There is talk of consensual hair pulling, dom/sub dynamics and some devastatingly handsome selfies which may include a bit of chest showing. 
Indigo in a ball pit, covered with white plastic balls. You can see their eyes, perfect freckles and short hair. It is swept to one side and spiked on the other.
So I’ve spent a good amount of time with partners, trying very hard to find out what I like and communicate this to my partners. Of course, the first thing that I communicate to partners these days is just how much I like having my hair pulled during play. I was thinking about this in the two months that my recent partner and I broke up. Primarily, because no one was pulling my hair, and it was truly awful.
What is it that I really love about hair? I thought about tweeting out a thread. I thought about writing it in my journal. But then I realized that I have something big and loud to say about hair, and I wanted to place in on here for all of you to read. Because yes, I really love hair that much.
Indigo with all-over extremely short hair, like it was shaved just a few weeks before. They are very soaked from rain.
When I was a kid, I never let anyone touch my hair. I never put it up because that felt weird. It was constantly tangled and I did my best to never wash it. Even then, I had my roots in being as close to garbage as possible. It wasn’t until I was 15 or so, after my father died and I had my masculine-style growth spurts that I began to think of my hair as part of my personality. I took to twitter to hear about other’s experiences of hair through childhood. Pillow Princess and Sex Bloggess had similar experiences to mine. Whether it was through active choices by parents or just lack of thought, their hair wasn’t part of expression until their teenage years, when it became important to their sense of self.
In my teenage years, I first experimented with color. I started with red because my mother would let me. But once that was in my hair, it was hard to argue against other colors. Reds made me feel older and powerful. Blues made me feel whimsical and silly. Purples made me feel serious. But my favorite was always the rainbow. I loved how rainbow hair made people look at me. It put me at the front of every picture. I felt like I could stand out without even trying and with just my hair, I was seen. I wasn’t invisible anymore. Hermione Danger talks about how her mother forgets that her signature hair color isn’t natural. Hair color is important no matter who you are, even if style falls by the wayside.Profile shot of Indigo. They have an undercut, but their middle section of hair is long and braided to one side.
To illustrate this, I had unusual colors throughout high school, but I typically had a boring haircut. It would go through long and short stages, but it was never “edgy” or even particularly personalized. Now I understand that my hair usually can’t be edgy. It really just varies through different types of fluffy or cute. It just grows. Even in my teens, I never worried about putting it up or leaving it down. It boiled down to what was convenient. I believe that this was the first manifestation of my self-love.
Though my hair was “boring,” it was practical in the cut. I didn’t force myself to do anything with it unless I wanted to. The color was my interest piece. It started conversations and helped me feel less plain. I was always tall and broad. I was head-strong and also shy. So I faded into the background a lot. Those colors were the things that reminded me I wasn’t just another piece of scenery rolling by. It was grounding to feel special, and it felt like I could control something in my life where I struggled with sexuality and depression.
Indigo in a pink top with their hair pushed up. It's in a tight up-do that resembles a mo-hawk.Once I became an adult and lived on my own, I found a lot more expression in my hair style. I was exploring my sexuality and my gender with zeal now. I began to feel like plain, long hair wasn’t me, and I gave myself an undercut. This felt like the first revolution of my hair style. It felt so liberating and it felt so queer. I don’t want anyone to walk away thinking there is a “queer style.” But to explore the norms of society and break them down in a bold visual way is subversive. This helps me feel more connected with the other ways I am subversive, which is primarily my queerness.
