Indigo Tries Sinful Pleasure!

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10 out of 10
Pairs well with a Dirty Shirley. It’s fun, fruity and delightful to drink.
The rainbow glass dildo sits horizontally on a teal bedspread.

So as we all know, I love rainbows and I love glass. So when I was working at a sex toy retailer, and this fine piece of glass walked by, I immediately knew it was coming home with me. Of course, I tried to fight it. After all, I can’t buy everything that’s rainbow. OH WAIT YES I CAN AND I WILL.
SO let’s get into this piece. I had it before I was a reviewer, so I’ll have to tell you about the packaging without visual aid. It was fairly simple; laid in a plastic piece formed to its shape. That was all placed into a box and it fit cleanly. There were no extra frills or manuals or anything except what was on the box. So I assume that you’re supposed to open it and just stick it somewhere.

Indigo's hand holding a glass dildo. It's inner ribbons are blue and red , and the outer layer is rainbow-shined. It's got a bulb on one end that's about 1.5

I’ll start with the obvious. This piece is SO pretty. When I got it, I spent a lot of time just twisting it in the light and watching the rainbow dance. It was so much fun. If I’m honest, I still do that occasionally. As for glass integrity, this piece is awesome. I have hit this piece on wood floors, bathtub bottoms and even my Pure Wand. Never once has it chipped or even scratched. Whatever else I have to say, this company is amazing for material integrity.
I have my biases for glass toys, as we well know, and I will admit, this combination of rainbows and glass may or may not affect how much I love this toy. It’s a beautiful work of art that I frequently show off as the flashiest piece I own. It’s easy to clean (just soap and water). But does it really feel as good as others?
The short answer is absolutely. My g-spot really loves this toy, and I suspect it has everything to do with that shape, which is alarmingly perfect. The shaft of this toy is about 1″ in diameter, maybe a little less. But that head is so bulbous in comparison. It’s the perfect shape and angle to just reach in and grab my g-spot. The bulb near the bottom makes a really great stopping point. It’s not extra long, but it’s the perfect length. Occasionally, I go into challenge mode and take that extra bulb too, but it doesn’t add anything to the experience, so why bother?
I’m particularly happy with how this toy is shaped and smooth. I do produce a lot of natural lubricant, and so I’m always delighted to use this toy because I can uaully just pop it in and go without having to warm up or struggle. It’s something that I can use right after intercourse just give myself that last nudge, or I can use it before intercourse as a warm-up. This helps me partner get me off a little easier.
A rainbow glass dildo sits with one end really close to the camera.
This toy is something that I equate with the Pure Wand in one way: I know exactly how long it will take to get off and I know exactly what kind of orgasm I have. There are no surprises or new gimmicks with this toy. If I’m honest, I see that it’s not particularly innovative. But I love this toy so god damn much.
This toy was sort of an impulse buy for me. I saw rainbow and glass all in one package and I said “This is mine, it was made for me, and I’m taking it home.” It has become a universal staple in my routines, which I wasn’t expecting. However, it’s great introduction to glass, and I highly recommend it to anyone.


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