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8 out of 10.
Pairs well with Sailor Jerry’s rum. It can be really nice if all the pieces are in the right place. But one false move, and it falls kind of flat.
A purple dildo lays flat on green lace. It's prominent head is visible, and the base is at an angle.
This toy was sent to me by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest review! It retails for about $26, which is super affordable! If you want to purchase the Mio, please do so here!
The Mio is a toy that I was skeptical about when I opened it. It had all the girth I could want at 2″ diameter, especially at it’s price. When I was offered this toy, I was really excited because I’m a budding Size Kweeng, and I want to challenge myself as much as possible. And I said to myself “6 inches is enough length to work with.”
So I received the Mio and opened it up. The packaging is fairly basic, but not bad. I thoroughly enjoy it when I can see toys through the packaging because it’s a sort of fearless, see-and-buy-this-thing, which I appreciate. I suspect this comes from my days in sex toy retail. I did require some lube to insert it the first time, but with a squirm and some warm-up, I was able to fit the head underneath my pelvic bone. The gods cheered for me that day. It may be only two inches, but it is an unforgiving two inches. That silicone is very firm, and there was no way that I was going to just slip it in.
A purple dildo sits on green lace with the head towards the viewer. There is an indent in the head from the molding process.
In the end, I was right and wrong about that length. If the Mio was 6″ straight out from the base, this toy probably would have been easier for me to handle. Thrusting wouldn’t have been easy, but it would have been possible. But the problem I had was the angle of the Mio. The base is diagonal on the toy, so that the head of the toy curves up (somewhat in an attempt to get the g-spot I would assume). However, the length that is lost with that angle makes it impossible to thrust with this toy. It’s possible that someone who has smaller labia would have an easier time, but for me, I often found my fingers in my vulva and covered in lube. Then there was no hope for it.
So I asked myself, how do I get that curve to work for me? It is a good curve. I expect in a strap on with a careful user, this would feel amazing in my ass. It would be able to get that base flat with my body and push the head where it needed to be. But without a partner and a strap on, how could I accomplish this? I tried putting a firm pillow down and thrusting my hips, but that didn’t work. I couldn’t suction another toy to it as a handle either. So what could I do?
The answer is simple: Insert the dildo until the base hits my labia (near my clit). This left the bottom of the base (and about and inch of the shaft out of my vagina. Then I pushed at the bottom of the base, which in turn pushed the head into my g-spot as designed. I was laying in my bed trying to figure this out, with my Doxy Smol on my clit, when I suddenly had a crazy good squirting orgasm. I had spent 20 minutes with this thing inside of me already, and this orgasm was a breakthrough moment between me and the Mio. It brought the rating up from a 5 to an 8 instantly.
A short and wide purple dildo sits in a clear plastic case. The case is sitting on dark green lace.
So if the orgasm was that good, and there is a way to make this toy really work for me, what is wrong with it?
Well, the length is still a problem. I can’t grasp at the base and thrust, which is my preference for dildos. Additionally, in order to get this toy to work at all, I have to jump through so many hoops, and that’s just not okay. If your consumer has to go through these hurdles, you should design better. When I use the toy in the g-spotting method, my wrist hurts and getting a good angle for that action is hard, especially for the time frame I need to squirt. This toy would be much improved if I could get a handle that curved around my pubic bone. Then I could rock the toy into my g-spot, which I would do with fervor.
To wrap this review up, this toy has a lot of potential in terms of partner play (I suspect), and the width is beautiful. The silicone is firm and feels lush. It’s easy to clean and smooth, with a great head on it. But the length falls short of being convenient, so to speak.


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