Indigo Tries Two Doxys!

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9.5 out of 10 for the Die Cast.
10 out of 10 for the III (Smol).
Bonus Points! If you like rumbly, you’ll enjoy both of them!
Pairs well with a bourbon on the rocks. I would recommend Buffalo Trace. It’s been a favorite in my family for years!
So the Doxy Die Cast has been reviewed a number of times, but mostly by folks who are married to (or have at least experienced) the classic Magic Wand Original. I came to the Die Cast as my first wand. I’ve never really experienced the power of a wand on my vulva, and so I was under-prepared for the wand effect, but hoo boy am I’m glad about getting one. I received the Smol and the Die Cast at the same time, but I’m starting with the Die Cast because it’s actually released and some folks might know it better.

A shiny red wand sits in a foam case with a zipper. There is a protective paper covering over the head.

This fancy case makes me croon though.

So the Die Cast is a wonderful wand toy. It costs about $200, which I realize is a steep price tag. However, this toy is really the height of luxury. The first thing I noticed was this huge case, which is a lovely matte grey and it unzips to reveal a perfect foam bed with the shiny Doxy laying inside. It’s cord is bundled at one end. It’s perfectly buffed into a shine. The head is large and ready to be rumbly. And did I mention that it’s really shiny?
Story Time! So I plug it in, and turn it on. There’s a god awful noise, and the head starts spinning and vibrating. My partner and I look at each other horrified, and I shove it onto my vulva to silence it. Success! It’s a manageable sound level and it feels great! However, that spinning does come with an unfortunate tendency to roll out of my labia. Byeeee?
As it turns out, that spinning is a defect, and I got a new one from Doxy with much apology! They are super cool about that!
Later addition: A lot of folks have had this fault happen in their Doxy originals, as well as the Die Cast. There are a few folks who are writing about/mentioning these. I hope to link to them once those posts are published. For me, this is a problem within the company, not necessarily for the consumer because they have replaced it every time, as far as I know.

Two wands sit on a teal bedspread. One is red, the other is black. They are both sparkly.

Black one is the defunct one. The new one is shiny slut red. Much like my aesthetic.

Once I got the new one, I was really ready to test this toy for real. I usually like a lot of pressure on my vulva. I enthusiastically put the Die Cast on my labia and immediately took it off. I would not recommend doing that unless you try it somewhere else first. If I put this thing on my pubic mons, I can feel the vibrations through my taint. Soooooo that’s a thing, alright? Instead of putting this directly on my labia like I would with almost any other vibrator, I am more than happy to let this sit on my mons and vibrate there until I orgasm.
The power of the Doxy is never in question. But what else is good about this wand?
There’s a steady mode, if you press the power button quickly, it turns on steady and the plus and minus buttons adjust the power. However, if you hold the power button, it turns into tease mode. Tease mode cycles quickly through all speeds in a sort of wave up pattern. The plus and minus buttons speed it up or slow it down. I rarely use patterns of any kind, but I actually really like this pattern. I think the Doxy is powerful enough that if I leave this pattern around the middle, my vulva has just enough time to breath between high points. I actually orgasmed from this! I was rather impressed, given my history.
So the large Doxy is definitely my jam. It’s rumbly and big and it makes me orgasm in like…no seconds. Great for partner play, and forced orgasm!

A red Doxy wand sits on a teal bedspread. Beside, a chrome wand about half the size sits.

See it’s wee little baby face?! It’s so cute!

So the how does the Smol compare?
Well, for the first note, the small is somewhat less powerful? I don’t know if I can accurately say that. The strength of the vibrations may be the same, but the size concentrates it a bit more, so it be used (by me at least) for some more localized stimulation. I actually managed to hold the Smol closer to my clit without feeling overwhelmed or hurting. Was it pleasant? Not exactly. It was closer to painfully erotic. Like a clothespin or other sexy pain tool. I will do this regularly to get off, honestly. Because I’m myself. Huzzah!
It’s also less cumbersome than the Die Cast. I felt that with the Smol, I could use it during partnered sex with a little less of a struggle. When using either wand this way, the power levels were well-dispersed and did not get dampened. It was especially nice because my partner could feel it lightly on his penis (which is fairly sensitive) and it helped us both reach a great climax.
A Doxy III sits on the bed. It's chrome finish with a black head.
The Smol comes with all the same features as the Die Cast, but in a travel-sized package (well, it’s still wall-powered, but it’s much more easily moved). Since I got this pre-release, I didn’t get a case with it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with one. We will have to wait for the release and find out!
In conclusion, I feel like the Die Cast and the Smol are both luxurious wands. The difference in rating comes down to price. Since the Smol isn’t released, I don’t know the price. The $200 price tag for the Die Cast is really worth it, but I know not everyone can afford it. Additionally, the Smol is easier to move around, and gives the impression that it’s more portable despite having a cord. However, the Die Cast gives me that feeling of settling in for a really nice night at home, with or without a partner.
And they are both so shiny!


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