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10 out of 10
Would recommend if you enjoy orgasms and fun.
Pairs well with a classy red wine. Such as Elk Run Sweet Katherine. It’s smooth, sweet and it finishes great.
This was my first dildo. I had owned many vibes before, especially of the straight, insertable type. I was reading a review of another glass dildo, and I said to myself “I don’t own a dildo, and glass sounds REALLY cool.”
The review I linked above is a really great resource for learning how to use all the potential of a glass dildo. Particularly, it mentions the temperature play. You can take a glass dildo and dip it into cool water for a nice contrast to the vaginal heat. Or you can dip it into warm water for a nice warming sensation through the loins.
As a warning: Be careful with these. If it’s too hot or cold, the sudden temperatures could create very bad problems for the sensitive skin. I said WARM and COOL. Don’t just dive into HOT and FREEZING. In addition, if you warm or cool glass too quickly, it will crack. I’ve never had one break, and I’ve sanitized them with boiling water multiple times. Just be careful how it heats up.
If you are worried about glass breaking from being inserted or dropped, just don’t be. It’s extremely strong glass, similar to the basically unbreakable Pyrex glass.  I have dropped this dildo on many surfaces, and it has not scratched, chipped or been marred in any way.
Which is the next thing here: Glass is also a very unforgiving material. It will not allow any room for extra thrusting, or bending. As a result, if it’s being wielded by someone other than you, give them a maximum length of insertion. For my boyfriend and I, he slowly inserts it until I say stop. He knows this point is the deepest that the dildo can be inserted before it causes me physical pain.
Additionally, as someone who clenches mid-orgasm, I have also knocked this into my pubic bone more than once. I have survived these episodes, thank the gods. But that did not make them pleasant or more fun. How I suffer for my art.
With all of the material discussion out of the way, let’s talk about shape.
Oh my god, everybody. I LOVE the shape of this toy. I have deemed this dildo Onya* because it felt right. She is a joy to use every time. That little hook is perfect to reach in a grab my g-spot. I can thrust gently or fast thanks to the smoothness of the shaft. It’s about 1″ diameter in all places, which means that (for me) there is absolutely no need to warm up, or (for me) use lube even, because my natural lubricant is usually enough.
*I sometimes personify my toys. I’m sorry but I love them. Please don’t hate me, it won’t happen all the time.
I did not realize that orgasms could be this good, or even that I could ejaculate as a person with a vagina. With Onya, it is effortless. Because this was my first dildo, I’ve been lucky. I can squirt (or gush, as my boyfriend says) with surprising frequency. I would guess it’s because as long as I’ve been shoving substantial items into my vagina, I have been shoving them into my g-spot. As a result, it’s easy to find and stimulate.
If I pair this with my widest butt plug, it’s a wonderful combination, as the plug pushes the dildo further towards my g-spot.
If there is one complaint that I have about this toy, it’s the base. So many glass toys use a base that is a simple glass bulb. It is round and symmetrical by my hand. When I use any lube or ejaculate, it gets extremely slippery. It’s common for me to pull the toy out and realize it’s turned sideways or even upside down, and that’s the reason I haven’t orgasmed yet. I pray to the gods of sex that one day, I will find glass dildos with loops, hooks or anything else for a handle. It’s not a problem for straight toys, or ones with stimulation on all sides. But for Onya, it’s a break in the rhythm of my sessions to pull out and say: “Oops, sideways again. Let’s flip you over!”
Overall, this is the best sex toy I own, besides my boyfriend. I go to Onya for all of my best solo sessions. She has provided relief countless times. Usually paired with a clitoral vibe.


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