Dr. Timaree agreed that hair can make you stand out, but in a vulnerable way. She described a change in her hair color and how it made her need to face being openly stared out. She felt she had to be “cooler” to match this new color. Sex Bloggess also talked about growing hers out in order to have something to hide behind. This sentiment has been echoed across many friends of mine, who marvel over how I can cut and shave my head. How exposed I must be when I do this. The same exposure was echoed by Pillow Princess as she discussed her experience with chemo. Losing the option or hair was hard for her, and wigs were the method she used to continue feeling comfortable in her appearance.Indigo is topless and you can see their upper chest. They have a shaved side of hair with the rest sweeping away from that side in waves.
For my hair style and brand, I focus on how it changes. My confidence comes from every person who says “You can just pull off anything, can’t you?” Because I can. I am a chameleon, but others find it to be better as a static style. It’s part of them to be seen with that style. Rose of Hedonish finds that her curly hair is part of her. She knows it’s awesome and that makes it easier for her to take on the world.
So hair is more than what we see. It’s what we feel. How we feel about ourselves, and how it feels to be exposed. Hair can make us powerful. I decided to write about hair because of it’s impact on my personal life, and self-perception. But I also wanted to write about how it has a huge role in my sex life. And this is the part of hair that I truly love. Hair is a tool of my foreplay, power play, and stimulation during all types of banging. For me, hair is everything I’ve covered so far, and it’s more than that.
Indigo as a young human (about 20) with long hair that is elegantly curled around their face.How I put it up before I focus on someone’s pleasure. The way it falls over my ear as I lean in for a kiss. The way I feel a partner’s facial hair on my skin while they kiss my neck. The feeling of softness as I brush my best friend’s hair. The feeling of fingers in my hair as I give a blow job. The tug at the back of my scalp as a dom pulls me directly into subspace. These are some of the ways that my hair has been used during sex.
I have felt someone pulling on my hair in passion, when a partner just needs something to hold on to. (My blow jobs are really good, okay?) I have felt tugs that are calculated, a message. “If you don’t move your head exactly this way at exactly this moment, I will be displeased.” The nature of hair in a sexy scene is dependent on the people in the scene, and the moment that is occurring. I have commonly experienced both of these in the same encounter.
Indigo in a blue tank top and blue eye make-up. their hair is ear-length and curly. It lays on the left side of their face, exposing a shaved right side.Just recently, I experienced a partner who loved pubic hair. As he gently massaged my hips and thighs, he played with my genital hair. His gentle tugs on my vulva felt amazing. It helped me to embrace my vulva, which I hadn’t really worked on before. The hair there is thick and curly, which isn’t like any other hair on my body. I worried that partners would always hate it, feel gross from touching it. Because of this interaction, I realize how much our society has shaped me, and I haven’t cut or shaved it since.
I do still shave my legs, but that has very little to do with society anymore. I love sitting in a bathtub for an hour and really pay attention to myself. I carefully cut away the hair and admire the spring of my own skin. I spread lotion onto my legs afterwards. It’s not the hair going away that makes it feel nice. It’s the care with which I cut it away that makes it feel like I’ve made time to work on myself. It’s small and perhaps not useful, but it makes me happy and it’s something I can do without agonizing over the reaction because it’s so “normal.” Hair is self-care.
Indigo with a short haircut. It is straightened out to brow-length and sweeping left with a shaved right side.Hair isn’t just a social message, it can be a sexual one. Touching hair (with permission of course) can be intimate. It can be loving. But it can be degrading. It can mean control and subspace. It can mean passion and rewards. Taking care of hair is a type of self-care. Having it long can be a protection. Having it short can be a statement. (And those two can be switched, obviously.) Hair is beautiful. Lack of hair is beautiful. Hair is so versatile and wonderful, and I think that I’m going to continue celebrating my hair throughout my life. I encourage everyone to explore themselves, and hair is such a quick and visual way to do that! Plus it usually grows back, so if you don’t like the changes, they are only temporary!
If you have positive hair feelings and/or stories, let me know. I live for stories where people are proud of their attributes!

