Indigo Tries Fun Factory Dolly Bi!

8 out of 10
Pairs well with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. A little acidic, but mostly robust and rather dry.
It tends to retail for about $100. 6.9″ long total, 1.6″ diameter. 6 vibration intensities and 6 patterns.

This photo is paired with my G-Spot Tickler, and my super-femme bed sheets.

At the sex shop where I used to work, there was a talk from Fun Factory. They sent a rep to talk about new products and give us some deals on what we ordered. At the end of the talk, all the workers present were presented with a gift; the Dolly Bi.
This vibrator is not one of Fun Factory’s fanciest. (Well, it WAS free.) It’s also not their well-known product (that’s the Stronic line). However, this vibrator does hold up well in today’s market, and the only way I could convey that is through lists. Here’s why:

  1. Good motor. I am quite spoiled on my vibrator experience. I don’t own very many, but I have felt many vibrators in my job at the sex shop. The Dolly Bi is above average. Does it absolutely blow my mind with one feel? No. But, it DOES feel pretty awesome on my clit. It’s not buzzy at all. It’s rumbly and deep.
  2. It’s rechargeable. I know this doesn’t make it stellar, but seriously, this click’n’charge thing is SO COOL. It attaches to the toy with some magnets and makes this weird noise and then it’s charging. My boyfriend cannot hear this noise, but it’s a high-pitched whine that I assume is the energy passing into the battery. It’s not alarming, just annoying.
  3. It’s a fun shape! Seriously, who DOESN’T like dolphins? Because it’s not in-your-face dolphin. It just happens to be dolphin shaped. If the tip didn’t have a mouth etched into it or tails on the bottom, it would just be a new shape. It’s classy and subtle type of dolphin. Not “oh my god I can’t have a vibrator can we please make it a shape instead” type of dolphin.
  4. It’s a subtle rabbit. It doesn’t try REALLY hard to hit the clitoris. It has a little arm that sticks into my urethral area, instead of my clit. It honestly still feels good because that area is pretty stimulating for me. However, I do tend to pat that arm on the head and push it gently away. Better than the types that stick themselves IN THE WAY of my clit with NO moving.
  5. It pin points the vibes. Exactly. It pinpoints the vibes in that nose, making it very easy for me to direct the vibrations into the exact spot that feels best (that spot seems to move frequently).
  6. But it doesn’t ONLY have pinpoint stimulation. The vibrations are all over the shaft of this toy, which curves into the nose. As a result, I can use the “back” of the dolphin over my whole labia, or turn it sideways and get a curve of vibration AROUND my clit (this feels really great).
  7. It comes in a color that isn’t pink or purple. That’s right folks, it comes in a wonderful Navy Blue (called dark blue on the website). I love that I have a toy which is blue. As a genderfluid person who adores rainbows, I like having choices.
  8. The controls make sense and are simple. The biggest button turns it on. The plus and minus buttons run through the settings (again, six steady intensities, six patterns). In addition, if you hold the fun button and the minus button at the same time for about 2 seconds, it locks into travel mode. If you hold the fun button and the plus for two seconds, it comes out of that.

So those are the really great points of this toy. I’ve been more than happy with how this toy has passed. I can verify that it’s %100 waterproof (every toy should be in my opinion). I can also verify that it holds charge. I didn’t charge it for two weeks. Not only did it hold the charge, but it actually still worked really well.
There are some negative points to this toy as well. I want to go into some detail, but I don’t want to dwell on them, because I do really like this toy, and I feel it is a sound investment if you want to support Fun Factory, which you should.

  1. The first one is the handle. It can get really hard to hold when slippery. I often find my fingers going numb or hurting trying to keep this toy firmly against my clit. However, I like a lot of pressure on my clit. I’m a power slut.
  2. The next one is that charging noise. It’s high-pitched in my ear, but it is quiet enough that at about 3 feet (the distance from my pillow to the ground where it rests), I can’t hear it.
  3. The clitoral arm. Why does this need to be there? It’s unnecessary and it feels kind of excessive. Not needed in the toy. Does not make better.
  4. The charging lights have no pattern. They could have easily made it a simple “this many blinks for battery life.” Instead, it seems to blink arbitrarily until it’s full, when it stops. (Also, there’s a protector on the battery, so you can’t harm it by leaving it on the charge for too long. They care!)
  5. The biggest drawback to this toy is the price tag. $100 is fairly steep. However, I understand why. Fun Factory has entirely unionized it’s workers. They work to help the environment by not using adhesives in their packaging (though too much cardboard). They also use %100 medical grade silicone in every toy. I understand why it’s $100, but the minimum wage being what it is, I have a hard time justifying it.

This toy has been regularly used in my play. I happily hand it to my boyfriend to use on me, and I use it myself. It’s quickly thrown my old bullet off of it’s throne. I would actually highly recommend this vibe (or other Fun Factory items), though it is expensive.
This post took the form of lists, which is a first. But I do like lists a lot, so it may not be the last!
Buy it from my friends at Wicked Butterfly!
Or from my friends at Betty’s Toybox!

