Indigo Tries the Lustre

6 out of 10
Would recommend as an introduction to bullet vibes, or discretion.
Pairs well with a small shot of Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka. Smooth, but still cheap. Really a stepping point to something better.
You can buy this vibe many places, but it’s hard to find online. It retails typically for about $17. It works on 3 of those stupid watch batteries that everyone has a hard time getting a hold of.
This vibrator comes in White (with purple accents), eye-sore pink (because it’s for WOMEN), purple (because sometimes women want other colors, but only get purple), and red (for some reason). I opted for the white because I thought it was the prettiest.
I bought this vibrator from my local sex shop after the staff recommended it as a beginner bullet. They argued that it was versatile, fairly strong and completely water-proof. They also informed me that it was ABS plastic, which is an easy-to-clean, non-porous material that typically doesn’t cause allergic reactions. I bought it for $15 at the time. I was looking to replace my Pipedream bullet that had died after a month of use. The selling point for me was truly the water-proof aspect. I truly adore water and sex as a combination. Don’t ask me why.
I got home and immediately pulled it out of the tiny cardboard box. Inside was the vibrator and a small pamphlet of warnings, both just floating around. The shop had tested the vibrations, and so I had them leave the batteries in. It was ready to go before I was, and I was quite excited.
I turned it on and had one thought: “Rumbly.”
This vibrator is very rumbly compared to the Pipedream Neon line, which had been my previous bullet vibrator. The movement of the toy felt different. Closer to a rounding motion, instead of back and forth. It was a good contrast for me to experience in the way of sex toys. However, the Lustre lacks the intensity that the Luv Touch line offers. Perhaps it’s the watch batteries. Or perhaps it’s just a different motor. Whatever the difference is, it takes me a lot longer to get off with the Lustre.
There are 7 “functions” to the vibrator that you cycle through with one button. This aggravates many reviewers, but I don’t find it to be a problem. Though I masturbate for reviews and therefore have less time to mosy through a session, I realize that many masturbatory folks won’t have too much of a problem cycling through 7 functions. If there were 15, it might be a bit more cumbersome.
The first three are steady vibrations at increasing intensities. The other four are pulses with various pauses. Small small BIG. Small Medium BIG. Small BIG LONG. And something else. Personally, the patterns on any toy are useless for me. I find that putting a toy on steady intensity and teasing myself with it is perfect. I can lift, push, adjust as I need to and not be surprised by the pattern changing. This is not true of everyone, and they may be really great for you.
There are other drawbacks to this toy. It measures about 2.5″ long, and at it’s widest, about .75″. It’s so small that I have a really hard time holding it. It gets lost in my labia frequently, and I usually have to fish it out as it tries to escape into my vagina. There is an amusing image of it trying to swim, but it doesn’t do a whole lot of good when I’m trying to get off.
I also dislike using this toy because I will inevitably get some kind of juice on my hands. If I’m using lube, I will lose my hold (and it swims towards the vagina). If I’m not, I’ll probably end up being covered in my own natural lubricant anyway. Without a good place to hold it, I get frustrated with this toy, and I’m growing to prefer my Dolly Bi on a more regular basis.
This is a really good vibrator if you’re looking for something portable, discreet and not too complicated. The size is a drawback for me, but I do enjoy the pin-point sensation of this vibe, as well as the quality of the vibrations. I’ll be using other toys primarily, but I enjoy this one as a beginner bullet and a step into the world of sex toys.

