Indigo Tries the Njoy Pure Wand!

2 out of 10,
then 8 out of 10.
Pairs really well with a top-shelf martini. Everyone’s heard of it, and it’s great for a lot of people, but it’s not so great for others sometimes, and you have to learn how you order, and how to sip it right.
The Pure Wand is a toy that comes highly recommended by a lot of bloggers out there. I had a HUGE learning curve with this toy. (Eh? Eh?) It was heavy and it had weird angles to it because it’s essentially this little open parenthesis with knobs. I held it in my hand, examining the weight and the curve. I thought to myself, “will this really revolutionize my sex life?”
The answer is different than one might expect.
At first, I used it and I really disliked this toy. I’ve always been a human who ejaculates, thanks to my first dildo. I’ve never had trouble making a mess after masturbation sessions and grumbling about having to wash the sheets. Again. (If anyone wants to buy me a Liberator Throe, I have paypal.) So when I bought this toy for myself, I expected to have SO MUCH EJACULATE. Instead, it was kind of painful. The curve stretched my hymen too far down. But any other way I held it, I couldn’t get the angle to feel nice. The large end felt too big to fit comfortably even with a little warm-up. (It is worth noting that I already owned the Colours Pride at this point, so size wasn’t really an issue otherwise.
It’s also really heavy. Guys, this toy is stainless steel. It’s a lot for my hand to hold, let alone my posterior vaginal wall. I love that’s it’s easy to clean, and can be used with any lube, but damn, is it a lot to take on.
I was really confused by this occurrence. I almost felt betrayed by the Pure Wand because I was sure I would be great with it. I was going to be the best at the Pure Wand. And when it hurt, I stopped trying. It wasn’t worth pushing my body to make this metal contraption work for me.
But one day, I looked at some reviews. They kept mentioning the Pure Wand and how it was so great. So I pulled it out again and used the small side with a vibe on my clit. It actually felt good this time, which was astonishing to me. I found an angle that activated my g-spot and it also didn’t hurt. I came with it, but it was an average orgasm. Nothing special.

How is this NOT special to me? It’s SO SHINY.

Later, I made it a goal. I would learn how to squirt with the Pure Wand because I know it changed to many people’s lives, and damn it, I wasn’t going to be left unchanged. In a lot of ways, I was right.
I couldn’t tell you when I managed to consistently have great orgasms with the Pure Wand. I’m not really sure what I started doing differently, and I’m not really sure if I can give anyone tips like Epiphora did. 
Instead, let me describe my life with the Pure Wand now. when I use the pure wand, I typically orgasm fast, and really hard. In terms of percentages, I would say I squirt 80% of the time I use the pure wand. That other 20% is honestly usually due to lack of hydration, time or arousal. So it could easily be 100%, but I’m not always looking for squirting.
When I pick up the Pure Wand, I expect it to be cold, calculating and give me an orgasm with not a lot of effort or romance. It’s a metal thing in the emotional sense and literal sense. Do I love using it? Yes, I think it’s reliable and fun. But it doesn’t tease me, or make me work for it. Orgasms are physically satisfying, but not emotionally. But it’s not like a quickie either. It’s usually too messy to be a quick session. But I do use it regularly for the good qualities.
I also have a few negatives to mention with the Pure Wand. It’s prices usually around $100, which can make it a bit steep for some people. Especially since there’s such a learning curve with this toy. It’s completely worth that money, don’t get me wrong. But not everyone can afford a Pure Wand, and there are alternatives for g-spot toys, which are cheaper. The weight is still a lot for me, and I love toys that have firmness, but I think glass is the better option for me. Lighter, but still firm.


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  1. Really great review! I’ve heard similar things from many people, that they had to “get the hang” of the Pure Wand before it worked well for them. I totally know what you mean about the Pure Wand almost making it too easy to orgasm. (Or at least squirt.)

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