Indigo Tries the Extra Touch G-Spot Finger Extender

7 out of 10
Pairs well with boxed wine. It’s incredibly cheap and therefor has a value all it’s own. But it can be delicious if you pair it with the right things.
This toy was sent to my by Betty’s Toybox for a fair and honest review! Buy it here!
There is a purple toy in a clear plastic case. It looks like a large finger with a jock strap around the bottom. There are textured bits at the base.
So first of all, the full name of this product is the Simple and True Extra Touch G-Spot Finger Extender. That name is way too long for what this toy is, honestly. This toy retails for about $17, and it’s hollow and not large. You know that person whose last name is Winchester and they come from a bunch of really white, old money, but they don’t have it anymore really because years of gambling forefathers and market crashes occurred, but they still went to a fancy school and insist they are on the way back up? They are educated, yes, but that long name didn’t get them too much more than that. That’s what this toy feels like.
So I requested this toy really late, and I happened to receive it because I was the only one who didn’t say “no” to it. And I immediately regretted this choice, if I’m being truthful. But it arrived in the mail and I legitimately wasn’t prepared for how creepy this toy is. For fuck’s sake, it has a fingernail as part of its sculpting. None of my roommates wanted to look at it. Many partners laughed as it lived on my bedside table, waiting to be tested. I put it off for about 6 weeks (which usually is the extent turnover rate, when I’m not moving my whole house and also in school full time).
Here’s the thing; as soon as I got this thing, I immediately thought of many things I would like to do with it that were not putting it in my vagina. Here’s some examples:

Two hands are in the frame. One is wearing the extra touch, and the other is bare. The two fingers are touching as if to parody the classic art work "The Creation of Man."
Recreating class works of art.

An arm in a car that can be seen with the Extra touch over the middle finger. It looks as if they are flicking off other drivers.
REALLY letting know other drivers how I feel.

So I put off testing it. but I couldn’t put it off anymore. I needed to put this thing on and really give it a fair shake. I mean, how many times in my teenage years did I just wish my middle finger was longer and thicker, exactly like this toy?
My first thought when I put this one is “What is with that texture near the base?” Well, I can say that after weeks of extensive testing, I still don’t fucking know. There was no angle at which I could make that actually touch my vulva, so I’m going to assume that it’s a side effect, as opposed to an actual feature. Even if it could touch me, I doubt I would feel much from this. I immediately filed that texture under “unnecessary.”
I was surprised when I placed my hand in the sleeve and found the band is actually stretchy enough to fit my hands, which are quite wide. Someone once told me I have earth hands, whatever that means. I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the first option for a new fistee. My hands just aren’t narrow. (Another friend who does palmistry said I have air hands, whatever THAT means. But I digress.)
Well, the truth of this toy is that I don’t dislike it. After I placed it on my hand, I grabbed a vibrator and inserted my finger/this thing. It was actually big enough that even I could feel it. This was my first moment of being genuinely impressed. My second was how easy it was to feel on my g-spot. The angling of this toy is pretty okay, as it turns out. It’s hollow the whole way through, but still thick enough to be wiggled and shoved around. As a result, if I angle it upwards, it feels pretty damn good for me.
After a few minutes of working with this toy, however, I started feeling a strong pain in my wrist. In my teenage years, I always thought these toys would be a good idea, but in reality, it only adds about an inch of length to my middle finger. As a result, I still have to hit a pretty steep an difficult angle in order to make this feel good. And yes, my wrist hurts when I hit this angle. It hurts a lot.
Indigo's hand is over a black and green dish. Their finger is in a large purple sleeve with a strap above their thumb to hold it to their hand.
Honestly, this toy is not great for solo play. With only an inch added, unless you have really long fingers (mine are weirdly short), this is going to be hard to use. However, with a partner, I suspect that this toy would be fabulous. (I wanted to test this toy with a partner, but I didn’t have one at the time. If that changes, and I think of it, I’ll be sure to update this post.) But I assume it’s naturally easier to reach the angle required when the hand being used isn’t attached to your own body. As a result, this toy may be ideal for partner play. It’s inexpensive, but it adds a lot to a good finger bang.
In short, this toy is an excellent find, especially for the low cost of $17. If you’re looking for something to help out your fingering game, I would recommend this toy. If you’re looking for something solo, you’d better have some really healthy cartilage in your wrists. Either way, you may want to be mentally prepared for large, sort of anatomically accurate purple fingers.