Indigo Tries the Tantus Super Soft Vamp

10 out of 10
Would recommend for exploring g-spot stuff and if you enjoy squeezable toys.
Pairs nicely with a Pina Colada. Tasty, sweet and easy-going.
As we all know, I love glass toys. Like, I really love glass toys. But I heard that these Tantus toys were beautifully soft, wrapped in a silky silicone and a lot of good reviews came out about them. As someone who likes really hard toys, I wasn’t convinced I would like this toy. Just so you know: I not only like this toy, I love this toy. I was wondering how my g-spot would respond to something soft, and I’m here to tell you all about it.
Betty’s Toybox kindly sent me this toy to review, after offering me the Vamp or the Destiny. I picked the Vamp because it seemed to gear more towards g-spot stimulation, and because I’m not the biggest fan of testicles on my sex toys. Therefore, the Vamp was the obvious choice for me, but I’m 100% sure the Destiny is great too, because Rose said so.
How, the Vamp doesn’t particularly provide a challenge in any way. The girth is accessible, the length is 7″ (about average for insertables). However, the super soft silicone offers something that I have never felt before: caresses.
You read that right, the Vamp is so soft, that it feels like a gentle caress inside my vagina. Confession corner: it bends so easy that I had to struggle to insert it. However, once it was in, I could feel it gently trying to expand. As I squeezed, it felt it give way and really conform to my body. It’s like…the memory foam of sex toys. I should use it for a pillow.

Ahhhh. The nicest of dreams.

The head of the vamp is 1.7″ according to the information. Being as wide as it is feels so good because it can nudge it’s way (gently) into my g-spot. However, the giving nature means that I don’t feel it pressing into my pubic bone, and it’s practically impossible to hurt myself with it. That’s really exciting because it means that my boyfriend can use this on me without hurting anything (like the Castillo).
In fact, there’s only two negative things I have to say about this toy. For me, I consider about $50 bucks average cost for a body-safe silicone dildo. The Vamp is going to set you back about $70. That’s totally worth it because this is a really great toy for everyone. I think it would work well for beginners, and it was really great for me too, even though it’s the opposite of what I normally like AND I’m not a beginner at all. I do understand $70 is a bit steep though. The good news is that this dildo will last for a long time, and it’s extremely versatile.
The other negative is really a nit-picky thing. It’s just so soft that insertion can be a little tough. You have to relax and really spread it to get it in. Or approach from just the right angle. However, once it’s in there, it’s like fucking a damn cloud.
All in all, this dildo is absolutely stellar and I think everyone should try it out.
Cameo by the Dolly Bi!

This toy was provided by Betty’s Toybox in exchange for a fair and honest review! Buy it here and support my work!

Indigo Tries Cinnful Apple!

8.5 out of 10
Would recommend if you like non-alcoholic apple cider.
Retails for about $9 for a 6-pack. More information can be found on the Angry Orchard Website.
I have to face the facts. I have an obsession with hard cider. It’s like a plague in my fridge. I always have it on hand. I feel like I’m an alcoholic, but really I’m not. I just really like ciders. Cider of almost any brand sounds delicious to me. I once even had a contest between the two most popular hard ciders known to the US. Woodchuck won.

That’s right. With the power invested in me as the token white-trash alcoholic, I pronounced Woodchuck cider the victor. And I did this knowing I was judging Angry Orchard’s crispest, most refreshing cider. For this, I apologize Angry Orchard. For I should have known better, but I had forgotten the delicious glory that was Cinnful Apple.
Perhaps I should rethink my contests for ciders. Perhaps I shouldn’t have them. Perhaps I should just be grateful that I can have my cider and drink it too. And in this case, I definitely am.
Cinnful Apple is a flavored cider from Angry Orchard. But it doesn’t come out of left field. Cinnful Apple is natural. It makes sense. What goes into every apple pie? Sugar. Well, that and Cinnamon! It was absolutely the best place to go with a hard cider. Incorperate that warm cinnamon smell and taste into the delicious apple undertones.
Cinnful apple differs wildly from Crisp Apple. It loses a lot of the acidity that makes crisp apple refreshing. It replaces that acidity with a spicy warmth. It fills up the bones with a feeling much my brandy or bourbon would. Except, instead of burning like the heat of bourbon, it’s smooth and sweet. It’s far from syrupy. The apples used are not ripe enough for that. Something more like a Fuji than a Gala or Red Delicious.
All in all, it’s hard for me to find a cider I don’t like. The Cinnful Apple falls at the higher end of the spectrum. It doesn’t quite beat my one true love, the Strongbow Honey. Or the love I still chase in the night, McKenzie’s. No truly, I do love it more. I found it in a New York bar and they only sell it in one location in Maryland. It makes me truly sad. Until I reunite with these, Cinnful Apple supplies all I need, and then some. Truly a happy cider for me.