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9 out of 10
Retails for about $23 for 750ml. Find more information here.
Would recommend for anyone who likes Gin. Period.
In my lifetime, I have tasted as many types of gin I can get my grubby little hands on. I have tried everything from Seagrams up to Bombay Saffire. I experimented with gin in various types of juice, soda and even once in coffee. It has long been my favorite type of hard liquor. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it for coffee…
So when I set out to find the best gin, I knew what I was talking about. I was looking for something unique. Something that had earth and water blended perfectly. It would take me back to the roots of my family, in the Appalachian mountains, and up to the highest, classy sky scraper in a major city.
Tanqueray provides all that and more.
When I was too young to be drinking, I found Tanqueray through a friend. He kindly gave me a two shots before I ran a live show. It was the first time I worked a shift while slightly tipsy, and that show went better than the ones I managed sober. From that moment on, I knew that Tanqueray would be my new love.
It’s important to note that when I mention Tanqueray, I am familiar with the London Dry Gin. The No. Ten (or any of it’s other types), I have not tried, but I’m pretty sure it’s delicious.
The first thing people notice about gin is its smell. The pine (actually juniper most of the time) comes rolling out of the bottle as soon as you open it. It’s a hint of what’s to come. Then you pour the clear liquid out of the bottle and into a glass. If you have ice in your drink, you can watch it pour over and pool at the bottom so gently.  Truly, it’s a magnificent sight. And then…you sip.
Gin is not a sipping drink. It needs a little help. But Tanqueray, I can sip. It has that juniper kick there. It clears your sinuses a little bit. But it’s fantastic. It finishes in a smooth way with sweet aftertastes that kick in once you swallow. With a little ice to help cut through the strong front taste, Tanqueray is a fantastic sipper.
However, it can be strong for drinking all night. In my personal recommendation, I would say try it in a gin and tonic. The martini is arguably the most popular drink known to man (thank you 007), but with Tanqueray, you want something smoother. A nice sweet tonic, with a bit of citrus to really pull out those tones is ideal. It creates a wonderful bouquet of flavors for the palate to enjoy. It’s refreshing!
My favorite Gin and Tonic:
Tanqueray London Dry Gin
Tonic water (even the sugar-free ones are great!)
One 4-6 ounce tumbler
Place 2-3 large ice cubes into the tumbler. Pour in one ounce of Tanqueray. I usually measure by about a finger and a half. Fill glass with tonic until comfortable height to sip. Stir. Sip. Enjoy.


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