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit Sponsors

My name is Indigo Wolfe. I am very new to blogging about sex, but I have owned sex toys for over 8 years. My variety was not wide, but I’m not naive. My current closet is small, compared to others. I have about 12 items in my sex items collection, but that doesn’t include the regular items I pervert in my day to day life.
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Indigo Tries Strongbow Honey!

9 out of 10
Would recommend for anyone who enjoys suave drinks. That’s right. Suave.
More information can be found here.
5% ABV. Retails for about $10 for a 6-pack.
Strongbow is a name in Cider that I’ve heard many things about. Most people agree that it is a high-class cider. It’s got a fancy art-deco label. It’s logo is an impressionist drawing of a fellow shooting a bow. It’s flavors are things like Gold Apple (the standard flavor) and Cherry Blossom.
However, there’s one thing I’ve heard, which I can’t shake: Strongbow has changed it’s recipe (for Gold Apple) and it’s not good. This worried me because I believe that if companies change their recipes, it should either improve the product or have a legitimate legal reason. I feel that transparency is key to the worth of a company.  With that said, I still enjoy the Gold Apple. Perhaps it is my untrained tastebuds, but I do not taste a difference in the Gold Apple recently that my comrades do.
However, I’m here to talk about Strongbow Honey. And boy do I have opinions! As long as I have been drinking (legally or illegally), I have been drinking ciders. Honey is something new in my cider world, and it creates a wonderful drink that may usurp Angry Orchard for my favorite cider. (THIS IS A BIG DEAL, FOLKS.)
The Strongbow Honey is described on it’s website as fruity and floral. This is basically true. What they fail to mention is that all of these things apply to smell and MORE IMPORTANTLY, taste. Like all ciders, the drink hits your tongue in a rush of sour and acidic. The apple really kicks in the moment you take a taste of Honey.
The acidity does not linger, however. It quickly turns into a wonderful smooth feeling that reminds me of actual honey sliding on my tongue. The taste in this mid-point is sweet and floral. It reminds me of my favorite honey brand. I catch myself thinking of summers spent in honeysuckle patches and running with a golden retriever. This sounds really cheesy, and I wish I was kidding, but I’m really not. This cider genuinely reminds me of summer nights.
It finishes off with a nut and apple taste with some of the sweetness going down. It’s smooth the whole way through and lingers so beautifully.
In short, I love this cider. It’s become a regular for my fridge and I hope to be drinking it for years! Also, Strongbow has this flavor quiz that makes me really happy for nostalgia reasons:

Indigo Embarrasses a Security Guard!

9 out of 10
Would highly recommend.
Pairs wells with boxed wine. Because what else says class like this?
About a month ago, I heard some noises from the apartment next door. I was a little confused because there had never been any neighbors in the apartment, and the mail was always labeled as “no occupant.”
I heard something like “mumblemurmur loud sex mumblejumble.”
That gave me some pause. Were they talking about ME? I am the classiest of humans. I am pure 100% royalty in all the ways. Between the sheets, I’m a polite huma-
Oh god, I can’t keep that shit up. Of COURSE they were talking about me! For the first time ever, I acquired a boyfriend who could keep up with my insatiable thirst for having intercourse. I got laid every time I had the chance. I didn’t care if I was loud because you can be as loud as the hell you want when you’re fucking making love.
I ignored these illegal neighbors for as long as possible.
Until one day.
It all changed when my boyfriend was over. We were waiting for our delicious heaven BBQ Chicken Pizza.  A security guard came tapping, like Tupac Biggie Smalls Kanye (?) gently rapping, a security guard came tapping on my chamber door. (Poe reference, for you know, literature reasons?)
I opened up and he introduced himself as Officer Carlos…something. All I caught was Carlos, honestly. He said that there had been squatters in the apartment next door, and asked if I had heard anything.
“Sure, Officer Carlos. I heard them about a week ago. These walls are thin.”
“Oh? What did you hear?”
“Uhm…’robble robble loud sex murmur annoying.’ I assumed they were talking about us the previous night, but I couldn’t be sure.”
At that moment, my poor boyfriend, and poor Officer Carlos both went a violent shade of red. It may be worth pointing out that I was in a robe at this point and NOTHING ELSE. My boyfriend was aware of this, and Officer Carlos probably inferred that. But it’s worse for Officer Carlos. My boyfriend is used to that shit. Poor Officer Carlos had no idea what he was walking into when he gently tapped on my door. Oh, Officer Carlos, you were blissfully ignorant. What would you give to go back?
At this precise moment, as the blood was slowly leaving my boyfriend’s face, and Officer Carlos was thoroughly making notes on the situation (avoiding ALL eye contact with either of us), the timer for the pizza went off. And like the sitcom I am, I went to retrieve the pizza from the over, being very careful to crouch and NOT show off my bum to the poor Officer Carlos.
He quickly finished his notes and left, and I never saw him again. After he left, my boyfriend just looked at me and said “You’re terrible, you know that?”
Yes, boyfriend. Yes I do.