Indigo Tries the Tantus Super Soft Vamp

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10 out of 10
Would recommend for exploring g-spot stuff and if you enjoy squeezable toys.
Pairs nicely with a Pina Colada. Tasty, sweet and easy-going.
As we all know, I love glass toys. Like, I really love glass toys. But I heard that these Tantus toys were beautifully soft, wrapped in a silky silicone and a lot of good reviews came out about them. As someone who likes really hard toys, I wasn’t convinced I would like this toy. Just so you know: I not only like this toy, I love this toy. I was wondering how my g-spot would respond to something soft, and I’m here to tell you all about it.
Betty’s Toybox kindly sent me this toy to review, after offering me the Vamp or the Destiny. I picked the Vamp because it seemed to gear more towards g-spot stimulation, and because I’m not the biggest fan of testicles on my sex toys. Therefore, the Vamp was the obvious choice for me, but I’m 100% sure the Destiny is great too.
How, the Vamp doesn’t particularly provide a challenge in any way. The girth is accessible, the length is 7″ (about average for insertables). However, the super soft silicone offers something that I have never felt before: caresses.
You read that right, the Vamp is so soft, that it feels like a gentle caress inside my vagina. Confession corner: it bends so easy that I had to struggle to insert it. However, once it was in, I could feel it gently trying to expand. As I squeezed, it felt it give way and really conform to my body. It’s like…the memory foam of sex toys. I should use it for a pillow.


Ahhhh. The nicest of dreams.

The head of the vamp is 1.7″ according to the information. Being as wide as it is feels so good because it can nudge it’s way (gently) into my g-spot. However, the giving nature means that I don’t feel it pressing into my pubic bone, and it’s practically impossible to hurt myself with it. That’s really exciting because it means that my boyfriend can use this on me without hurting anything (like the Castillo).
In fact, there’s only two negative things I have to say about this toy. For me, I consider about $50 bucks average cost for a body-safe silicone dildo. The Vamp is going to set you back about $70. That’s totally worth it because this is a really great toy for everyone. I think it would work well for beginners, and it was really great for me too, even though it’s the opposite of what I normally like AND I’m not a beginner at all. I do understand $70 is a bit steep though. The good news is that this dildo will last for a long time, and it’s extremely versatile.
The other negative is really a nit-picky thing. It’s just so soft that insertion can be a little tough. You have to relax and really spread it to get it in. Or approach from just the right angle. However, once it’s in there, it’s like fucking a damn cloud.
All in all, this dildo is absolutely stellar and I think everyone should try it out.


Cameo by the Dolly Bi!


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